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  1. Thanks for the share of that - grinning now. Great tune.
  2. The best thing on TV last year - and this year.
  3. I remember when I was a nipper watching this gem as the support film for "Viva Knievel". Can't remember much of the plot - only that I laughed until I ached http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0069697/. Even now, when I see my mate Mark that I went with (we were about 11 or 12), we still recall laughing till we were nearly sick at this film.
  4. Dunno if anyone else has posted on this, but absolutely loving 'Detectorists' on BBC4. Best thing on TV this year by a country mile.
  5. Crooky's had a massive season for us - and no nomination in any of the categories for player of the year.
  6. A legend. What a great career. Saw him play 10 years ago at Manly and a year ago for Catalans and he was the best player on the park a decade apart - testimony to his professionalism and fitness. Let's hope he stays in the game - there's an awful lot of knowledge on Beaver's head and it'd be a shame to lose it.
  7. Hmm - I think you're confusing it with tromboning...
  8. My other team is the mighty, mighty Newtown Jets (who blew up in the GF semi against bl00dy Windsor - grrr). Otherwise, I have soft spots for Souths and Norths. Over here, I split my non-hornets watching twixt Warrington Wizards and Hudds Underbank depending on who's nearest/at home. I do like the Conference National (I watch a bit of Bramley too).
  9. Defunct RL grounds? (in so much as they no longer host RL) or Defunct Grounds (as in they now have houses/a B&Q on them)? Because At least Wilderspool is still there (or it was a month or so ago!) Since they ceased to host games I've been to: Lidcombe Oval Pratten park Birchgrove Oval Wentworth Park In the UK - all of the above (except the Barley Mow, which I assume isn't a mistaken Maclaren Field) - plus: Doncaster Greyhound Stadium Chiswick Poly Sports Centre Barnet Copthall Stadium Owlerton Alt Park St Helens Town FC Prescott cables FC Canal Street Moor Lane (Salford City FC) Belle View, (Doncaster Rovers FC) Ashton Town FC Brunton Park Penrith FC And don't forget the Athletic Grounds
  10. Blackpool Panthers chairman is being investigated for benefit fraud? No, you're right. A director who sees nothing wrong with ignoring laws relating to financial matters has no resonance whatsoever.
  11. http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/200969...fit-fraud-probe
  12. The name Rochdale Hornets was eastablished in 1871. A condition attached to the foundation of the new club was that we retained the Hornets name. The founders of the original club got there long before superleague.
  13. 1. Bramley Buffaloes or Batley Bulldogs - or do you really not know the difference? 2. When the new Rochdale Hornets was founded in 2009, we wanted a new, more accessible identity. As the name had been around since 1871, we thought it was time to put a Hornet on the badge. It couldn't really be better designed: I commissioned Roses winning designer (the Roses are the advertising and design industry awards) Ben Gerrard to produce our badge. His brief was to hit the middle ground between our old Nest Egg logo and the logos of the NRL (he had all NRL logos as reference) and his design - after a couple of tweaks was/is bang on brief. It works on everything from polo shirts and tracky tops to draw tickets and stationery and was designed specifically to do so. 3. The NRL logos you mention are all great examples of sporting graphics (did you even notice that the comb on the head of the Sydney Rooster is the outline of the Sydney Opera House?) 4. Despite my love of the Rabbitohs (and their very, very traditional badge), the Penrith Panther is quite, quite fantastic. 4. Newcastle Knights or York City Knights - or do you really not know the difference?
  14. As an exception that proves the rule, I saw Nottingham Outlaws play at Underbank earlier this year and Notts' game plan was: as soon as they hit the line of defence, they went to ground immediately in a 'surrender tackle' and jumped straight back up for a super-fast play the ball. It absolutely killed Underbank for the first 20 mins and it was hugely impressive to see a team adhere to a plan so effectively. The downside was that Notts burned themselves out after half an hour and Underbank simply bludgeoned them backwards for the remainder of the game. Could a fitter team keep this up for 80 minutes? Also, last week at Fylde, Blackpool contested all of the early scrums: big pushes, lots of raking and they took one against the head. Ugly, but interesting. Despite this, the scrum is a restart mechanism that takes the big defensive hitters out of the defensive line (and out of position) for one play: it's up to creative half-backs to exploit the space and open up the game. And if you think that RL players are all of a 'template' size, I give you Rob Burrow, Swinton's Gary Hulse and our own Steve Roper as examples that it's seldom the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but rather the size of the fight in the dog.
  15. Because the people who compile these lists have never seen Wayne English play.
  16. Reidy's done the whole of this year with us and he's been terrific. We've offered him terms for next year too. He's got a bit of mongrel in him and he does put the sh*tters up opposing centres.
  17. Would we have to roll our trouser legs up?
  18. A scout sent from the Rugby Football Lodge to weigh opinion? Anyway.. where were we?
  19. We were discussing this at the weekend: the consensus was that he's not been the same player since Mason put him on his @rse. See - never trust the Masons: they'll hit you when you're not looking.
  20. So, if you were a police officer, a judge or a politician or in some other position of influence, you would circumvent due-process or the law to benefit your fellow apartmentinati. Glad we got that cleared up. They'll probably cut out your tongue and nail it to the ship canal's high tide mark just for talking about it on here.
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