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    Proper Hull FC kit for 2020
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    Barrow were relegated this year pal,is there 2 Newcastle's ?
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    A poor crowd for an international event in Sydney? Colour me shocked.
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    Other than being short, a double movement and a knock on it was a perfectly fine try...
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    Something whiffy about that "try", no?
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    Jesus they need the VR. Its just impossible to referee the game without it.
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    Refs giving the Aussies everything ? Shocking.
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    Ball steal with two in the tackle, decision amazingly goes against the Kiwis.
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    If she joined me then it really would have been perfect!.... Actually add some ale too
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    I’ve loved watching it today. I think we have a chance to use this as a completely new vehicle for the international game, a bit like union sevens. We’ll need familiar names for the first couple of years to get the fans to buy in to the concept but I could see us ending up with teams of Nines specialists, as it is a very different game. Could be fantastic played around the world like the union sevens
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    The Ferns are the first ever women's Nines World Champions! One hell of a match, which could have gone either way.
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    This is not fair. How were England meant to know that fast agile skillful players would be suited to 9s?
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    Yeah its all very strange, why would someone want to take over a club that is losing money plus already has massive debts over its head. There has to be something else that people are missing.
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    That is exactly the point that came to my mind. That decision from the NRL was as cowardly as the actions of the guys that attacked Vuni. Can’t wait till a high NRL exec is caught on camera.
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    2 More to leave if, as expected, Bradford lose their appeal over their contract terminations. Its still hard to fathom why somebody would want to "buy" the Bulls in their current state.
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    Link to GB attendances (you need to click into each Series): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Britain_national_rugby_league_team_game_results_(1991–present) Link to England attendances: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_England_national_rugby_league_team_results Golden age for GB was the early-mid 90s. That's what most people hark back to; what their nostalgic for. But then England have some excellent attendances at places like Wembley, Olympic Stadium and Elland Road since it's inception in 2008 (especially against New Zealand, which are better than against GB).
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    Far too early to say whose gunna win want but I will predict that this place will predict impending doom, the same people will be losing it about minor details and expansion will be talked about continuously.
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    Definitely agree about Foo Fighters. I suspect that if it weren't for the Nirvana connection they'd have come and gone in a short space of time without anyone ever noticing them.
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    Between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot 4 inches I reckon, not sure what they weigh in at
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    our recruitment so far doesn't excite me at all.
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    I know, but call me old fashioned, I'd like to see a time when the club I'm following is no longer regarded as a rogue trader, leaving a string of unpaid debts in its wake.
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    When REM played at the McAlpine (as was) in Huddersfield in 1995 they were due to be supported by Oasis, but by the time the date came round Oasis weren’t going to support anyone! We got The Beautiful South instead. They were great. Did a brilliant cover of Some Might Say. REM didn’t have a clue where they were and did a professional but somewhat unenthusiastic job. I finally saw Oasis years later at Heaton Park. The sound system failed, so they played a shortened set and Noel Gallagher announced we would all get our money back. A few weeks later an incredibly ornate, specially printed cheque arrived, complete with Noel’s signature. Had it been 1996 I’d have framed it, put it on my wall and left the money in his pocket. But it wasn’t 1996, so I cashed it and got my money back.
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    The only way any of them are going to get paid now is if the new owners salvage the existing club and honour its debts. That's what should happen. Those urging that it should be wound up, binned off, scrapped, shut down and all the rest, are showing no more concern for its current creditors than the people who ran up the debts in the first place.
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    Employed, for a month
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    I was very impressed how Fev used DR last season.Everything was well within the rules. But please do not insult my intelligence by suggesting that DR was only used to cover injuries.
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    Never knew that.... This is like QI
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    It is, Ippocampus is Greek for seahorse and the hippocampus in the brain is shaped like a seahorse, hence its name.
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    back to thread read fleetway comics lick the bowl and spoon clean after cake making watch -world of sport
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    IRA ? Already taken, pal.
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    Went over to pay my respects to the Big Man as an ex team mate ,opposition and long standing friend of the family. Les got a great send off. Despite the circumstances it was nice to meet up with guys who I have never bumped into since the old days. A great team could have taken to the field , ,Boxer,Korky,Banksy,Ian Rudd,Dave Smith,Harry Bev,Chris Arkwright,Harry Pinner,Risso,Bobby Blackwood,Shemmy Collister,Phil Kitchen,Spanky,Eddie Bowman,Buck,Keith Davies plus others I have proberbly missed. Some memories were re lived long into the night believe me. Gone but never forgotten marra.
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    he still came second though? although 1st place did go to andy "the Viking" Fordham
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    It doesnt matter how big Wigan or Saints are. They have a large market to aim for
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    There are 20 teams in the premier league and the value of the premier league is not built around them The premier league is based on the value of big clubs in big cities. That there are a rotation of smaller clubs with shady funding bumbling around the bottom half of the premier league is neither here nor there. The value they have in the PL is to provide opposition for the big clubs.
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    Of course he wants cities which are globally recognized. If a franchise in New York is to have any hope of luring New Yorkers over to New Jersey to see a sport which is totally new to them and their region, it needs a diet of teams from globally recognized cities going to play there week in and week out to make that happen.
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    If you're offering, mine's a pint of bitter. (Yes, I know I'm already bitter enough!)
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    The Internet is full of articles linking Drug Culture to Hip Op https://genius.com/a/drugs-in-hip-hop-a-30-year-analysis
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    Original Northern Union shirt was red and white hoops so wouldnt mind seeing it come back from the England International kit.. would make it different from other England sports teams too.
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    We are not short of good young forwards,Graham's career is winding down and can't get around the pitch like he used to and Burgess can be targeted in defence at times by smaller,quicker players and that's in the 13 a side game.
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    RU began with small elite public schools. We now see all countries from all the world playing together, some in large multi million pound stadiums ... in JAPAN !!! All watched by millions on prime time terrestrial TV. And the host Japan are one of the successful teams. Meantime, parochial RL is eating itself into nothing.
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    It's 9s there already is plenty of space.
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    Graham & T,Burgess in a 9s squad,are they trying to save on airfare ?
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    Tasty squad. Think we can safely say Scotland will qualify! http://www.scotlandrl.com/2019/10/03/scotland-name-train-on-squad-for-world-cup-qualifiers/
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    Following a bout of potentially libellous comments being posted on here about named individuals, by people using pseudonyms, we're enforcing a new rule on here. If you post a comment about a named individual relating to off field issues, whether critical or otherwise, you must add your own real name to the end of the post or it will be removed by a moderator, without exception. This forum has no official connection with the club, never has had, never will have. It is hosted independently by League Publications Ltd, publishers of League Express and Rugby League World, along with forums for every other club, as a service for supporters, to enable them to discuss their club and their team. We will not allow our website to be used as a platform for any individual or group to anonymously attack or publicly undermine other individuals or groups, regarding the running of the club, even if that ultimately involves closing this section of our forum down completely. If you have a point to make on off field issues, by all means make it, if you are willing to take ownership and responsibility for your comments by adding your real name to the end of your post. Thank you for your co-operation. John Drake TotalRL.com Site Admin
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    Mazey and his board left us in a far better position than they found us with a core of quality young players re-signed and on the strength of the clubs highest placed finish for decades meaning the massive increase in central funding alone next year should keep the club alive even though their investments have been withdrawn. Don't let facts get in the way though hey.
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