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    Harsh, put his body on the line to try make a play and got beaten by a bigger man, there's no shame in that whatsoever, only someone who hasn't played or is simply a troll comes out with nonsense like that
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    Ermeghad ggffghjhgfrdsssssasssfghjjjjij ???? super league jjhggffdss I can't breathe
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    Congratulations to London. I really did fancy them for this one. I don't know how they'll go in SL but we'll soon find out. The apparent joy in Toronto's loss by keyboard warriors across social media is more than a little disturbing. Probably a good number who were handing out abuse at London just a few years ago.
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    Wonderfully heartwarming to see the anti-expansionists really getting behind the expansion team London Broncos.
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    stand proud broncos, great defence and some good hard yards and young walker a real star. too much strutting around for weeks for toronto big time charlies doing their telly stunts/posing and they got what they deserved with that lack of effort and probably thinking they had it won well before kickoff.. STAND PROUD DANNY LAD.
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    What changes will we see in the off season? In my opinion certain things have to change but somethings must remain. McCrone has to go. Not good enough and costs more in how refs view the team than he brings to the team. He'd argue that the Pope wasn't a catholic. Rowley out. That team looked like a Rowley team - dull and uninspiring in attack, dirty and grubby in defence. As Leigh posters on here have said in the past, Rowley can get you to this point, but is unlikely to get you any further. A new coach Sims and O'Brien to stay. They have to hold onto them as they'll be crucial for a promotion push next year and are assets to the club of the field too. They're the standouts but there's a good core of a squad there especially with the new recruits coming too. Most importantly... keep going! TWP have been doing a hell of a lot right for 2 and a bit years now, keep on the horse and push for SL next year.
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    Lovely to see all the joy for London from people who, if the Broncos had been playing a Yorkshire/Lancashire club today, would have been damning every one of them to hell and back.
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    All as yet un-assigned coaching awards for 2018 will now go to Danny "why on earth did he get the job?" Ward. A great job, and a terrible, crushing disappointment for Garry Schofield.
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    Well done to London for securing promotion. Their defence today was outstanding. Given that they have been blitzed on both their previous visits to Toronto, to pull off a win in such a hugely pressurised match shows real guts and determination. To think that there was a pundit claiming they would finish 10th this season and yet here they are, back in Superleague. I do hate it when fans pull London down for their small number of regular fans. Most Championship clubs have small fan bases. Part of that is being out of the limelight and in the lower leagues. With a return to Superleague the Broncos now have a platform upon which to promote themselves across London, and what a positive message they can communicate: they have just been promoted. Also, the London of today is settled, with their development processes in good order, staff in place, their community involvement active and all their teams playing out of the same ground. There are plans to raise the bar at Ealing in order to meet SL standards (5000 minimum I think that is?). Let's see how they go this time around before judging them, yes? I'm really glad they are back. Good luck to them for 2019.
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    Interesting to see people already saying the same sort of tripe about London that they were spouting about Toronto only hours ago
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    They have stated again and again that getting into SL is a five year plan. All the rejoicing we will see over the next few days from the myopic tendency will be like water off a duck's back for the Wolfpack, and lessons will be learned. Losing today could be a long-term bonus, if they are smart enough to see what needs to be done. And I definitely think they are smart enough.
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    Lots of good posts and points made already. Absolutely delighted for that set of players and for the real Broncos fans (i.e. not gloryhunters like me who only go 5/6 times a season). 1. Alex Walker was absolutely amazing. A career-defining game. 2. Kieran Dixon gets loads of stick but I bet coaches value him. Works hard, terrifies defences with his speed. 3. I thought it was a really enjoyable, tense game. Broncos' defensive pattern and discipline were outstanding. 4. The scenes at the end were great. That flight home will be lively. 5. Just enjoy a good game and an underdog winning for what it is - great sport. If Toronto are the real deal, and I hope they are, this will become a defining moment in their history and they will learn some lessons. As for London, I have my concerns but they have earned the right and Trailfinders can be tidied up a bit more. 6. Josh McCrone. Seriously, what the hell is the deal with this guy? Usually a snidy, obnoxious scroat backs it up with some galling talent or ability to come up with a winning play, but this tool is absolutely useless. Jay Pitts looked a better half.
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    London, in their various guises, have been around for nearly 40 years. There is a strong amateur and junior structure under pinning them and deserve respect. As a 'traditionalist' I only ask that the structures are there to underpin any club. At the end of the day RL is slowly dying, as both the amateur and junior game is on it's ar*e, but London can't be accused 'buying' a place in super league. Good look for next season, hope you do well.
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    Sorry one more point: Sunday evening rugby is great. Straight after Super Sunday, lots of folk at home to watch it on telly, not much else on.
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    A shame for Toronto but I'm sure they'll learn from it for next season. I'd like London to remain in Ealing. They have moved so many times in the 38 years since they formed but there is no point them changing grounds this time.
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    Well I have seen higher quality games but that was a seriously gutsy effort from London. Fully deserved and they will be a welcome addition to SL.
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    Well done London. Good on yer. Some huge challenges ahead for them, on and off the field. Unlucky Toronto. Get rid of your coach and halfback and come back stronger next year.
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    In a game of few chances, what an incredible tackle that was by Alex Walker. He had no right to stop the charge from Wallace, an incredibly brave effort. I had a feeling before the game that London may never get a better chance than this to come back up, as for Toronto, this will just be a delay. That's why I was slightly edging towards wanting a London win. I've always hoped they do well and hope they do so next year. With Toulouse, Toronto, Bradford, Widnes, York, Halifax, and hopefully a revived Featherstone and Leigh, it should be a great league.
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    It's called the Championship GF in 2019. Today no one was getting relegated.
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    Time for Hughes to put into his pocket and back Ward and keep us in SL. We can have no repeat of 2014.
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    Commiserations to the Toronto fans. You'll be back again next year.
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    Delighted for London. They were a great little club for a while in the late '90s and early/mid 00s before it all started to go awry (around the time of McDermott's reign strangely enough although I felt it really started going wrong when they ditched the Broncos name). Clearly they've gone a long way back since then and the small but loyal hardcore has got smaller still and rebuilding that will be such a challenge. For those fans who have stuck with them through thick and thin this must be an amazing moment.
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    It was a win win game for RL. Certainly a year of the upset. Just Wire left now to nil Wigan.
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    Maybe a lot of Toronto fans can take a step back and now and stop the Billy big balls stuff for a bit and calm down now. They'll get another chance next year ?
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    Danny Ward tactical genius. I have been watching London since 1980 and this is the most heroic. !
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    None of them can get near the ref with Josh McMoan constantly in his face.
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    And you would not hear us arguing. God knows what team we will be able to field next week as not only do we have players going on well deserved holidays but we may have another banned and also injuries from todays game and with only 19 players to pick from we could be into single figures.No other sport would change the rules with 2 weeks of a season left especially one that has more part-time players than full-time ones.
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    Heading down to the game soon with the crew. Have no idea on crowd size since it is Thanksgiving Sunday. Either way its THE big game ...we need this game. Should be fun.
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    Just got home from the match. That was tough. London made a couple fewer mistakes, and as such deserved the victory. One thought from the stands though. If we are going to have video review, how about having a screen that the paying fans can see as well. I'm not saying any of Toronto's tries were good, I was sitting in the middle of the stands, so obviously I couldn't tell, but showing them to the fans would be good.
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    Positives from this for me as someone who wanted Toronto to go up: 1) They were beaten by one of the two other teams I also want to go up. 2) They should (hopefully) replace Rowley making them much easier to support.
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    Superb work from the SKY sports clock team in these tense final minutes
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    You know Toronto is doing something right when it gets mentions like this from the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors on Twitter. Getting mentions from Sports clubs with 2.24 million and 1.72 followers respectively is great PR and shows great respect to the club:
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    So after all that..... A very decent game between two sides at the end of a long hard season. Leigh brought plenty of fans who cheered their side in a very tight first half. Rovers pulled clear in the 2nd half and deserved their victory. Plenty of young lads on the park. The three Leeds players at Fev did very well on their professional debuts. I didn't follow the Leigh lads' performances as much, but they can be proud of their efforts. Not a bad crowd under the circumstances and these two famous clubs will re-group for next season.
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    MODERATOR:Cumbria RL,If you make a statement about the Town coach apparently leaving and cancelling the training,and,also taking off down the Motorway leaving men to train on their own,would you kindly provide the evidence to your statement? unless you were with him.If the coach cancels training,tell us why are 10 men still training on their own?, but i doubt that, has there are 3 other Assistent coaches at the ground attending the training.I would be careful to what you say has you are libel to be called a troll..
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    It's a joke having this extra game, it's standard that rl players have holidays booked for the week after the last match, after mad Monday. Town will be lucky to have 6 or 7 regulars available, no doubt we won't get the same dispensation Leigh and Fev got either. Frankly the rfl can shove it up their arris, the only reason they have this game was to win votes.
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    I know but that game should never happen. Swinton should go down to League One and Workington should be there next year too.
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    With the MPG looming up, this might be a good time to reflect on where we are with expansion of the game, in its widest sense. I’ve jotted down a few thoughts, but any comments or additional or corrected details on any bids would certainly be helpful. New York - This is the ‘Rick Wilby’ bid; there is a a website/twitter feed referring to a provisional name of New York City Rugby League. Hints are that this bid will be considered for 2020. Boston - RLW confirms Mark Evans’ involvement in a bid headed by Spencer Kassimir. It was also mentioned that the bid could be on the backburner pending clarification of the league structure. The question is whether the new format makes this more or less likely. Hamilton - Apparently there is a bid, but no information is available. Montreal – This has been mentioned as a possible bid, but no evidence of this. Manchester – This bid is in, but the acceptance of a bid from the Manchester area is controversial. Robert Elstone’s recent comments appear to give a little more encouragement for a Manchester bid. Belgrade – They have been accepted into the Challenge Cup for 2019, with longer term plans (5 years?) to join League 1 Dublin – This name rears its head from time to time, but there seems to be no detail at all about a possible bid. York City Knights– Further progress from York would seem to offer great potential for expansion on the edge of the heartlands. North Yorkshire is England’s largest county with a population of over 1,000,000. Newcastle Thunder – Similarly, further progress from Newcastle would offers potential for expansion in the sizeable North East market, already the subject of excellent development. London – London Broncos being promoted to Super League, on the face of it offers huge potential. In reality, there is the question whether anything would happen that is remarkably different to their previous experience in Super League. If Super League contained some big city clubs, it could be argued that the competition would be more attractive to fans in the south. London Skolars is apparently the subject of a partial takeover from David Argyle, someone proven to get things done. Whether this is eventually a move or local development, there is massive potential for the raising of RL’s profile in the capital. Coventry Bears – They currently seem to be making gradual, but sure progress. Situated in a large metropolitan area, set away from the heartlands, there is a lot of potential for opening up a brand new market. Hemel Stags - They seem to be struggling a little, but seem to have a solid base. Perhaps, their potential will only be realised as the profile of RL in the south increases. Wales - There is surely so much more to come. With lots of grass roots development in recent years, the top end of the game probably needs a boost. Although North Wales Crusaders tick along, their potential may be in the long term, in the absence of a wealthy benefactor. Hopefully, West Wales have reached their nadir and will start to progress. This started as just a brief exercise, but I’m amazed that it’s become such a long list and I'm running out of gas.
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    It's not really 'irony' for Meast to bring this up - he' simply pointing out a certain hypocrisy that people constantly mock Huddersfield in particular for their crowds, but don't seem concerned that the supposed giants of the game can't break five figures for the Semis. FWIW, I think its an issue that certainly needs to be raised, as this weeks two games are surely in the very top bracket of games for the season - after all they are the games that lead to Old Trafford. You'd really expect full houses for both games whoever and wherever the games are played. More pertinently, what are Wigan and St Helens going to do to promote such games now that they've got rid of the Eights and got the system they want? What will be their excuse next time? After all, we were told, all through the recent debates, that 'the focus should be on the elite'. OK, 'elite' clubs, what are you going to do to start selling out big games?
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    Well done London. Rowley found out yet again. Well coached by Danny Ward

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