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  1. Yep, thought so (presuming they caught him...) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/police-hunt-wanted-hull-man-3174598.amp
  2. Cover? He’s miles better than the halfbacks you’ve got.
  3. Yes, but building your own fan base is importanter
  4. Yeah no bother. Just sack the Sky subscription off.
  5. Super League in particular needs to be a more attractive proposition for people and have more destination clubs, where fans and their families visit the place for a day/night out or weekend away as well as take in a game to get full value for their time and money. Places like Leigh for instance.
  6. I'm fine with York not getting the gig, I appreciate we're a work in progress but I genuinely believe we'd have done alright and left a decent legacy on the profile of the sport and at worst come down in no worse a state. I'd have had Fev in above Leigh though, the most consistant championship club for the last 10 years, Grand Final wins, runners up, decent ground. Seems particularly unfair that they are overlooked yet again.
  7. I know that, just stating that there'd have been some top sponsors in SL next year on the back of York getting in. Those sponsors are still on board in the Championship BTW. Obviously the RFL just wanted who they thought was best to make up the numbers and that's fine, but they should have just said that at the start and saved everyone's time, rather than going on about increasing the profile of the sport and all that jazz.
  8. There'd have been Hilton Hotels and a property company with a £500m portfolio in SL had York been given the nod but we hadn't enough ex-Toronto players to compete with Wakefield & Hull KR at the bottom end of the table sadly.
  9. Yeah, cos everyone is talking about Leigh-Anne out of Little Mix.
  10. Huddersfield got into Super League mainly because the game was founded in a hotel there in 1895.
  11. But we’ll be playing at Magic Weekend?
  12. Why start a thread then? Just go with what's rattling round your own head.
  13. Or he made it public so he could be Billy Big B ollocks again.
  14. One of the best was Geoff, really sad news.
  15. Halifax name change to War crimes in only 7 pages. Must be some sort of Total RL record?
  16. Yeah I’m sure that’s exactly why they went for the cats theme.
  17. The people of Hull have spoken... https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-12th-club-poll-4753082.amp?fbclid=IwAR0a3SfmcHlmoqCLjER6YlNCBYtgZjBUoCjUtKdfLl461yMlXlnvOaBtntA&__twitter_impression=true
  18. They’ll want all the custom they can get after this year.
  19. Bring Bradford Bulls Back to Bradford with a grade B Ltd There's their next name to trade as, they can have it for free.
  20. There's free on street parking about a quarter of a mile away for as many cars as is ever going to drive to the games. If that isn't enough then we all may as well just give up.
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