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    Jamaica in! As Daphne du Maurier might have put it.
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    And there's more ..... If this sport doesn't seem magic to you, what's wrong with you?
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    Sure, you could get pretty close in expenditures. Now, add ticket income, concession income, sponsorship, merch, etc. Without knowing those numbers, it's all hypothetical, but let's assume the income doesn't cover the expenses so far. We're now at a negative profit, or a loss. That still isn't debt. Debt implies an obligation to repay. We don't know, and have no proof, of what DA's and his other partners' financial arrangements are, are startup or today. Perhaps it was $20 million startup fund and they haven't gone through half of it yet. Perhaps (more likely) they provide ongoing cash injections as needed. This happened at least once. But, unless someone has proof otherwise, there is no indication of debt. EVERY startup requires investment. It's the "rule" , not the "exception" , that almost every business will spend money and be negative while getting established, until profits make up for start up costs. Most investments are made with the acceptance that they could be lost, and not repaid. Unless proof is provided, there is no reason to believe that TWP is different from any other startup, with the owners understanding the risks of their investment. When the startup in question is a professional sports team, figures in the millions, or even tens of millions, are perfectly normal. Making a loss as a start-up is not of itself a negative point when considering the merits of TWP.
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    Not when they don’t run an academy, otherwise they’re not increasing the pool, they’re taking from the amateur game. The whole point of the reserves is to fill the pathway from academy u18s to first team
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    Come on stop being gloomy. In Jan '18 Adam Pearson said changes would be put in place over the next 3 months that would within 6 months make RL a real threat to RU. The evidence of that coming to pass is listed below.....
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    Good point . Reasons to be cheerful Toronto Salford New Headingley Brits in the NRL Anthony Gelling on YouTube York
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    The end of GB? Hopefully, the England Rugby League brand has been growing and they already don’t play enough games, to play some of those few and far between fixtures as Great Britain makes no sense.
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    Much of the appeal of nines is the numerous games over a couple of days, the short games and the general speed of the game. Stopping the game for Video ref decisions doesn't make sense to me in that context and adds nothing.
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    It's interesting when you look back through this thread that people were saying that the video ref must come into 9's to get the decisions right. But the best team in the tournament won. And if we didn't have the video ref in Super League the best team would still win. Same with the NRL. TV officials is something we have been brainwashing into thinking are essential to sport to guarantee a fair outcome. It really isn't true. If we let referees make their own decisions they will get some right and some wrong but the best teams will win in the end. Was every Premier League season and every Premier League champion rendered invalid because VAR was only introduced this year? Were the McEnroe vs. Borg Wimbledon finals invalid just because we didn't have Hawkeye? We don't need TV to referee our game, let the refs do it. It will all be ok in the end.
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    Excellent day out, bit parky but good entertainment at a very fair price. I have to say I was really impressed by the crowd turnout today, lots of folks seemed to be sampling league for the first time which has to be a great thing. As I walked in I overheard a few comments such as "so what sort of rugby is this?" and " so is this a b team cos of the world cup?" And any RL match that has women in saris taking selfies by the pitch is a winner in my book. Lots of positives to take from today.
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    Proves that the insistence of taking England games to places like Leigh and Doncaster were ridiculous.
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    The Problem in Rugby League are the people running it. On the field the Product continues to produce. But having people like Greenberg, Wood, Rimmer, Elstone etc running the game, its amazing the game is still Alive. Organizing, Promotion and living in the real world are things that dont exist. The game is entertaining and a Produkt that should be easy to capatalize on. Somehow the game has a history of some of the worse Administrators in the world!
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    Halifax had lost a Number of the Top Reserve graders they had, as they were not able to offer the money some SL Clubs are offering. Some SL Clubs are doing little as poss with Reserve grade and are happy to Raid Halifax Reserves than do much scouting etc. The RFL/Super League Reserve Grade is a joke. Fax, Newcastle, Haven, Keighley were expected to Jump through hoops. SL Clubs are not in any Real Minimum Standards procedure. The RFL refuse to sanction games that are not Part of this Circus. The RFL did little to help Reserve Teams this year. Sometimes refusing to Provide match officials for games etc. Fax,like other Champ Teams,would have received no Help at all from the RFL and in the end felt that without any support, it was a waste of time, people and money. Once again the people running the game have let down its members. The RFL should have just left things as they were, rather than create this Circus,that is not being properly organized.
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    Precisely Regular 3-test series GB v Oz for the Ashes was a victim of the moronic Super League war … and for some equally moronic reason, an Ashes series has not been held since 2003 It means a whole new generation of RL fans in Oz (and the UK) are growing up without any knowledge of this brilliant historic RL rivalry and instead are fed the rubbish that Origin is the "pinnacle" of RL ! Depressing
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    To me this is very simple. Two compulsory reserve leagues, one for SL and one for Championships
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    Erm the debate is TWP's admission via their coach they have not been able to deliver any players or TV deals and are unlikely to do that. These were the success criteria their founder set the club, plus in failing to do that they ran up a £10,000,000 debt and continue to run that higher as they enter Superleague. Oddly enough their coach excuses this total failure of their business plan on the other clubs for not being "big city's". Just admit TWP far from being a massive success are a massive failure, and we can call it a day?? Having a go at me is the usual cheap trick tried literally more than a thousand times. Trying to hound someone out of a debate isn't grown up is it? 1. 123 years on and the model still works, only in the last 23 years the success has risen a level with the game stepping up from semi-pro to Professional. We have done pretty good and continue onwards with a new SKY deal waiting. 2. You have your one opinion, thousands of fans have theirs - as a democrat I'll accept the majority vote. TWP are now pointless by their own admission no players, no TV deals and one of the biggest trading debts ever in the history of the game. 3. I don't see it at all because you woffle on from post to post claiming your a marketing genius, but never actually set out your cunning plan. Please let myself and my business advisor Mr. Gubrats know what it is. We may start our own club in Timbuktu with this plan.
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    As Samuel Johnson once said, when a man is tired of rugby league, he is tired of life.
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    The 2021 TV deal will be the major indicator. If it is significantly lower, the writing will be on the wall.
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    That can’t be right BSJ. Those porto-loos must have cost them a small fortune!! They even flush.
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    Not really. Between 1990 and 1992, GB played 23 internationals (not including other tour games). Between 2013 and 2015, England played just 13 internationals. The Ashes tours of the early-mid 90s were very big business with Old Trafford and Elland Road selling out. Also there was a World Cup Final in 92 with approx 73k at Wembley. I think the fact that GB played more frequently in the early 90s meant that RL was in the consciousness of the wider public more often.
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    Only in the sense that it’s an almost 500-mile round-trip for an England A game. Glad I went, however. Jamaica games will be fun at the World Cup. Can’t wait for it, to be honest. Only two years to go!
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    Must be mad but I’m on my way back from this. First half was all England and Jamaica barely had a PTB in the Knights’ 20. Second half was largely in England territory due to ill-discipline/a helping hand by Thaler depending on how you view it. If Jamaica can find a halfback from somewhere they could be dangerous at the World Cup. They will certainly give some of the lower tier nations a game. Danny Richardson was very good for England. Ran the show from the right side of the field where many of the tries were scored. Good turnout in the South Stand bolstered by c.2000 tickets given to the Jamaican community in Leeds. The steel band playing during the game was ace. The Jamaican anthem was hilariously overly long and hammy. Twice the crowd applauded before the singer launched into another verse! If today was a taste of 2021, I can assure you Jamaica will add some real flavour to the World Cup.
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    And people still try and make out that a full strength England can't have the likes of Tonga et al touring because it wouldn't pay. Barely anyone I knew even knew about this knights match and it had little to no publicity. 7,113 is a very respectable crowd.
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    England aren't playing a game this year (13s at least). I don't understand why they aren't playing this as a full Test. It doesn't deem the brand at all if the first choice players are not available. But the Knights phrase diminishes the standing of the opposition IMO... no national 2nd teams should be playing full national sides.
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    There's your first error. And there's the rest. Was there something about this post of his in particular that made you think this time would be different? It's called an interior monologue and Parky is TGG's James Joyce.
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    People have been saying this since 1895 The good will out
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    Each of those sports has numerous events where they make a small fortune and get great crowds. They all have a strong international dimension that is taken very seriously and none of them have any trouble attracting blue chip sponsors. Any minor events that you describe are glossed over because they are somewhat irrelevant in the bigger picture.
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    This week,I've watched womens International tennis played in a near empty stadium,European golf being watched by two men and a dog and international cricket played in a stadium where you could literally count the crowd.On their various web sites there has not been one mention of the crowds. On here,the only topic of conversation,for a game which hasn't been played ,is,how poor the crowd will be. Some of you really need to change the broken record.
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    But where will union get their future coaches, particularly their defensive coaches?????????????????
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    Yep, people forget that in 1989 only 18k turned up at Old Trafford and 13k at Elland Road for NZ v GB tests despite this golden era with Hanley, Offiah, Schofield, Gregory, Ward, Lydon et al.
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    At least the lack of crowd will give Harry a clearer view of which Australian has failed in a GB shirt.
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    You always know an anthem is going long when the fans of the team start clapping after the first verse/chorus. She belted it out well though. Top performance.
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    'Bit Parky' do you mean that the crowd spent the entire match moaning that they weren't proper Jamaican's and Perez had promised they would be and a portion of the crowd was there on freebies!?
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    But watching the nines you see that when they make calls due to necessity they get it right to an overwhelming degree . A ref , touchie and in goal touchie does the job . The small minority are wrong or debatable but it’s myth you don’t get the same with a VR . It turns refs into robots refereeing by remote control abrogating responsibility to someone else purely because it’s there . Get them back officiating games , and 99% of the game still does this amazingly enough
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    Honestly for the money that will be lost on this tour and the embarrassing crowds that will occur. Im sure we could have flown the whole of the Kiwis, Tongans and Papa new guinians over here first class and played a few tests over here and still come out better.
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    Yep. In real terms it might be something like: "if we release Dane Chisholm and Brad Day, we can afford to run a reserve team." Put it that way to the fans and plenty would see things differently. The other point is that there are no guarantees of rewards if you do run a reserve team. Consider Halifax, widely regarded as a successful reserves venture, yet look at the two most obviously talented players that their reserves produced, Nick Rawsthorne and Chester Butler. Rawsthorne has played for Hull, York, Doncaster, and Leigh, and has now signed for Hull KR, having barely played for Halifax. Butler did play a fair number of games for them but has now signed for Huddersfield. I doubt they made much, if any, cash out of those moves, it's hard to tie talented youngsters down to long-term deals. We did get burned a couple of years ago when we had no reserves to call on at the end of the season, but at least the new set-up should help avoid that scenario. It's far from ideal, everyone can see that, and tough on those lads in this season's reserves that aren't being retained, but for me it's not hard to see why the club has done it.
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    Would not making several of the new signings we've announced recently be acceptable? Would not re-signing two or three of those we have for the next 2 seasons? Would slipping down the table to bottom half or worse? Because one (or more) of those scenarios or running a Reserves is the real choice the Club has had to make.
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    Parksider, I'm going to ask you direct questions, in order to provide the debate you so cherish. 1. Could you please provide your source for this number? I've seen you post it more than once, so you must have one. 2. Is it "grown up" to repeatedly demand debate, but then ignore me when I've civilly engaged you here, here, and here? Just a general wondering here, but why would anyone give that to you for free? I'll leave it at 2 direct questions, since as demonstrated you seem to have problems with replying to more than that, despite clearly no being averse to typing long posts.
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    It would be the obvious solution. However whilst I fully believe that reserve teams should be compulsory for Super League clubs I certainly think that lower league clubs should have more flexibility with that and it should be optional
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    Very blurred lines isn’t it. I mean the whole Nelson Asofa Solomona issue is a farce. How does the NRL have jurisdiction to ban him from international games?
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    If we are talking UK the two most important elements for me are. - The development of the womens game. This will be critical to growth of the sport. - The 2021 World Cup. Everything about this tournament so far has been done extremely professionally and a successful home World Cup sets us up nicely for the next decade.
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    TGG what it says on the tin! The Never Ending Story .....
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    In point of fact, only one of those names played in the 1989 series I believe.
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    I’m coming over from Hull does anyone know if they’re selling any shirts ? wouldnt mind a GB one
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    Do you not think it's incredibly hypocritical on your part to think that a single Australian-born player playing for England/GB deligitmises the team, while at the same time repeatedly including Irish players in the team you refer to solely as Great Britain and calling Irish players British? Why is an Irish player playing for Britain "the top level"? Surely if they're Irish, playing for Ireland and not a different country is the top level?
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    He's right though.
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    A poor crowd for an international event in Sydney? Colour me shocked.

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