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  1. Which is more than can be said for Dewsbury this century.
  2. Wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see him in charge of the RFL one day.
  3. James Ford signed a 3 year contract in November, when I’m sure those in charge knew what would be happening regarding the ownership change.
  4. Pauli Pauli wasn't poorly poorly, saw him at the ground.
  5. https://yorkcityknights.com/club/match-highlights-knights-46-6-midlands-hurricanes/
  6. On the subject of the ticketing system, did anyone else have a problem with their tickets to get in? I ordered online and none of the tickets had a barcode on the PDF for entry so I had to get a steward to let me in. Bought a ticket for each of the games in January and none of them say which match they’re for or have the barcode on so I’m going to have to get them sorted before the next games. The online system is bad enough as it is without having what you’ve paid for been basically faulty. This stadium management company really need to pull their finger out now, they’ve had long enough to sort any issues, it’s almost like they’re trying to cause the Knights problems.
  7. Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow, but the pitch will be fine either way as they've got covers for it. Doubt it will get called off for a frozen pitch.
  8. Probably far easier and the club get a cut of it.
  9. No. They have nothing to do with the RFL fixture list department. One of them is also dead.
  10. It'll be interesting to see how Corey Hall & Corey Johnson go for York seeing as though we've not signed either of them.
  11. I would. With Camerons Ales on in big black writing.
  12. Black & Amber hoops with “CAMERONS ALES” on the front would be great.
  13. If the replacement halfback we got to replace Morgan Smith had been any good than we'd have probably been OK and the style of play would have been a bit more exciting. Unfortunately he was out of his depth in attack in most games and couldn't defend so we ended up with someone kicking aimlessly after 5 drives (or even 3 on occasions when he just fancied it). When we had at least one decent & fit halfback on the pitch it was a totally different story, see Widnes & Swinton at home in the cup as an example.
  14. With Sticky Vicky as half time entertainment.
  15. I suspect they have picked the game between two of the clubs with the biggest amount of followers at a fancy new ground for the opener to try and get more people to subscribe. Monday night is great, 7.45 ko gives plenty of time for Fev fans to get over to York after work as well. Can’t wait for it.
  16. You'd think the Crocodile Dundee films would have earned him a few quid.
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