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  1. and we can start with a match against PNG in 70% humidity, and include a couple of games against New Zealand too. Then the whinging will start.. When will our contracted players rest, Too much domestic rugby, stuff the cup, trial matches? Forget that. Sorry to be negative, but tours were great when players had some pride, but now all they are interested in is money, rest, and continuing their career as long as they can to fill a decent sized biography. The players don't want a six week tour at the end of a long hard season, they want "Time with their family", as though full time rugby doesn't give them enough time after a two or three hour training session each day is full time. Ashes, Blox to that, whats the point? Keep GB as a world cup entry, & as a 4-nation thing then we might have a chance. GB Once every 4 years, rubbish.
  2. Yes, not sure how long my subscription is going for though, and I'm moving this month (Hopefully)
  3. Is there a Rugby League Manager game available anywhere?
  4. Maybe we are missing a trick from our American cousins, instead of a Lancashire v Yorkshire, or GB v Other Nationalities, how about a Mid-Season (No league round) All-Star Game, Reds v Blues, best 34 players, of the last 12 months, being picked by the best coaches of the last 12 months. We could have Yorkshire based forwards and Lancs/Wales/France based backs v Lancs/Wales/France based Forwards and Yorkshire based backs Or British forwards and Foreign backs v Foreign forwards v British Backs. What else could we do to replace our poor version of Origin that the RFL killed off?
  5. Ruislip isn't London! I know because I lived around the corner in Uxbridge for 20 years, it's technically Middlesex, as most of it either has a Uxbridge postcode (UB) & telephone prefix (01895) or a Harrow postcode (HA). Mind you, it IS mind numbingly dull
  6. Having Pea & Asparagus soup, and Chicken Marengo tonight, mmmmm
  7. Bolox! mine are still up! No, only kidding. Don't have any decorations. Cards are recycled.
  8. Our Busses / Buses don't get much above a 12MPH average even when its warm and dry. August 2009 it took 28 minutes in a F-prefix reg bus to do 3.5 miles, the heating was on and there was old biddies were sharing bottles of water, although I didn't share because I thought I saw a false tooth or eye floating in a certain bottle of Evian, or is that normal?
  9. Left work 1820, and as I left it started snowing, dumped about 3 inch in the time it took me to walk half an hour towards the curry house, No busses were running. That wasn't surprising given the fact they stop when it rains down here, no Bus goes to the hospital on a Sunday and all have stopped Mon-Sat by 8pm anyway. Guess who runs the Monopoly sorry franchise in Hastings? Yes thats right, the scottish pirates Stagecoach. I bet they keep the transport working up north where there is competition?
  10. Samsung make a 8mp Pixon, that I have, and have just released a 12mp one
  11. Thanks for the advice - seriously - the cameras I used were only pocket compact ones, but they do have the features you mentioned, the one I use now is a Kodak Z885 8mp, I am lazy when taking photos and use all the auto features I can.
  12. **Picture removed at my other halfs request, "You never know who is viewing these pictures", I told her not to be silly, but have relented due to the fact I might want sex sometime in the next 10 years** And finally, my wonderful Daughter Leilani Freya at my ex-wifes wedding last weekend, she didn't need a car, she turned up on her broomstick
  13. Knossos on Crete The Harbour at Hersonissos on Crete
  14. I want to put more photos on here, but on the attachments it tells me I have used 823.6k of 1000k and won't let me upload any more, what am I doing wrong? Sod it, I'll upload them via photobucket.......
  15. Can you take a bad picture of Santorini? (Which translates as St Irene) How do I make the pictures bigger?
  16. Back in 2006 I was at the Skolars v Lions game and e-mailed the pictures I took to the press officer at Swinton, he e-mailed me back asking for permission to publish them in the next programme, I agreed as long as I got a credit. The Swinton v Keighley Centre spread is of my pictures. Good use of them too considering I only have a Kodak Z885 (8Mb) pocket job.
  17. I seriously doubt anyone could take a bad picture on Santorini, I will find the disc of mine and post some, 2004 I was on Crete and took a day trip by boat on my Birthday -16/06- and it was wonderful, just walking around taking easy shots, when I got back to work I was showing the pictures to my friends and one of them says "See that swimming pool overlooking the caldera? Thats where we stayed." - #####!
  18. Better than working... I have just returned from 2 weeks Annual Leave, and done 2 days work, then a night shift then off for another week as days off/BH. "Working" for the NHS has its pleasures
  19. Waking up at two and four for a feed, then wake everybody up screaming at six?
  20. In last years Swinton v Keighley Programme they printed my pictures that I sent them of the Skolars v Lions game that was played the previous week, name credit was all I got too
  21. Cliftoncityred & Willowshed's favourite town, the Gay capital of the UK, Brighton, taken with my phone, an 8MP Pixon
  22. My Kodak does from longdistance to closeups on a KodakZ885 compact jobby, above is Santorini, on 3.2MP, below is my daughter on 8MP
  23. I think that would set a dangerous precedent, estimating how many sneaked in. Nobody will ever know how many were there, and as it's over 50 years ago, I don't think anything would be gained anyway, except depriving Australia of something. If we did want the record back we can have it. The Australian record was for two matches, so at anybodys guess probably some of the spectators for the first game went home before the 2nd, and some of the second games speccy, probably didn't turn up for the first, so in effect their record means that there wasn't that number in the stadium at any one go, Halifax v Warrington means there was only 1 game, therefore the recored for a single matchs attendance is still the UK's
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