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  1. Cross-Threading, slightly. We finally see some Baseball as Japan beat USA 7-6 after extra innings.
  2. I saw that, great film. Ferris Beuler was on Sunday, my 12yo had never seen it before, I haven't heard her laugh out loud so much in ages.
  3. The way things are going on the track, it doesn't look very good for UK Athletics.
  4. Sailing, 2 Golds and a Silver. We have won gold in every Olympics since 2000 in the Finn class, so the IOC are removing it from 2024.
  5. Isn't he of Polish descent? Maybe thats what was said.
  6. Cross-Threading, slightly. We finally see some Baseball as Japan beat USA 7-6 after extra innings.
  7. When I first started dating the mother of my daughter, who has Jamaican heritage, I took her to the 2006 GF, afterwards she told me she enjoyed the game, despite not having a scooby, but the Racial comments she heard put her off watching another game, even on the TV.
  8. Most of the women with 4 kids around here, are still in the teens, weight wise stones as well.
  9. Sussex Day, 16th June. Embarrassing enough, that's my Birthday. Just checked on Wiki, Lancashire Day is my Brothers Birthday November 27th. Very odd.
  10. Can I retract the to bit of that post, as we won our first league game of the season, and it was away.
  11. Peter Sallis, who played Cleggy, and Wallace in the Wallace & Gromit films was born in Twickenham, & died in Northwood.
  12. Tomorrow we expect all White Rosers to be watching endless repeats of Emmerdale, Open All Hours, & Last of the Summer Wine, and leave humanity alone for 24 hours.
  13. If she covered herself in warm chocolate I would fight Anthony Joshua to eat it off.
  14. Nope. Archery, shooting, boxing, cycling (Track & Road), horses stuff, and some limited sailing. Not these mixed relay c*ap though. Not surfing, climbing, Skateboarding or BMX.
  15. Why is the Championship remaining relatively Covid-19, cancellation free compared to the "Super-Human" Super League, when some of these guys have to have PROPER jobs in the community? Why Can't SL Clubs self-isolate after training, rather than going down the bookies, or pubs, and getting pinged? *or gym
  16. I think the modern dominating Mens tennis trio of Nadal, Federer, & Djokovic might be coming to an end, in the next 18 months, or sooner.
  17. Have you only just noticed? I have had a crush on her for 20 years.
  18. I think he is so used to winning that he got angry with himself. Smashing a racquet, and chucking one into the stands is unforgivable for a player of his standards though. Bronze went to the better player.
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