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    Oh no. Has someone told the cricketers to cancel the Ashes?
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    Pleasing to have got an email about these games today, in the middle of the World Cup. Shows some joined up thinking for once. Hope at least one of the games is in London and not on a Sunday!
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    I didn't actually make any predictions, but I am willing to accept that you are just a rubbish tipster.
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    Dave Woods‏ @DaveWoodsSport 8h8 hours ago More 100s and 100s of Tongan fans queued round the block to grab a selfie and an autograph from their heroes today in downtown Auckland. #RLWC2017 Have never seen anything like it in Rugby League. They were treated like Rock Stars.
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    And a complete lack of tries. I'm beginning to suspect a RU conspiracy here.
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    wish had never started this thread now, I was prob a bit more peeved (as the op) at the fact a good friend of mine had a bad experience and a bad day whilst trying to help others and took it out on the system itself as I wasn't there at the time to defend her against some feckless individuals who made a charitable ladies day hell and it preyed on my mind so I put all the bad elements to the fore instead of looking at the wider issues of the use of food banks , apologies -graveyard johnny
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    Kevin Rudd was involved a long time ago before any of this business. His role was blameless.
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    it's been confirmed that all home games will be played in Canada and a minimum 10 games will be played at Lamport. The first 4 games are potentially at risk of being played at another venue if the renovations aren't ready. they could play in other Toronto locations or they can take the game to the location of the next Canadian team that is to be announced soon, or just across Canada to spread the word. time will tell but as noted above go to the Wolfpack forum as there has been some extensive discussion about this, then kayakman reappeared and the thread is now about the current weather in Wiarton Ontraio, nativ English slang and Native Canadian art lol. The first few pages are legit though.
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    Because my pension fund (old mutual wealth, sponsors of the England Rugby Autumn Internationals ) has significant ethical investments in Europe I got 25% growth in my fund value as a result of Brexit. Hoorah.
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    In the LE article the Irish CEO (who is the one advocating the 6 nations) wants a full English team to play in Dublin. He even makes the point that 'SL clubs will not release players such as Amor to play against England B' and how a proper England team would be a the only one worth selling. This is all in the frame of the wider discussion about the credibility of the international calendar and how clubs often give England internationals more time off than those for other nations.
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    And you sound like a supporter of one of his former clubs defending him beyond his ability. England look like a different, much better, team when Roby is on the field. Hodgson may do some things well, but those things don't seem to suit this team at the moment.
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    I believe all this talk of early morning sausage and egg McMuffins has caused Dyno-Rod to cancel all leave for this weekend.
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    Percentage of Victorians that Rabbitorhino says have an interest in RL - 0.01%. Percentage of Victorians who watched the Grand Final - 25%.
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    And while of course you’re right these things were discussed pre referendum, I’m sure you’ll remember any difficulties were labelled “project fear” by many leave supporters. Now it’s moved to “reality” they’re trying to sweep it away as “it was known”.
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    Yes, that's a good argument. "Just put up with it, regardless of how many negatives and how few positives it has." Good one. Let's go back to a four team World Cup whilst we're at it, just because.
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    I thought the post was interesting but I was disappointed when I saw Batley and Dewsbury mentioned again. I have said it before but my team Batley are very progressive and have done much to promote and enhance rugby league. A great example was the Jo Cox charity game, but there have been many others. Batley make efforts to encourage ethnic communities to get involved also which could have a really positive impact on the future of league. Batley also made a positive impact on the gay community with their support of our then popular captain Keegan Hirst. I think the point I try to make is that to single out teams for funding purposes based on purely location is unfair. Batley have earned their funding by being successful and also put a lot back into the game itself. Having said this I know from previous posts that most posters here do appreciate what Batley do for the game and I welcome this.
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    There are a number of posts on this thread that I struggle to comprehend. There seems to be a type of RL fan that revels in small horizons, who has an idealised view of League and would almost prefer to see it fail rather than dilute it's working class purity.
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    Think most will agree that Heighington has been a waste of a squad place.
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    So, we always hear how predictable the RLWC is, and I was looking through my predictions the other day on SuperBru, and out of the 24 results so far, I got 6 of them wrong so far. That seems like a decent level of unpredictability to me. Games I got wrong: Ireland vs Italy France vs Lebanon Ireland vs PNG NZ v Tonga Samoa vs Scotland NZ v Fiji On top of this, there have been games that have been far closer than expected (as per me getting no winning margins correct!). How have other people done, am I just a rubbish tipster?
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    Yes. They'll be paying full price for seats that will be reduced by 90% in October.
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    Yeah I agree completely on figuring him out. However, I will make the argument that Canberra play a style of rugby based all around big forwards playing reasonably adlib rugby, and their spine (other than Hodgson) is pretty ordinary. In those constraints, Hodgson can jump out and be the main man and play what he says without having to worry too much about the effect on their attacking shape - this potentially may not transfer to England as well.
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    Me too, but he’d have taken a massive part of our playing budget. Why do that when we can have better from Hull KR and spend the money on several players like Horne, Cockayne, Scott etc.
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    Three match test series date back a long way. Incidentally in the NHL Stanley Cup the same two teams play each other SEVEN times.
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    Agreed, yet I also think his naivety in defense at this position has, on occasion, been tested and found out. I think this all combines to ensure any coach with a bit of nouse will ensure that this area of the pitch is targeted and exploited. Similarly, it will ensure that the opposition can readily organise in order to counter the greater threat we pose from our right flank. Intriguing! ?
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    Roby doesn't seem to come on when teams are tiring, half time against png, due to brown going off. Roby as a 9 just looks more complete, natural hands, slick and everyone knows he just never seems to be gassed. His effort and energy is where he comes into his own. Against castleford in the semi, he looked as fresh in the last 5 mins as he did in the first 5 mins when pushing off walmsley for that try scoring pass to Morgan. Dont get me wrong, hodgson is a good player and has shown he can mix it with the best in the nrl, I just think roby is better, and the team dynamics look better too when he's out there.
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    Actually a lot of working class people in Wales watch union and also a fair number in Ireland. I really dislike any categorisation into class system though, it’s so pre 21st Century. People need to move on and appeal to the masses, as football has
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    Stop it, you're making me all emotional. You could have killed a few people and got a softer sentence than that.
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    And thats just the ones based in Super League, you think Lachlan Coote is travelling over from Australia to play against England B?
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    Can you provide a link to where the Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French and Canadian/Italian teams/coaches/officials have said they will field second string teams? I can't think of a single logical reason why they would do this.
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    And you know that for a fact how?
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    It's going to be a proper double-skinned wall. Yorkshire sandstone on our side, breeze-block on yours.
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    Hodgson does the hard yards in the early stages,setting the stage for some fancy Dan to try and steal the show! If only OLoughlin was doing his bit the 7/9/13 axis might work.
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    Will be interesting in 2018. York have made some quality signings as have Bradford. Most teams look stronger than last year. I look forward to seeing how West Wales go. I dont think Bradford will have things as easy as some might think. However I would think them and York are the strongest on paper.
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    Do we really need a history lesson to develop this debate? I think we're all aware of where rugby league came from and the obstacles it faced in the past. We're talking about the here and now. As for "The Ontario Arrows RU club are now on his and Perez's backs, just as the new NYRU club is set to overshadow Mr. Wilby's big apple dream." So what? Good luck to them. I know which of the 2 sports I would most like to be promoting in USA and Canada right now and 8-10K crowds for the Wolfpack at the standard they've been playing looks sensational from where I'm sitting.
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    Some of us have jobs. You are the one asserting that a significant chunk of 25% of the Victorian population watching the NRL is actually expats. The burden of proof is quite clearly on you.
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    Yeah, if only there’d been such service in Ancient Rome or Alexander’s Greece they wouldn’t have had to go out and conquer the known world. You should be more than grateful that these services remove the necessity for the Yorkshire Nation to travel outside its borders, absolute World domination would follow if they did. As it is the few Yorkshire folk that do venture further afield already dominate sport, The Olympics and many other fields.
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    But if i dont buy early and i dont want a rubbish view, i dont go and not only have the RFL lost out on the premium price i would have paid for a better seat, they have lost out on me buying a seat at all. If people are motivated to buy early, they would be motivated to either pay a higher price, or if they couldnt afford that pay for an inferior seat. Both things we need people to do, and you have just removed all motivation for people to do. One of the biggest motivators for buying is to convince people that if they buy now they are getting a good deal, a better deal than the next guy, this system would create, for the vast majority of people after the sale of the initial premium seats, the knowledge that they are getting a comparatively poor deal.
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    If we do ever go back to Australia for a multi team international series we should skip Melbourne. The AFL people are so cultishly odd that you can no more engage with them than a jack booted r f u er. It is like some weird doctor who episode - “must go now our game means something”. Perth would be a far more receptive market.
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    Yes. Obviously. Are you new to politics? (IDS might be an exception)
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    Lightweight. 4am is the new 7.30am thanks to this world cup.
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    If it wasn't for those pesky Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes and Normans; you'd all be Welsh. Hard luck.
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    Ar se, I just knew this was gonna happen. I've now got to make a decision as to which one to watch live and which one to record. If I watch the England v Tonga game live, will I be able to avoid finding out which order to put in the eggs, flour, sugar and butter before it's leaked somewhere in the media? Probably butter the other way round....sorry, better.
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    Auckland is well on track to sell out due to the wave of support for Tonga and has a capacity of around 30,000. It will undoubtedly sound like 60,000 on game day. Brisbane Semi will be interesting. Aus v Fiji at the 2008 RLWC got 15,855 in Sydney. The first match to be played in Brisbane for the same year was the Semi Final between NZ & ENG - there was a crowd of 26,659. So, we could assume that as this is the first match in what is really the capital of RL in Australia, there will be at worst a crowd of 26,000 to watch. NZ failing to advance will greatly hamper ticket sales. As great as it is for Fiji to have advanced, the Fijian community is much smaller than the NZ in Brisbane. Further, the 'neutral fan' can be pretty sure of the result before attending. NZ would have provided a level of interest that, unfortunately, Fiji cannot. I think if it can get 30,000 that would be fantastic. The Final, as has been posted in the Australian based rugby league forum, has sales around the 30,000 mark at current. These ticket numbers can always be a bit wishy washy, but would be confident that the Final can sell out, or at least get above 45,000.
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    What about a discount for multiple posts?
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    Does he realise that every punter who experiences this probably works for a company or organisation - or maybe owns a business themselves? Had you had a wonderful experience you would be straight back to the workplace telling anyone who would listen. This is the most demoralising thing I have read on this forum for a long time. Thanks for the insight.
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    I don't agree with the suggestion that Lockers had a bad season - he was our best player by a distance. We lost EVERY game he didn't play in. Similarly England become ragged when he is off the field. This will indeed be his swan song, and he can be relied upon to give his all to sign off in style.
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    We got 45k in Cardiff and 67k in London in 2013 which is the equivalent of playing in Adelaide and Melbourne. There are no excuses for the pitiful crowds. Melbourne average more than any Sydney NRL club and Canberra and Townsville are long standing RL areas. Perth got more for England v France than Canberra did for Australia. Pathetic.
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    This whole affair will hopefully make the RLIF wake up and smell the coffee. We cannot be ####### around with a part-time CEO on a shoe string budget. It needs to be established, with named faces who are prepared to jump on a plane and solve this stuff and nip it in the bud immediately. This is not a job for ####### about in between planning Magic and Sport England funding. My guess is also the NRL/ARLC have no interest in getting involved in this stuff (either by lobbing the countries sports authorities or providing legal assistance).
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    I feel Bulls 4.0 seem to be doing a cracking job of keeping onside that - still-sizeable - group of uber-supporters? Those who will support the club (any incarnation of it) and its actions through thick and thin. But, in my view they are not making anything like as good a job of reassuring and re-motivating the much larger group (I believe) who have been fooled, lied to or just plain led by owners who were fooling themselves once too often? A group I am a member of. This latest apparent debacle (whether it is or not is irrelevant - it gives the appearance of it) over the coaching position, and its timing, is just another case in point. The guys in charge may well be confident, and may well know what they are doing (which makes a pleasant change!) and may well be optimistic foir the future. But I submit they are not exactly getting many of the rest of us to buy into it enough (yet..?). Too many folk I know of remain cynical (unfairly or otherwise), and for them its still "...meet the new boss; same as the old boss. We won't get fooled again". I so wish the club could do more to dispel that cynicism.
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    If BBC is showing the series (and IIRC they are contracted to do so) then it is criminal not to have a Test in London at either Wembley or the Olympic Stadium.

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