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  1. Yes play a game at Old Trafford! 41271 would still look empty in a 80000 stadium, how much does it cost to hire Old Trafford? How much profit can the RFL make? We don't use these stadia for free, we are trying to turn a profit in the 2013 WC, the last one here made a loss, poor weather didn't help, neither did taking matches to Gloucester, Twickenham, and the Millenium, which was only open on the lower 2 tiers (I was there).
  2. Even though it was billed as a sell-out there seemed to be a LOT of empty seats when the BBC did low level shots, also after the result was decieded there seemed to be a lot of supporters who have left the stadium. Would you leave a Pantomime if you knew Cinderella was going to get the Glass slipper? Would you leave the Cinema if you knew the ending of Alien? You have paid a lot of money to watch 65 mins of rugby? Stay to the end, watch the presentation, Cheer the losers, then go home if you don't support the winners.
  3. Sounds like time for Workington & Whitehaven to bury the hatchet and merge (yes I hate that word too ) and become West Cumbria. I still don't see a SL license though. Alex Murphy in RLW said he hated playing at Whitehaven as the changing rooms were outside the grond and he would have to pass the crowd who would have digs at him on the way on/off the pitch. Sounds like a good place to base WCRLFC then.
  4. London RL will not die. RL in London has been around for longer than Fulham RL/London Crusaders/Broncos/Harlequins RL. There is, and has been since the 1960's a thriving amatuer RL in London and the Home counties, when I played for Ealing we had to play games as far apart as Swindon, Felixstowe, Cambridge, and Bognor Regis, but the game is alive and doing well in the capital. And lets not forget the great work Hector McNeil is doing/has done at the London Skolars, and all the conference clubs in the South East, Hemel etc. Part of the problem London Superleague has is that most grounds are either expensive to use, or innaccesable to the average fan, I have mentioned elsewhere about the travelling times to get to grounds that they have used, one of the other factors is that they never stay put long enough. Fans in Charlton & SE London might have started to enjoy RL, but the move to Brentford lost them, the same with North London fans when they played at Barnet Copthall, or Crystal Palace. Get your A-Z of London out and estimate how long it would take to travel between these sites. Try www.tfl.gov.uk and enter the details in Travel Planner. The route changes, parking restrictions, track works etc., soon put people off. There IS a usable stadium in Wembley, actually, near Wembley. Wasps Ground.
  5. Not quite 15000, but 25000 would still look empty, play the final at Man City, Semis at Bolton's Reebok & KC Stadium, England Matches at Saints, Salford (If they finish building both by then) and Headingley, New Zealand v Australia at Loftus Road (always packed during 4 Nations), Other Group A games at Doncaster, and Warrington, other pool games at Halton CS, Leigh SV, Hull KR, Rodney Parade, Tolouse, Perpignan, (avoid Paris, bad idea) Brewery Field or Parc Y Scarlets Llanelli, Dublin (not Lansdowne or Croake Park) and Belfast, & Edinburgh OR Glasgow (but not when Hearts/Hibs & Rangers/Celtic at home).
  6. John Drake has a hot-line to the refs supremo, maybe he could ask him to have a look at our messages. Send off anyone who abuses refs, Touch Judges, 4th officials, warn someone who swears at them once, then sin-bin them. If it's live TV maybe Sky/BBC should introduce a 15 second delay so they can shut down the sound if someone uses foul or abusive language. I remember watching a live broadcast from the NRL GF, and a former player (Matty Johns?) was interviewing the winning players live on TV (c9) and all he got was "That was F***ing great, we F***ing f***ed them over", from one player, he looked at the camera and went back to the studio while he went off and found another player, gave him a warning they were live on TV and the player involved still used the "F" word. It's a mans game but treat the ref with respect, otherwise it will look as silly as wendyball
  7. The Barton stadium is not initially going to be 20,000 seats, it's going to have 3 phases of construction, 12000 seater with training and playing facilities, phase 2 will increase capacity to 15000, and phase 3 will increase it to 20000 if needed. So it looks like 12000 will be enough then. Sorry, forgot to add the link.. http://menmedia.co.uk/salfordadvertiser/ne...m_gets_go_ahead
  8. Don't fill them in, build houses instead. Actually, I remember going and seeing London v Salford in a cup game at Kinstonian, they couldn't fill that either.
  9. National railway website (if you can read a timetable)
  10. On page 58 of this months RLW, we find the team of the month for Championship 1, & down among the Prop Forwards, is South Wales Scorpions, dual registered (With the Crusaders) Lewis Mills in 2nd place. And congratulations to South Wales Scorpions for getting a second prop into the top 5 at Number 4... Lewis Mills. Whats going on John? A quick check on the SWS website produces just 1 Lewis Mills.....DOB 30.5.89 http://www.scorpionsrl.com/~global/_cmsIma...imagesource.php? 4 tries for the Scorpions this year Favourite TV Programme: Glee Most Embarrassing Moment: Falling Over In Front Of Lots Of People (No it's not, it's admitting you like Glee)
  11. You'll have to make do with the Double stand for now. I remember watching Oldham v Warrington in a Lncashire Cup game there, and some Wires fans beating the cr** out of some oldham fans using his crutches in the top of that stand
  12. Is there a website dedicated to the records of GB players, and especially those who toured Australia & New Zealand? I want to check the records of a friend of the family, as he isn't sure of his playing record.
  13. Frow Trevor Delanys book The Grounds of Rugby League
  14. If you could pick four stands to make up your dream stadium, which would they be? I think you would have to include Salfords North Stand, and Leeds new West Stand as the 2 end stands, and The old Douglas Stand from Central Park on one side with the North(?) stand at the Halliwell Jones. Any one got other ideas? Although I have used a stand that has been demolished, remember this is a dream Ground. The KC stadium is superb architectually inside, but I couldn't include it here.
  15. correct, my mistake, Swinton played Workington (A), Doncaster (H), Batley (A), and Widnes (H) Won 2 Lost 2 Between the 4th July and 22nd August Inclusive we only have 3 home games, with 2 blank weekends, and 2 awaygames
  16. The game has been cemented in France since 1934, how long do you want? Personally I would want another 2 clubs in C1, as Swinton have gone a whole month without A home game in the last 2 seasons, restructure the NRC, don't get rid of it altogether. This year it was divided into 2 groups, playing 6 games each, how can you allow teams through on that criteria, when some clubs don't play each other. I like the idea of allowing super league season ticket holders in to matches, paying the extra for the privalige might mean they turn up, although any kind of increase could reduce the number of season tickets sold in the current economic state, also I can't see the Hull clubs fans paying extra, and not having a Championship side close by. Parent clubs could be a way of getting SL players fully match fit after injury, but how would we structure it? I wouldn't want any Salford players playing for us, as I would doubt their commitment. SL clubs might choose Champ clubs only and ignore C1. More cash would be helpful, but it doesn't solve the longer running problems.
  17. I thought one of the criteria for a SL license was winning one of the trophys on offer to Championship teams, doesn't look like Widnes will get a license in 2012 now, after getting beat by Batley, and being off the pace in the League. Saints playing at Widnes' Naughton Park may be the only time you get to see Superleague before the next licensing round in 2016
  18. Calder Trinity Tigers, I might even light a candle for,...... er,.... no-one.
  19. England v Barbarians, great idea, I wonder why no-one else has thought of it (Sarcasm). Thats what I have been suggesting from the start of the thread,however you call it England I v Other nationalities/Barbarians/Championship/ England II/Possibles. We need a more serious challenge than France once a season, with a view to the 4 Nations & a World Cup performance better than 2008, and the wendyballers, and it can be fitted into the season, just extend it by 1 week and play the extra 2 fixtures mid week either side of a blank weekend (Thurs & Tues). State of Origin is played midweek between two weekends of full fixtures in all 3 SOO games
  20. and we can start with a match against PNG in 70% humidity, and include a couple of games against New Zealand too. Then the whinging will start.. When will our contracted players rest, Too much domestic rugby, stuff the cup, trial matches? Forget that. Sorry to be negative, but tours were great when players had some pride, but now all they are interested in is money, rest, and continuing their career as long as they can to fill a decent sized biography. The players don't want a six week tour at the end of a long hard season, they want "Time with their family", as though full time rugby doesn't give them enough time after a two or three hour training session each day is full time. Ashes, Blox to that, whats the point? Keep GB as a world cup entry, & as a 4-nation thing then we might have a chance. GB Once every 4 years, rubbish.
  21. Yes, not sure how long my subscription is going for though, and I'm moving this month (Hopefully)
  22. Is there a Rugby League Manager game available anywhere?
  23. Maybe we are missing a trick from our American cousins, instead of a Lancashire v Yorkshire, or GB v Other Nationalities, how about a Mid-Season (No league round) All-Star Game, Reds v Blues, best 34 players, of the last 12 months, being picked by the best coaches of the last 12 months. We could have Yorkshire based forwards and Lancs/Wales/France based backs v Lancs/Wales/France based Forwards and Yorkshire based backs Or British forwards and Foreign backs v Foreign forwards v British Backs. What else could we do to replace our poor version of Origin that the RFL killed off?
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