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    Yeah but their ground is rubbish, their fans are made of cardboard and those photos of kids playing rugby league are fake - it’ll never last anyway, and I’d rather watch Oldham v Rochdale.
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    It's like Christmas morning in my house. 2020 fixtures released and the signing of SBW confirmed. Sonny Bill is the top sports news story in Toronto this morning. In only three years, Wolfpack now rates as a serious member of Toronto's top pro sports teams. David Argyle could have bought himself a yacht, and got no financial return on it except his own pleasure. Instead, he started a rugby league team.
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    If this true, what this signing does is to make it cool to play rugby league. It’s literally as simple as that. And for a code that has struggled for attention, signing SBW is a huge shot in the arm. SBW is famous for his professionalism and the way his attitude rubs off on the players around him. Irrespective of what he does on the field, it's what he does off the field for the club - and the code - that you'll find his value. As for the naysayers, welcome to 2019.
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    But Parky repeatedly stated Argyle was looking to reduce his contributions to TWP, surely he wasn’t wrong AGAIN.
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    We know what we are doing...sit back...enjoy the show...learn how it is properly done.
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    Toronto have just done SL a massive favour, how many more fans will he pull to everyone's home games? It nullifies the terrible "away fan" argument.
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    "The record deal would see Williams earn around four times the wages paid to NRL superstar Daly Cherry-Evans ($10 million over eight seasons) and AFL superstar Lance Franklin ($10 million over nine seasons)." If the $10M figure is correct it is more than double the highest paid union "star" which will shake the union tree. With all the money sloshing around in union I did n't expect to see the return of the day when a League player would be earning more than anyone in union. And by so much ! Little old Rugby League is not so inconsequential after all. https://www.ruck.co.uk/highest-paid-rugby-players/
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    Anyone whinging about Sonny Bill Williams coming to Superleague will probably never be happy about anything. This single signing will give superleague the exposure and profile it has been praying for. Absolutely amazing news for the competition - building on Salford's GF run, and some good signings across the competition, Toronto (with SBW) coming in will surely make this as anticipated and high profile a season as Superleague has ever seen. And on the field, he may not be at his peak week in week out, or over the full 80 minutes, but when he decides to really turn it on I imagine he'll dominate. The other thing everyone comments on with SBW is his impact on the other players through his professionalism etc. So as a player, I reckon he'll make the impact expected - as long as injuries aren't too big an issue (that's probably the big gamble)
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    Can’t we just laugh about it for a few hours first?
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    I know why you were banned from cross-code, as do you. You've not learned a single thing from your previous long suspension from the forum or your more recent eviction from cross-code therefore you're now permanently banned from the site. Have fun on whichever forum you go to next.
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    I still don't think that's the aim. If you wanted to win the comp there are much better ways to spend your money. You could buy the two best halves or a half and a hooker for the SBW money. I think TWP are going to use these next two years with SBW to bring as much attention to themselves as possible while feeling out what they need to do to win the title. They'll be happy for a mid-table finish. SL is going to be a whole different kettle of fish but 2022 onwards is going to be when they push.
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    TWP seem to be making great inroads into the Canadian sporting consciousness, this could elevate things to the next level. The fan interest in the club/sport is there, so is this the catalyst for players making the switch. SBW would be a big draw for many an aspiring young Canadian rugby player.
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    He will be dual reg at Leigh within 2 months ?
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    One thing that definitely does need commending is that the article appeared at all. Fair play to Martyn Sadler for opening the columns of his paper to what was inevitably going to be stinging personal criticism. I think deserves respect, whatever one feels about the actual content (which personally I think raises some wide ranging issues that need to be addressed)
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    Just waiting for confirmation from RFL on the Toulouse Olympique fixture. Dragons happy I think. Wanted home fixture on opening weekend and asked for Toronto on Easter Saturday when they usually get a good turn out. Excited about 30th May following on Wigan at Camp Nou this year. Hoping for a record crowd here.
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    Just when I’d almost completely lost faith and interest in RL, something like this comes along. Absolutely fantastic- regardless of anything else. By now, after 23 years of SL, most clubs should be able to do things like this instead of stumbling on year by year. I’m just glad *someone* has done something like this. It might annoy is a few cave dwellers but that’s no bad thing. For once, RL doesn’t look like a two bob affair.
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    I think it helps validate TWP as a genuine big deal. Anyone who might have had their interested piqued by talk of them over the last couple of years might now think it's worth attending a game. Like him or not, SBW will be billed as a big deal in sports terms. Some Canadian union fans might see it as a chance to see a former All-Black. Also worth keeping in mind the commercial appeal SBW will have, which is probably one of the reason's he's getting paid the big bucks. TWP have a genuine star to market and earn off. SL need to get him involved in any 2020 launch campaigns ASAP.
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    Personally as a York fan I am absolutely buzzing for this one. Huge congrats to Jon and the team for putting this together. Be interesting to see our opponent that day but either way will be great
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    5Live sport bulletin leading with massive undeclared payments in Union followed by their biggest star signing for League. Is it the late 80's? Expecting a new Stock, Aitken and Waterman ear worm incoming.
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    Broncos haven't been destroyed by TWP. In fact they're in a much stronger position than they were at the start of 2018, since they are seen as genuine promotion candidates for next season. If TWP hadn't been about, someone else (FEV) would have been promoted and London relegated. Since they finished last. Would Rovers up have been seen as destroying Broncos? If people want franchising, say so. Then define the specific, objective criteria upon which franchises are admitted or rejected. In which case, Mr Carter and his team may struggle. Otherwise, we have P+R, which has always been my preference. Which is why NY and Ottawa start in L1. Which is how it should be.
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    Money grabbing? He’s a professional sportsman, don’t you think he has a right to play where he can earn the most money?
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    Make sure you use appropriate protection and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
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    Clearly you missed the epic Welsh attack of 20 phases which was I give you very very slow but resulted in an overall gain of minus 3 metres before they lost possession The high number of phases; the slow & ponderous play and the loss of both metres and possession are regular occurrences in RU and are definitely not something this sport should aspire to
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    I do think it will add to the home gates yes. Not only the Toronto factor pulling in the lapsed/part time fans as we've seen in the Championship and L1, but now a genuine superstar too. This is the sort of game that Mums/wives/Girlfriends/ basically non rugby mates would come to attend whereas a run of the mill fixture is just unlikely to draw them in in the same way.
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    The wonderful relationship between the two progressive clubs continues...can't wait to see your new stadium on TV...keep up the good work York!
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    Great time to sign him too, right off the back of the Union WC and all its hype. He's been the face of the All Blacks Adidas link-up for a while, so will be interesting if his presence at Toronto will open up a few doors for them with Adi.
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    a couple of issues: 1. The phase play that you are lauding in Union is dull unless it is the 25 phases you are thinking of England at South Africa's try line.. which was only exciting in that they may have got over the line to score but in reality that was never going to happen as it was 25 phases of one up bash and modern day teams just do not concede that often around there. It takes a lot of tedious bashing, and normally the plan is to catch them offside with a technicality around the ruck and win a penalty and maybe a penalty try (or to set a scrum with the penalty for a penalty try if you are dominating). Equally that was 25 tackles where the ball moved very little and the play was not expansive.. so not really helping. in other areas of the pitch 10 phases is seen as impressive ball retention (which in itself is sad) and then often if they are not making much advantage they kick, normally with kick back and often another kick! Even that 25 phase play at the line if I was not English watching the world cup final hoping we would score it would have been dull as hell. I watch a lot of Union and I do not see what you are saying at all.. certainly not due to the rules of the game. Expansive teams are expansive teams and they play expansive rugby.. boring up the jumper teams are boring up the jumper teams due to the skills in the side. Both play by the rules. 2. The Lions/NZ game was dull because of the tactics employed by the Lions and New Zealand (though they were more expansive). However, the Lions did not kick all that often in the first half on the last tackle, they ran quite a lot (badly but still they ran it). The Lions tactically look poor, we have not been set up right and the games have not been particularly good. However, watch other games played by other teams and they are expansive (many examples in the NRL and in Super League) they are played to the same rules but with coaches with more imagination... IMHO your argument does not hold up because the facts disprove it completely... (eg the lions actually ran quite a lot of last tackle plays (compared to normal) and you say they kicked and most a lot the phase play in union leads to a kick for territory) The issue is not the rules its the imagination of the coaches and the risk v reward nature of the players. A tight game is a lot more attritional (in both codes) than a game where you are starting to get a bit of a lead... South Africa only opened up when they got, first, a break for their first try and then, because of that first try, an attitude of "we are taking the game away from them now". This happens in both games frequently. To compare both sports is false but your comparisons are not fair on this.. take a close attritional game in both sports and its up the jumper, abosrb pressure and kick for territory. Take 2 teams that are prepared to throw the ball around and they will.. it isnt the laws that are stopping them.
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    Check out the trailer for a brand new fly on the wall documentary featuring Newcastle Thunder two episodes per week will be getting aired on the OurLeague App https://www.rugby-league.com/article/55984/our-league-to-show-exclusive-newcastle-thunder-documentary
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    Morning Parky! The deal was done because Sky thought several things, certainly much more than you make out. I'm trying to avoid having a go at you Parky but you do make it difficult with such tortuous logic, and your tendency to insult people and their opposing views to yours. All I said was that having clubs like NY and TWP would make negotiating positions stronger and interest levels would rise accordingly. So you brought up the NA TV deal in answer. Also more or less everything you say is related to the idea it's not been done so it must be false, untrue and some sort of rip off. Your time frame for achieving things seems microscopic and pays no attention to the long haul, and hard work involved. In all likelihood if NA had six clubs it would create it's own league and leave SL altogether. Anyway although you never really answer anything. insult everyone who disagrees and shoot all the other messengers I'm glad you're on board for the ride.
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    Andrew is a very well respected fan and has written an excellent article that is in response to Martyn’s stated positions and glaring omissions. That’s why it’s written from that particular standpoint. It’s about as far from ‘pathetic’ as it’s possible to be. This mad scenario has now gone on for almost a decade. It’s about time the RL press got a grip of it and the people behind it. They haven’t. In fact, sometimes it feels like that they don’t want to touch it, for whatever reason. I suspect if we had people like Andrew working as full time RL journalists we’d maybe get to the truth behind any corruption, malpractice, self-interest, incompetence, complicity, nepotism, and criminality that may have occurred. Andrew’s piece is filled with some very important questions for all of us (this is bigger than just Bradford). Maybe it’s best to focus on those and the same people that run through the story and are still on the scene. Remember, the big cash prize is still to play for.
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    People on here saying he's old, over the hill, just looking for a pay check etc got no idea what their talking about. He may not be the SBW that played for the roosters but he will be by far the best back rower in the competition. What, are we saying Jack Hughes and Josh Jones are better than him. Give me a break. Steve Menzies was making the super league dream team as a 38 year old.
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    It's about an impact far wider than Canada (although we are undoubtedly going to benefit from all the things you list). It's about growing a global brand. More sponsorship and tv interest, more merch, more international attention and media coverage, and possibly even higher attendance along the M62. SBW is getting paid to be a global ambassador - much more than just his on-field talents.
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    Wow. I am impressed. Someone outside Czech Republic has heard of the Ice Hockey legend ??
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    Test events in January to get the safety certificates then hopefully all good to go in February!
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    I wouldn't quite go that far but we are buzzing yes ?
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    Front page of BBC Sport already, that normally only happens for the Grand Final/CC Final and scandals.
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    TBH, the selectors have just made a right pigs-ear of it all, and it is so clear that Bennett has no idea about SL players. Within seconds of the squad being announced it was questioned how light we were with our three-quarters, and here we are now with Hardaker on the wing and Jack Hughes in centre. It is like going back to Richard Horne and Karl Pratt covering for us in the early 00's.
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    I have booked my flights to Toronto and back, plenty to do over there so I'm doing ten days in case I never get to go there again. I won't be able to afford Catalans and Magic Weekend again
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    I think increasing the tackles to ten would be awful and would see drive after drive.
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    Mr. Carter's spending saved one of our most iconic "city" clubs where RL dominates RU & Soccer, which was a great triumph for our game. Mr. Argylle's money has destroyed an important part of the game here which is having a professional club in the Capital of the country in Superleague. Money can work both ways, it can be used philanthropically to enhance a positive outcome or it can be used in a destructive way. It can be an investment, it can be a negative thing delivering one man's selfish ambition to the detriment of thousands of others. But you clearly don't understand this, which is probably due to your age and inexperience, No prob....? 150,000 Northener's imaginations are sparked by M62 RL - that's how we got £200 Million from SKY. If the "more than" is a few thousand Canadian real ale enthusiasts then you can forget any paying NATV deal. Who says so? Well not me but Mr. Perez who says it will need six phoney NA clubs in SL to get that deal. Meaning another five English SL clubs to be destroyed. Are you still with me?? probably not as your in dreamland, anyway...... Your incredibly naive to believe that SKY want any North American clubs. I know you make your arguments up in your head to suit your dreams but this takes the biscuit. SKY make money from selling English Superleague to English Subscribers. SKY have no market in North America hence TWP will give them their games for nothing. Neither of you have any business acumen or sense of reality about you? But feel free to post as you wish, it would be preferable if this was in a "dream" thread though?? Care to start one Gents? If you do, I won't destroy your dreams with reality...
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    Sonny Bill Williams is one of the best Rugby League players I have ever seen play the game. Well done Toronto for bringing him back to the code that is best suited to showcase his skills. Can't wait to see him play in Super League, every fan in this country should be excited to see him. On side note, almost all the comments on the BBC website are positive... it's great to see some positive publicity.
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    i've edited that for accuracy, hope you dont mind..
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    The Toronto game is at the new Community Stadium.
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    Thank heavens, the Easter Monday games were dreadful. Would be good if the championship matches were all on Easter Monday
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    Hull Kr ‘real’ kit nice but I honestly thought ‘The Drain Company’ was a made up sponsor to look ###### on the fake shirt.

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