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    The ref doesn't make a team miss tackles, make a team play with no enthusiasm, have no game plan! I for one don't care who the ref is and I think Hewer is pretty decent to be fair.
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    As a Saints fan, I care. Hopefully the players care too, half-assing your way through a game of RL is a good way to get injured As for the squad selection, it's one I agree with. We've had a few injuries and some who have been rested recently so it's important those players (Knowles etc) get some game time and freshen up on the combinations. Given how often the squad has been rotated this season I don't think the team is knackered enough to warrant everyone being rested. We'll probably see more left out for the Cas game the week after
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    Back in May 2019 I applied to Hastings Council for a Discretionary Housing Payment, to be paid from June 18th. This was awarded at the small amount of £5 per week. To date, despite numerous phone calls, and assurances from council officials that it will be paid, I have yet to receive a penny. This is despite the council assuring me for the last 3 weeks that the payment will be in my account "next Tuesday" for the last 3 weeks, it still hasn't appeared. I am therefore sitting in the Town Hall until payment is made & the funds have cleared my account. No more promises of payment. I want actual payment before I go home. It is only £5/wk, but it is the principle.
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    Leeds Rhinos Women's captain Courtney Hill is the subject of our next Quickfire Q & A in Rugby League World. She was named as Woman of the Match and scored the winning try in the Rhinos' recent Challenge Cup Final victory - not bad for someone who only got back into the sport at the start of last season. She had played in Australia up until she was 12 but had to give it up when there was no local girls team for her to join. She then went on to play cricket instead and played for Brisbane Heat in the first Women's Big Bash. She moved over to Leeds with her partner and contacted Lois Forsell to see if she could trial with Leeds and that's how it all started. Post your questions for Courtney below.
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    Stade Toulousains' season launch press conference yesterday announced that the new hybrid pitch at Stade Ernest Wallon will be ready for their opening game on the first weekend of September. And added too that TO XIII would play their first game on it next March. Was wondering whether they would actually play at SEW if they they qualify for a home play-off-game on the 14th September as Stade Toulousain are playing away that day. They pulled 6000 there earlier this year when hosting Toronto.Would be looking to better that possibly if it happens.
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    The response by Hicks is one of the reasons I love this sport. So often it is compassionate where others may be callous.
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    I said halfway through the season that if Hull KR, Leeds and London were still at the bottom but in touching distance I'd doubt they'd go down. These 3 teams have been scrapping for points all season and in the crunch games I can see them picking up points. London particularly can almost play without fear in these final few games. I can see London beating Catalans, losing to Leeds but then beating 1 of KR or Wakefield. Wakefield and Huddersfield I do fear for as they've forgotten how to win it seems. Whilst the other 3 have been scrapping for points all year Wakey and Hudds have been going well and then totally collapsed. Its going to be very tight to see whether that collapse allows London to overtake one of them. The Wakey KR game next week is HUGE as are all of London's final 4. With results going a certain way KR could get relegated by Salford AGAIN. Its certainly nail biting stuff
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    No he didn't. What he actually said was "I like Toulouse and I rate them highly. Toulouse and Perpignan together would be very attractive for a French broadcaster, with one home game in France taking place every week. I certainly think that would be an interesting prospect for the competition" [League Express, 12/8, page five] Personally I would like to see Toulouse in SL and agree with what Lenagan said, however he did not 'confirm' he would like to 'push for Toulouse' at all
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    A discussion with the VP of Commercial which includes a discussion about the use of comp tickets among other things. https://thehowlinhour.podbean.com/e/special-episode-vice-president-of-something-feat-jon-pallett/
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    Wigan are the form team they will win this by 14 and if wouldn't surprise me if they won the title
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    This is a benchmark it will give an indication as to wether Leeds are on the upgrade . I will put the kibosh on it for Leeds and tip them by 6
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    Seems Hicks has handled this incredibly well all things considered, fair play to him... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49347722
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    Just let Bernard lead the community singing like in the old days, she's a lassy from lancashire etc
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    That's not really an issue. If 1m people like it and 56m people hate it, we only really need to worry about the 1m who may like it and sell to them
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    The game of the day at York, so much riding on it for both teams, I'm sitting on the fence on this to close to call, York away at Leigh next up, they could end up losing 3 on the bounce if they are not careful.
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    Good news. I'm sure the RFL can still involve Bernard as well. That would be nice.
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    File it along with “get rid of scrums”.We have a book of rules of the game,just enforce them to get our game back on track.
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    He’s only going because he wants to watch the 1895 cup final
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    There's a fair amount of debate at the minute around contact sports, concussion and the like. What would you say to reassure any parents whose children (daughters in particular) are thinking of playing rugby league?
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    Salford was bought by the man Utd old boys. They asked Peter lim? A billionaire investor who owns Valencia to invest so they could upgrade the facility's. I think Lim owns 40% and 10% each for Beckham giggs scholes Neville Neville and butt. I think Beckham turned up to a game last year? They started this project and have had sky tv shows covering their progress. (A good watch actually, they played Halifax in a play off at the shay). I very much doubt they would want to share with RL as they don't need the cash. Part ownership would be deffo a no no. What is interesting is that they got 3500 for their first league game this season as when they were bought 5 divisions lower they got around 50 fans. This is interesting as this is the same fan base Salford are competing for. Also the Utd players who are mostly local look to have the right approach with engagement with the community. How did Salford miss this when they moved stadium!
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    So if crowds would increase by a move to Moor Lane, how can that be a bad thing?
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    I doubt its too small. Salford averaged 2700ish last year. Just over half capacity of Moor Lane. In fact the capacity was the one thing that drew me to it as an idea.
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    I watched the final with my son at the triple header, we both said the skill level was fantastic and the game hugely enjoyable, congrats on the win. Money is the key to going full time and being full time means that you are a bit fitter, a bit sharper due to more training etc. As the game needs to produce its own money to be able to do this (unlike football there is not much spare money around in general in RL) what do you believe is the key to being able to develop the revenue streams to go full time and how far away do you think the game is from doing this.
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    its not only about game time its about all the time you need to put in into being able to play 80 minutes . I am not saying reducing game time is going to cause a flood a new teams and players at summer conference level , but it night help . Clubs hiring pitches would save money on pitch hire time . More local football teams might be open to hiring there pitches with shorter games. But to me this idea would cost nothing to try . All RL would need to do is to put a few trail games on and see what interest or response they get . Every avenue that could possibly increase player involvement has got to be worth exploring hasn't it ?
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    Give it a rest. We'll get beat because we aren't good enough, not because of the referee
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    Think Joe Martin's sinbinning was a bit harsh......
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    Predictions in the notoriously hard to predict NFL (from first to last) - here’s mine: (# Denotes playoff seeding) AFC East: New England Patriots(2); New York Jets; Miami Dolphins; Buffalo Bills AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs(1); Los Angeles Chargers(5); Denver Broncos; Oakland Raiders AFC North: Cleveland Browns(3); Pittsburgh Steelers; Baltimore Ravens; Cincinnati Bengals AFC South: Indianapolis Colts(4); Tennessee Titans(6); Jacksonville Jaguars; Houston Texans Playoffs Wildcard: Browns to beat Titans; Chargers to win at Colts Divisional: Chiefs to beat Chargers; Patriots to beat Browns AFC Championship: Chiefs to beat Patriots NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles(3); Dallas Cowboys(6); New York Giants; Washington Redskins NFC West: Los Angeles Rams(4); Seattle Seahawks(5); San Francisco 49ers; Arizona Cardinals NFC North: Chicago Bears(1); Minnesota Vikings; Detroit Lions; Green Bay Packers NFC South: New Orleans Saints(2); Atlanta Falcons; Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playoffs Wildcard: Eagles to beat Cowboys; Seahawks to win at Rams Divisional: Seahawks to win at Bears; Saints to beat Eagles NFC Championship: Saints to beat Seahawks SUPER BOWL: Kansas City Chiefs to beat New Orleans Saints
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    well said, plenty of knockers in this town but when challenged to lend a helping hand they go all shy.
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    I believe it's called "damned with faint praise". Blain's old feller isn't just an ex-player he is a Town legend who mixed it at the highest level alongside the Hepis,Pickerings,Mulligans and all the other stellar personnel who took us into Super League against the odds. The only other player who comes close for metronomic kicking and influential link play in recent times is Carl Forber -often underestimated by some because of his quiet and unassuming nature but , like Deano, his stats do the talking. Like his dad young Blain is physically unimpressive by Rugby League yardsticks but following the dynastic mould he plays way above his weight. He is quick , intuitive ,brave and has a model attitude to training which will do for me. If that's OTT I'll take it.......
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    Adam and Declan played on the Barrows left edge, I thought Adam did very well on his debut and Cross on the other wing worked hard again as he always does
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    How on earth can Bradford afford all that lot ??? Pretty damning that . Hardly gonna win friends and influence people to the bulls cause.
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    It seems dual reg and loans will continue next season. No doubt those clubs allowed reserve sides will continue to use dual reg and loan players. It is possible that a club currently in Super League will be relegated into The Championship,and while in The Championship,allow some of their players to go out on dual reg/loan to other Championship clubs. Suffice to say...The introduction of one or two extra reserve sides won't prevent the situation that has endured over recent seasons. It must be what the Super League wants. If it isn't killing the game it is certainly making it a tad unfair for some clubs. Interesting,also,that top of League 1 Whitehaven,not permitted a reserve side,despite doing so well with a side made up,primarily,of local based players - ( perhaps directly from community clubs.)
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    Currently at the three brewers before my first twp home game, after 26 away games it's good to be at "home"
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    Inside the new corporate complex (north stand and refurbished pavilion) at Headingley -
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    Disagree, listen to the interview with a bloke from Manchester Rangers on this week’s Total RL Podcast, there is loads of grass roots stuff being done in the City now, eg a league with 7 schools in it this year and a new full time development officer (none of it funded by the RFL obviously).
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    I've seen so many of 'em over the year's including fixed roofs, sliding roofs that they all merge into one after a while. Would guess that's early 90s, nice set of Subbuteo floodlights and flags so if it's a model it's pre computer graphics
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    They're going to clean the Gents for the first time since 1936.
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    I have been impressed by him. He has pace to burn and that something extra. A good loan.
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    There was a big swing towards RL in the 1930s, with clubs and individuals switching codes in big numbers. France's ban from international RU at the time would have also had an effect. But, under Petain's government, successive sports ministers Jean Borotra and Jep Pascot took care of that. Borotra banned professionalism (but not for all sports), while Pascot (a former Rugby Union player, with all the agenda that implies) ensured that the obliteration of even the code's name and the confiscation of assets was completed to the best of his ability. After the war, there was still enough mature and young players for France to continue as a strong RL nation for a few years, but the grass roots of the game, the facilities, the financial assets, the permission to teach the game in schools and even the sport's own name had been taken away, so RL got weaker and weaker as the century went on. Maybe the French RL expected that, after the war, the decisions made by the collaborator government would be reversed. It would have been a reasonable assumption. But it took a long long time for any of these things to be addressed, because certain influential people were very happy indeed with the status quo.
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