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    “If someone says it’s raining and another says it’s dry, it’s not your job to quote them both. Your job is to look out of the ###### window and find out which is true.” Sally Claire journalism tutor
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    Lockwood is at best an ignorant boor and apologist for racism. As a “journalist” he has a responsibility to yes, report the truth but to report it dispassionately and not be sucking up to fascists like Yaxley-Lennon
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    We've been through this before; unfortunately these things happen in most of the deprived areas of the country. Where that area is predominantly black the perpetrators are black, where Asian, Asian and where white, white. The common denominator, the depravity and poverty, not ethnicity.
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    Well that's a straw man if ever I saw one. No one said all poor people were violent thugs, rather that the preponderance of violence and thuggery increases in poorer areas.
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    Hey, Our beach is fantastic those 2 days of the year theres sun up here......hopefully you had a good weekend, I ca honestly say your fans are some of the best Ive seen at DP. good luck for the rest of the season.
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    We said we didn't want it and now they're not offering it to us so it's their fault.
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    You specifically said that grooming gangs in West Yorkshire had money and used it to entice girls. The majority of the perverts convicted of grooming girls in Rotherham were unemployed and none of them were above average earners , let alone wealthy. They were all perverts who preyed on young girls amd pimped them out to their friends. Abuse, violence and shame was their weapon and I do not understand why you are trying to change that narrative?
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    Don't be too hard on yourself ND
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    On the bit I highlighted in bold. One of the compulsory modules in my law degree was Contemporary Legal Thought where a former Greenham Common protester lecturer spent two hours a week for six months telling us that heterosexual sex should be considered rape unless proven otherwise. She took the already disturbing “literature” of Andrea Dworkin and Catharine MacKinnon and perverted it further to suit her agenda. Dworkin was one of those alleged to have said all men are rapists but it was never proven beyond anecdote She and I butted heads every tutorial session as she knew I was an ex-squaddie. I even quoted Maggie Thatcher to her to wind her up. I have no idea how I passed but she gave me a very good mark for actually having robust beliefs and being willing to defend them!
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    My favourite Harry Chapin song. It's ten minutes long but well worth the listen. He played this concert in 1981 shortly before his tragic road accident. Harry received the an American Congressional Medal for his tireless work towards ending World hunger. https://youtu.be/rgpbIPQl7CA
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    I was in Rome in 2001. Once I started speaking in a comedy Italian accent, they treated me as fluent.
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    Australian rape statistics show 28 cases per 100,000 of the population. Now even if we assume that all those victims were women and all the rapists were men and we assume that each crime was committed by a separate perpetrator, that would mean that of the 50,000 males, 49,972 were NOT rapists. Feminist orthodoxy has held for decades that rape is about power and control, not gender or sexuality. In fact, if rape was a direct product of maleness, how would you explain the 99.944% of males who aren't rapists?
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    there is a big difference or else the Calais jungle would not have existed - it was only there as there is a physical border at the Tunnel - if the channel was actually just a line on the map then the would have walked across it and dispersed throughout the UK even without a visa and despite restriction on working and renting housing needing a valid visa they seem to survive fine as there are IND raids regularly trying to catch them
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    You choose your words wisely.
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    Think we've got the thick end of good first team there.
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    I repeat - You stated the EU would not offer us a Norway or Swiss deal - all I can find is UK politicians saying we don't want Norway or Swiss deal for reason x or y (usually to do with rule taking and schengen) please find me 1 link to any reputable news source in any european language that states the EU will not offer us a Norway or Swiss deal - and I do not accept that the NI/Eire Border makes them impossible - in many ways they would help solve that issue
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    no Norway & Swiss were ruled out by us (free movement) and Canada has no services element Here is D Davis ruling Norway out - https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/851392/Brexit-news-David-Davis-EFTA-EEA-commons-debate
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    If you take her to the Isle of Man you can see Scotland, Ireland and Wales on a good day. Just need to get the RFL to admit Douglas to the league! ?
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    I'm on it in the next few days ahead of Sundays programme. Workington wasn't too bad, good honest folk, even went to Workington beach Ok it was chucking it down but I did say I'd take her to see other countries one day and when we squinted we could just make out Scotland, so job done ?
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    No, you can't get away with that. It was repeatedly pointed out that the same incompetent government that failed to secure anything in late 2015 was the same as the one that was going to be tasked with negotiating our withdrawal. It was also pointed out - by leavers in the main - that the EU can often be an inflexible rules-based organisation that's not particularly overly friendly to third countries.
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    Some of us did predict just how incompetent the government would be. I don't believe that the EU have been particularly vindictive. It's a rules based organisation that's applying it's rules. It's the UK that's demanding that the EU should exceptionally break those rules just to accommodate the UK's fantasy brexit?
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    The problem is that the leader is the face of the party. You could have an outstanding party infrastructure ready to fight Brexit but if your leader doesn't care then you lose about 90% of your party's influence.
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    Exactly. The Brexiteers are getting an easy run of it because it's being left to individual politicians to step up to counter them. The likes of that imbecile IDS and that opportunistic louse Boris are getting a free run at front-page headlines because none of the major parties are getting a say. Labour with Corbyn and Milne directing the comms traffic are quite content to see Brexit go as it is because they think it'll further their aims. The EU to them is still an enemy. The Tories are in outright career saving mode now and would happily promise to set fire to every EU27 resident still here on Brexit day if they thought it'd secure them another year in power. There's no political capital for them to soften their Brexit stance. The Lib Dems are utterly silent beyond ineffective snippets from a weak party that Cable clearly no longer wants anything to do with. The SNP have a voice but in Scotland only but they're using it as rabble-rousing for a new independence referendum so the English media instantly spin against or ignore it. There is no effective media opposition to Brexit organised by any of the major parties.
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    They have though. And I think the UK have accepted it, despite now claiming we didn't really because no one in politics reads anything any more.
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    Indeed. It is too simplistic as poverty directly leading to violence is not the case. It is the case that prosperity can cover up issues. The problem is often men unable to develop their lives to ones of responsible maturity. Lack of financial oppotunity can be one reason, but more likely exacerbates others. You will also know that many will be looking to say the root cause is that they are Muslim. As there is no direct correlation with Islam nor with poverty, they can both be ruled out as direct immediate causes.
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    Surely that is relative? I may consider a Bentley as lavish, but some of the girls in Rotherham considered a bottle of cider as lavish. Those convicted of grooming children in Rotherham were not rich, (many were on benefits) and used threats and abuse to force their victims. They were simply pimps who abused young girls for their pleasure - being rich was not the reason - being a pervert with no decency was!
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    The posters are promulgating the "conflict" theory about crime which is popular with the left who don't see economic or social controls as a positive. Regarding Batley it doesn't apply. There are poorer muslim areas with low crime. The criminals of all colour organising the drugs trade live in good areas and drive expensive cars. The organisers of the West Yorkshire grooming gangs in other towns had money, that is how they were able to entice the girls with lavish gifts.
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    I find this attitude wherever I see it as really insulting to poor people. Being poor does not equate to being a thug and thuggery occurs all over the place and is indulged in by people from all kinds of backgrounds and from all kinds of places. So please do not promulgate this narrative that being poor means being violent. It does not.
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    I can't see him being with us next season, for whatever reason. Then again that might apply to a number of players. Given that many clubs in the Championship are stating that they will be having a "major clear out" it looks like the RL merry-go-round will be turning once again.
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    Some film buffs rate 'Young Frankenstein*' as Mel Brooks' best, but 'Blazing Saddles' is so funny, and so gleefully offensive to so many people, that it gets my vote. Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder's relationship is wonderful, but Harvey Korman really steals the show. *"Fronk-en-shteen!" And, if you love the movie, this documentary is very much worth 30 minutes of your time.
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    Parents who let kids sit in them - despite a sign on most of them saying not to . Really hygienic to . Hate that
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    I'm not exactly an Elton John fan as such but he's written a few great songs in his time. Saturday Nights Alright For fighting, for example is a bootboy classic.
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    RIP Jacqueline Pearce, best known for Blake 7, I’d guess.

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