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  1. Pye is another cracking signing. Was a massive stand out in academy origin in a couple of seasons ago for Lancashire. That Thornton is more of a back rower than a prop so 7 props and 4 back rowers makes more sense. I think we definitely need another back who can cover multiple positions but the backs we've got will do very well in League One
  2. Think with the last two signings you can see the team start to come together with a 17 looking something like this. Restall, Brierley, Hartley, Wellington, Holcroft, Ridyard, Hewitt, Nelmes, Wright, Spencer, Thorton,Muranka,Whittel. Subs:Jinks,Coventry, Andrade,Newton. With Morgan, Cooke, Mills, Slater, Grierson and Cameron fighting for a place. Think we're light either in the halves or hooker depending on where Slater is more comfortable and maybe another back who can cover a few positions but very happy at the minute
  3. I reckon this is one of our best signings along with Ridyard and Restall. He started slow in 2019 but around a third of the way into the season really hit his straps and by the end of the season was one of our best forwards week in week out.
  4. I'm pretty happy with the 21 we've signed so far especially from where we were 2 months ago when it looked like we would struggle to put a team out for 2022. Back row looks our weakest position at the minute with 2 players who've never played before at this standard and Muranka who looks an experienced steady sort of player. Desperate for a loose forward I think as well unless one of the props plays there. We have a nice balance at prop of experience and talent. I think Slater will be playing in the halves rather than at hooker as back up for Ridyard and Hewitt so we'll still need another utility half/hooker as well. The backs looks very exciting to me as Hartley showed great potential last season. Holcroft and Brierley will go very well in League One I think after a tough initiation season in the Championship. Wellington looks very promising as well whilst Restall could be the sneaky signing of the season I reckon.
  5. Pick has retired I think. Would keep Barran and J Abram but think we would have announced them by now if they were staying. Heaton is a quality player but just can't stay fit anymore unfortunately . Hutchings looked a promising young player 2 years ago but has barely played a game since then so we've no idea how good he is. Hoping Charnock is one of the 6 off to Swinton as they've still got a couple more to announce I think. Think the initial squad is looking very talented and will improve as the season goes on with Littler's coaching but can't see us matching Swinton or Doncaster at the min with some of the players they've signed.
  6. Not seen much of Muranka but there's a video on youtube with some of his highlights and he looks like a big wide running back rower. That Restall is my favourite signing so far along with Ridyard. He's been absolutely outstanding at amateur standard for a long time and fully deserves a chance at semi pro.
  7. Wellington is another very exciting inexperienced player. He's really tall, quick and skillful but bad luck with injuries means he's played very little rugby so far. I'm not too fussed about experience for this coming season. Think this is all about getting ourselves set up to be a sustainable championship club based around young Oldham lads. Looking at some of the players Swinton, Keighley and Doncaster are going to sign automatic promotion looks very difficult for us next year. We've got the right coach to build our team around long term and hopefully we can sort out behind the scenes over this next year and next time we do go up we'll stay there.
  8. What a fantastic signing. One of the best halves in the Championship for the last 10 years.
  9. Brierley is a interesting one as on the wing he looked really uncomfortable and unsure of himself. The last two games were dead rubbers but he was excellent when moved to full back.
  10. Nelmes re-signs tonight. I know he had a poor year but he's been quality before and did improve a lot under McDermott at the end of the season. If we can find a good half to guide these young lads around I reckon we'll surprise a few next year.
  11. Exactly the sort of signing we should be making in our squad re build. Young, talented Oldham lads who will improve throughout the season. His defence is superb and he regularly bashes people twice his size. He had one outstanding carry against Sheffield where he nearly scored a cracking individual try but we didn't see too much in his limited appearances with the ball. If we can re-sign Jamie Abram we've got two cracking young hookers.
  12. I like Holcroft and think he'll go really well in League One. He had a few dodgy games early on and in the Championship you get punished severely for your mistakes. I think in League One he'll be able to build his confidence and show what a good ball carrier he is.
  13. Fantastic appointment I think. Did a great job at Swinton for a number of years. Wish we could have kept a few more of the older lads but maybe it's for the best that we have a completely clean slate in our attempt to get back into the Championship.
  14. I can't see how we're gonna get out a team next year. If Owen,Joy,Bridge and probably Spencer are retiring and langers is leaving to stay in the championship the absolute heart of the team is being ripped out. We essentially are just gonna have young Oldham lads like Jinks and Hartley left. Was hoping all the young lads from this year would stay and they would really improve in League One but I don't think we can even afford that at the min.
  15. m brooksy

    Max Roberts

    Very promising first season. Plays well above his size and will be very good in League One
  16. Stats- Brierley-3 tackles. one miss. one offload. 6 tackle busts. 17 carries=86m D Abram-one tackle. one offload. 3 tackle busts. one try assist. 12 carries=77m Ince-10 tackles. one miss. 4 offloads. 6 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. 21 carries=207m Roberts-17 tackles. 4 misses. 2 offloads. 5 tackle busts. one clean break. 19 carries=123m Holcroft-6 tackles. 2 misses. one tackle bust. 13 carries=69m Charnock-19 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. one try assist. 9 carries=46m Spence-23 tackles. one miss. 9 carries=60m Dupree-36 tackles. 4 misses. one offload. one tackle bust. 15 carries=98m Owen-12 tackles. 3 misses. 0 carries Kirk-40 tackles. one miss. 3 carries=32m Langtree-15 tackles. 3 misses. one offload. 4 tackle busts. 8 carries=65m Bent-50 tackles. one miss. one offload. 6 carries=33m Bridge-52 tackles. 2 misses. one clean break. 15 carries=113m subs Reilly-45 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. one tackle bust. 17 carries=82m Nelmes-11 tackles. 2 tackle busts. 11 carries=80m J Abram-11 tackles. 2 misses. 5 carries=41m Jinks-24 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. 2 carries=19m
  17. Stats- Brierley-0 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. 9 tackle busts. 17 carries=94m Abram-5 tackles. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 7 carries=58m Ince-4 tackles. 2 misses. one offload. 7 tackle busts. one clean break. one try assist. 15 carries=123m Roberts-18 tackles. 5 misses. 3 tackle busts. 2 clean breaks. 15 carries=125m Holcroft-6 tackles. one miss. 7 carries=49m Charnock-12 tackles. one miss. one offload. 8 carries=52m Spence-12 tackles. 2 misses. 6 carries=35m Dupree-27 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. 8 tackle busts. one clean break. 19 carries=203m Owen-18 tackles. 3 misses. 4 carries=13m Bridge-34 tackles. one tackle bust. one try assist. 9 carries=82m Langtree-23 tackles. 4 misses. 3 offloads. one clean break. 14 carries=87m Bent-40 tackles. one tackle bust. 7 carries=64m Jinks-21 tackles. one offload. 6 carries=15m subs Reilly-25 tackles. 2 misses. 2 offloads. 4 tackle busts. one try assist. 16 carries=112m Nelmes-10 tackles. 2 tackle busts. 3 carries=24m Kirk-15 tackles. one miss. one offload. 7 carries=57m Gregory-26 tackles. 2 misses. 1 carry=8m
  18. Dupree easily player of the year. Reilly second but a long way behind. Really struggling to think of anyone aside from that who has had a good year.
  19. The lineup named was completely wrong. Lineup was Brierley,Abram,Ince,Roberts,Holcroft,Charnock,Spence,Dupree,Owen,Bridge,Langtree,Bent,Jinks subs:Reilly, Nelmes, Kirk, Gregory
  20. Started well first 15 mins we were well on top and should have scored at least one more. Felt like the last 20 of the first half they got on top and just had the slight advantage. First 15 of the second half we were dreadful and conceded 4 tries in 13 mins. Did well last 20 in attack and really threw the ball around and looked very dangerous. Dupree was sensational again and scored a fabulous try straight from the kick off. He'll be playing Super League in the next 2 years. Bridge was excellent first at Prop and then out wide in the second half. Young Jinks looked very promising at Loose and put in some huge shots in defence.
  21. Think unfortunately there's a lot more players being fare-welled than just Owen today. Just about every player I've been told is looking at the option of staying in the Championship because the money in League One next year is essentially nothing. Hopefully we can keep the Oldham lads and the long serving players to lead the squad next year but there is a lot leaving.
  22. m brooksy


    Stats- Abram-one tackle. 3 misses. one offload. 8 carries=58m Brierley-4 tackles. 2 misses. 7 carries=51m Hartley-12 tackles. one miss.4 carries=32m Ince-13 tackles. one try assist. 16 carries=114m Holcroft-3 tackles. one miss. one tackle bust. one clean break. 10 carries=91m Spence-15 tackles. 4 misses. one tackle bust. 5 carries=26m Hewitt-19 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 3 carries=16m Joy-26 tackles. one miss. 6 carries=36m Owen-24 tackles. one miss. 2 carries=21m Nelmes-29 tackles. 3 misses. 2 offloads. 9 carries=45m Langtree-18 tackles. 4 misses. 3 offloads. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 9 carries=74m Roberts-37 tackles. 3 misses. 10 carries=60m Reilly-19 tackles. one miss. one offload. one tackle bust. 11 carries=50m subs Charnock-29 tackles. one tackle bust. 11 carries=76m Bent-16 tackles. 8 carries=55m Bridge-31 tackles. one miss. 2 offloads. 18 carries=141m Gregory-21 tackles. one miss.2 carries=16m
  23. Stats- Abram-2 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 7 carries=29m Ince-8 tackles. one miss. 2 tackle busts. 14 carries=116m Hartley-20 tackles. 2 misses. 4 tackle busts. one clean break. 10 carries=94m Roberts-18 tackles. 6 misses. 3 tackle busts. one clean break. 11 carries=87m Holcroft-one tackle. one miss. 6 carries=25m Spence-21 tackles. 2 misses. one tackle bust. one try assist. 4 carries=5m Hewitt-9 tackles. 3 misses. one tackle bust. one try assist. 2 carries=7m Joy-31 tackles. 4 misses. 13 carries=90m Owen-7 tackles. 3 misses. no carries Dupree-36 tackles. 5 misses. 3 offloads. 5 tackle busts. 20 carries=118m Langtree-32 tackles. 8 misses. 5 offloads. 3 tackle busts. 16 carries=118m Bridge-24 tackles. one miss. 3 offloads. 14 carries=94m Bent-61 tackles. 7 misses. 10 carries=47m subs Charnock-4 tackles. 2 misses. no carries Reilly-20 tackles. one miss. one offload. 2 tackle busts. 7 carries=37m Nelmes-25 tackles. one offload. one tackle bust. 12 carries=71m Gregory-41 tackles. 6 misses. 8 carries=47m
  24. m brooksy


    I'd only make one change from last week with Gregory starting and J Abram on the bench and drop Owen. Think this is a winnable game as their confidence must be shot after last week.
  25. Fev were way too good for us in those first 20 mins and they were attacking us on every play. Blackmore and Halton I thought were fantastic for them. After we got the ball back and got into the swing of the game I thought we played well for the last 20 of the first half and really caused them some difficulty on our right side through Langtree,Hartley and Ince. Second half unfortunately got off to a bad start with a try from the kick off and then Fev just controlled the game and we didn't throw too much at them second half. Joe Hartley had his best game for us and was fantastic. He should have played way more games this season and I hope we've offered him a deal for next year as he'll rip League One up. Langtree was excellent again. What happened to Danny earlier in the season I don't know but he's been fantastic recently. Ince had his best game of the season playing in his best position of right wing for the first time this season. Thought Spence was much improved on last week. Kicking game is very good and put in some lovely chips that should have been chased better. Thought Gregory was very promising as well after being out so long. The effort was there again across the board but it looks like we will be going down. I actually think we are capable of winning our last 3 games as Widnes seem to be on holiday and then we can definitely beat Newcastle and Dewsbury but I think we've left it too late.
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