Danny Addy: New league structure “not for me”

Bradford utility Danny Addy admits he is not a fan of Rugby League’s new structure, but insists the Bulls plan to use the system to return to Super League immediately.

Instead of the traditional promotion and relegation method used in soccer, where the same number of teams promoted from a lower division are relegated from a higher division, Rugby League’s top two tiers will split into three leagues mid-way through the campaign.

The top eight will battle for a place in the Super League Grand Final, while the middle eight, comprising the top four in the Championship and the bottom four in the top tier, will fight it out for four places in Super League. Two teams from the bottom eight will be relegated to League One, while the top four will play off for the Championship Shield.

“It’s not for me,” Addy told the T&A.

“I think it should be one up, one down like it used to be or two going up and two down.

“But they’ve brought it in now and it’s up to us to come through. We want to do our best, get on that pitch and be a winning team again.

“This year we’ve definitely got a lot of expectation on us to do well – and so we should.

“We under-achieved last season and we want this to be only a one-year break from Super League.

“We want to do everything we can to make that happen and that means starting early to make sure we are the fittest and strongest team.”