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    We've moved all the political discussions out of AOB and into a sub-forum which is only accessible to forum members who have accumulated 100+ posts elsewhere on the forum, due to the increase in the amount of trolling, fake multiple user registrations and the number of reported posts being generated in those threads, which far outstrip anything in other parts of the forum. The aim is not to restrict political discussions, but to keep it all in one place, and leave AOB for lighter topics and for those members who simply don't want to get dragged into the fray. Any politically themed threads started in AOB from now on will be moved into the sub-forum as soon as we see them, so it's best all round to just to start them in the sub-forum to begin with. If you are a new member or have fewer than 100 posts to your name at present, you will not be able to engage in political debates on our forum until you have built up a reputation as a genuine Rugby League fan in other sections by achieving over 100 posts without any moderation warnings, as a remindeer that this is first and foremost a forum for Rugby League fans to discuss Rugby League issues, and not a place for trolls to indulge in politically motivated wind-ups or disruption. If you are an existing member with 100+ posts you will automatically have full access to the political sub-forum, however we reserve the right to remove access without warning to anyone who persistently breaks the general forum rules, engages in personal abuse or who simply cannot respect the right of other forum members to hold different political opinions. Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy the debates, political or otherwise!
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    Just like Ronseal this title does what it says on the tin. Having already secured the LLS last week Saints will walk out to a guard of honour from the Rhinos tonight according to reports. Exactly the sort of sporting gesture we like to see both in this country and in this sport. Though I'm sure those who agreed with Toronto being booed at Widnes won't agree. https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/leeds-to-form-guard-of-honour-for-st-helens-21786/
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    Flew out from Manchester Thursday dinnertime, didnt seem to be too many Yorkies on board.Anyway i was lucky enough to have 3 seats to myself, stretch out. Got to Toronto about 7hrs later then minus the 5hrs difference and its 1430 we get there. The transfer was a drag as the traffic congestion is mental, this happened every time we got on a bus. Sheraton hotel was great, right near the famous TORONTO sign. Quick wash and out on the lash. First pub Duke of Richmond not bad. People talking to us straight away, this happened all the time on this trip by the way. Canadians are a friendly people. Ended up in Quinns bar which we learnt after 2 days was attached to our hotel Doh! First meal a hot dog. Didnt find a kebab shop until Sunday night. Friday set off for Niagra Falls. More Yorkies about, Peter G. and Mrs G on the bus before us. Niagra was brill, worth every penny. Got drenched, looked like pratts , but what a great laugh. Coach back was as i said a drag so we were late back into Toronto so we missed the first 2 hrs of the meetup in The Northern Maverick. Anyway got there to see more York fans and the flag draped above where everyone could see it. The event was nowt flash but good to see more people, including the legend that is Geoff Pryce. Saturday morning up at 8. Brekky then photo shoot with the flags in front of the TORONTO sign then taxis to The 3 Brewers. Got there early. It was shut....so got all the flags hung up..then it was open.Plenty of choice of beers..no Johns. 3 ex York lads come in, Midgley, Tansley and Gary Pryce,all players from the 84 semi v Wigan. Onto Lamport, crowd building nicely. Red hot.Counted 62 York fans. The teams come out led by Geoff Pryce along with the 3 afore said ex players. A great touch. York were off it today, make your own reasons,whereas Wolfpack were on fire. Glad we got on the scoreboard. Some new songs were sung, and sung to the end. ..Just cant get enough...Matty Marsh's Mam n Dad...Hey Braddy...etc etc etc. Stayed at the ground for 2 hrs after the game. Players mixing with us all. Loved it. Just had a great laugh for the rest of the night. Sunday up not so early but had a good walk around the Waterfront ending up in a bar that did pints of Guinness for 3 and half dollars for 3 hours! Get in!! Finished Sunday with a kebab at last. Monday not flying till late so had a look around BlueJays Baseball Stadium and then the Aquarium which was great. Did not touch a drop today..dont like drinking before flying. Got back to Manchester Tuesday a.m totally knackered but so glad we did the trip. Highly reccomend it. Now onto Fev!!!!
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    The problem is that the people making this argument often don't even seem to know what it means. Does it mean throwing more money at clubs? If so, for what return? What does throwing more money at <insert Heartland club> achieve that isn't being achieved at present? The argument also implies that "the game" is investing in expansion, which isn't the case. David Argyle is investing in Toronto, "the game" isn't. Bernard Guasch is investing Catalans, "the game" isn't. David Hughes is putting his money into London, not "the game's" money. In the same vein, Derek Beaumont is (when it suits him) investing in Leigh, "the game" isn't. It's an argument that supposes that if it weren't for expansion clubs, the smaller clubs would be far more successful than they are, when there is no evidence at all to support that. This is not a zero-sum game; the foreigners aren't taking your job and we do not have to all chase after the same limited pool of money - there is more to be found out there if only we look for it. I've heard lots of people argue "invest/concentrate/focus on the heartlands". Not one person making that argument has been able to explain how that moves the sport forward from where it is after more than a century of doing just that.
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    The point was simply that you made something up and presented it as fact, that is all. Regardless of how inconceivable it may appear to be to you and I Apology accepted. Just don't lie about things being in respected publications like League Express when they're clearly not
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    Thanks for the clarification Steve. From my perspective, the element in Colin's posts that I couldn't follow was regarding the trophy not being able to be presented at the club award night due to "sponsorship". Your post has clarified it for me, in that the club won't allow any other mom presentation at an official club event, as they feel it will devalue their own award. Disappointing that they wouldn't allow the two to run side by side, however it is what it is, and that's not the responsibility of either yourself or Colin to argue with them over.
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    I have never said that either and I'm Parky's biggest critic. I put him on ignore because he says the same thing over and over again. He is very insulting in a general sense but that's largely because anyone who doesn't agree with him not being clever enough to spot the truth when it hits them in the face. He says if TWP join SL one English club will go into decline and ignores the fact that whoever replaces one club according to the rules of the competition the club going down may indeed decline. In this he totally ignores the role of P&R which he championed ad infinitum before its return . Neither the Bulls nor Widnes were replaced by TWP. I have to say that he cuts a lonely figure in my ignore pile because he's not there for the same reasons as the others, though without him and them the place is a lot more agreeable as an experience. Though no less disagreeing!
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    Surprise! It’s Betfred. Grand final has also been moved to St Helens https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/betfred-sponsor-womens-super-league-as-grand-final-brought-forward/
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    Sounds about right....that Big V8 North American engine is just starting to rev....what are they going to do when we open her up on the highway?
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    Oof, Leeds have decided to not bother tackling anymore then. Hurrel is great to watch with ball on hand but he's an absolute liability in defence.
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    Being mullered by the Saints 2nd string...Ouchh!!
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    If the ball is already on the ground over the try line, surely as soon as Grace touches the ball it's a try? Although I guess the video ref decided he hadn't touched it (I thought he did)
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    Here's hoping the more unruly members of the crowd can hold their tongues during a place kick penalty or conversion....one ought to respect the kicker
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    What about the tackle on Rettie ???? Sin binning for Gabriel ??? 8 point try ????
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    Greetings to our friends in York Every week fevnut writes a blog that includes his ‘musings’ column. This week we write about our last match against Swinton and the York match to come. We express our dismay about Fev not being included in next year’s reserves competition. And with rumours of a French player coming to Fev next year we take a look back at the contribution of other French players at Rovers. Access the article by using the link below and then by using the links on the right hand side of the page you can find all sorts of information pertinent to the match coming up on Sunday, including pages about the York squad and another about the history of matches between York and Fev. Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday. https://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2019/08/fevnuts-musings-31-swinton-york.html
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    On the back of your message, I looked up BBC Sport online editor and happened upon this guy,. so I tweeted him lets see what happens.
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    It definitely looks like England are keen on the match having a decisive outcome.
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    Not quite a new kit like Hull have done, but Leeds will be wearing a kit against Saints tonight with Samaritans on the front as part of their charity commitments.
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    Going to be a very well contested game and I love York to come away with 2 points. Great comp this.
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    Bob Hunter was there last night. Seems a nice guy . Spent time going round the tables to speak with fans who were able to attend last nights function. The impression I got was that he felt there was a lot to do to improve the facilities for fans visiting Lamport . Both home and away support. He mentioned the need to up the level of food and drink available on match day. Also mentioned the need to improve the ground itself but didn't go into specifics. Basically it was a quick introduction to who he is for those who didn't already know and what his remit is going forward. He certainly gave out the right vibe and left nobody in any doubt he was on the case from day one. Hopefully we will get more details as to plans going forward soon but it certainly was an indication that the club has no intention of standing still .
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    The phrasing of the question smacks a bit of a "stick a pin in a map" approach to expansion. The simple issue is that we should all, be us fans, administrators or whatever, be encouraging RL to be played wherever it can be viable. I don't know if North America is the answer for this sport. I do howeve, believe that, despite the risks, it is a better answer than the argument to "concentrate on the heartlands", which has got the sport where it is today. North America presents opportunities that the heartlands don't. It gives us the right to discuss new commerical partnerships, new media relationships and to tap into new audiences. If there is an opportunity in Boston, NY, Ottawa or Philadelphia, then it should be heard, considered and not dismissed purely on the basis of a body of water between there and Manchester. If there is an opportunity in South Wales, Coventry or Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it shouldn't be dismissed because "away fans". The most frustrating part of this entire debate is people insisting that expansion cannot work, will not work and should not be allowed to work because of the 120+ years of baggage that this sport has. The world has moved on from working class roots and small towns. RL has not.
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    The ref doesn't make a team miss tackles, make a team play with no enthusiasm, have no game plan! I for one don't care who the ref is and I think Hewer is pretty decent to be fair.
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    Some saints fans need to remember they’ve not won anything of worth just yet before starting with the arrogance. Saints are a very good side and it’s a lot easier for younger players to slot into a well drilled system, Leeds looked like what they are a lower table side and Saints have done what they did tonight to every team in SL at some point this season (bar London ironically)
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    I'm tired of constant references to Parksider and his convictions and of his own repetitive ranting. I tried to get him to acknowledge that everyone here is unaware of the details of any agreement Toronto have with SuperLeague, so largely commenting in ignorance. That didn't conform to his dogmatic spin. My gut feeling is that David Argyle has not invested a huge sum of money hoping that SL will be nice to him without any black and white contractual assurances from them. That idea is, quite frankly, laughable and is behaviour more akin to a car boot sale entrepreneur than a billionaire business man. I am less confident however, that the captains of industry that run our SuperLeague clubs will not renege (or try to) on any deal previously negotiated on their behalf. I think that's more likely, than Argyle being a fool, but I hope they are men of integrity and honour their part of the bargain. Anyway we shall see, in a few weeks time all will be revealed and at least half of all this unpleasant angry banter will be proven, nothing more than hot air.
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    Right! The "experts" have spoken and solved Salford RLFC's problems. All we have to do is abandon our 'home' and move in with a football club. Brilliant! Show me one, ONE! example where that has proved successful for a rugby league club. Rochdale - No! London in any incarnation - No! Even Wigan have problems with reseeding the pitch. Don't get any of our friends from Hull FC started - they'll regale you for hours about trouble with Hull City's owners. It doesn't work. The rugby league club invariably gets the sh!t end of the stick. NO! Just no!
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    Can't agree with this enough; mental health, physical health, weight, attitude all part of one circle. I don't think with me anything has got any easier, but I have figured out ways to withstand or drive through more though. No short cuts, no hacks, just hard graft. Still beats me from time to time, but even those times I still try to get out and at least go through the motions; less distance, slower etc. The frustrations get to me less frequently these days, but I've found them more intense when they do.
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    If you watched the video you could hear straight from the horses mouth. Argyle and Wolfpack are looking straight at SL. They want to improve Lamport. They want to grow the brand. The new Chair/CEO has plenty of runs onthe board.
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    Maybe its ambitions are more focussed upon all those council tax payers who don't go to watch RL than the tiny minority who do, or am I being simplistic?
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    i also saw that it was being promoted on an email from pitchero website provider. id seen they had done it for loads of union games and i sent an email to the RFL and they acted on it. good on them!
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    The final this year has a page promoting it on VisitLondon which is an initiative supported by the London Mayor. That’s a website with a significant reach and diverse audience. https://www.visitlondon.com/things-to-do/event/44359239-coral-challenge-cup-final-at-wembley-stadium
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    Not pratts, just dedicated Knights fans.
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    Indeed. For pity's sake, there are days on here when I wonder why we bother asking for people's input... some folk could start a pointless argument in an empty room. I should say that we also put this request for questions for the Q & A out on Twitter and Facebook too and we also get people emailing in, so the number of views a thread gets on here or the number of questions posted on here is no guide to how popular a particular subject is. These are meant to be fun features, folks. Fun. Remember that? It's what Rugby League is supposed to be. Now, after this brief moderating interlude, any more questions for Courtney...?
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    The league loses a lot more if London are relegated than it does if Wakefield or Huddersfield were to be. Now that Leeds are all but safe and the conspiracy theorists that were screaming 'they'll announce 14 team league if Leeds go down' have gone quiet, I would say that with how close and competitive the league has been this year there definitely appears to be some merit in looking at 14 teams again. The current 12 and any 2 of the top 4 sides in the Championship could be competitive in an expanded SL IMO.
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    May I just disagree with this philosophy as it implies that taking risks results only in reward whilst ignoring the commensurate hazard. By implication taking a bigger risk results in greater reward so should be the only plan of action. I believe that casinos thrive on this line of thought. A strategic plan isn't a risk though and, if it is a good one and followed without wavering, can produce tangible long-term benefits.
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    It's fairly interlinked for me, and 'head fitness' more so!
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    You have descended back down to extreme caricature, in a feeble attempt to ridicule possible future expansion, instead of trying to present a rational argument. It is not funny and definitely not smart. But I guess that is all you are intellectually capable of.
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    Who and when did anybody call for you to be banned? You keep posting this yet there is no evidence of this ever happening. Stop being disingenuous and lying.
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    All the best to you Si.
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    This just an opinion. I think an elderly gentleman,with the best will in the world,has taken on a job which may have been too much for him. Maybe some on here should be praising his efforts rather than criticising. Ask Steve why he gave up the job . I assume the list of volunteers to do the job next year is not encouragely long.
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    Insignificant if Chalmer's claim about running costs is true. The RFL can't afford to take on any significant maintenance costs otherwise they'll be losing even more than they currently are on the whole deal and I doubt the majority of Council Tax payers of BMD would be impressed if the council did so
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    Back in May 2019 I applied to Hastings Council for a Discretionary Housing Payment, to be paid from June 18th. This was awarded at the small amount of £5 per week. To date, despite numerous phone calls, and assurances from council officials that it will be paid, I have yet to receive a penny. This is despite the council assuring me for the last 3 weeks that the payment will be in my account "next Tuesday" for the last 3 weeks, it still hasn't appeared. I am therefore sitting in the Town Hall until payment is made & the funds have cleared my account. No more promises of payment. I want actual payment before I go home. It is only £5/wk, but it is the principle.

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