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  1. What is the capacity for this game?
  2. This guy was great when he played in the NRL. Judging guys when they are at the back end of their career is not smart.
  3. When comparing the standard of play in Aussie to the UK one has to take into account that the Aussies take the cream out of the Islands and NZ. The UK then taking all those over the hill from Aussie. It's only short term but keeps the clubs involved struggling financialy, it does not increase attendances to any extent. It would be better business, at half the cost to invest in youth and secure a brighter and more secure future
  4. Will be in for this so an early rise is on.
  5. Still available on Sky and on Live Sports Streams.
  6. No money was wasted on Toronto in fact it was the reverse. Same with Leigh
  7. Considering all the agro from Leigh and their supporters in regard to Toronto, one cannot have much sympathy for them.
  8. Any chance of seeing this final, would be much appreciated.
  9. And look at the state of the game. When the was just one league (about 36 teams) every club ran a seconds team. I remember them having Yorks and Lancs secondary league tables The guys playing in these loved to step up and play first grade. All the teams played each other at least once. Clubs like Leeds and Wigan played played against the likes of Batley and Dewsbury. I have seen gates of around 20 odd thousand at the Mount. Imagine how the teams mentioned would be if they got gates some were like that today.
  10. Due to Covid and the lockdown here in NZ the above are unable to finish their season. They are considering taking the teams(five) involved in their comp to Europe to finish the season. This brings things back to the WC and how the Aussies treat our game to their own end. They could have made their position clear earlier instead of using Covid to get out of it. Personally I don't think things will change next year.
  11. What happened to the money SL clubs received in regard to Toronto and Leigh? No doubt spent on broken down NRL players and that's why they are broke.
  12. Great game of footy Bronco's v Cardiff, really enjoyed it Just hope we can pick up the final.
  13. Cheers Rocket for pointing out that video. Wonderful to see all those youngsters having a great time, playing and enjoying league. The game could have a big future in Turkey.
  14. Would have liked to watch this game. When they played earlier it was a cracker, with the Dogs loosing in the last 10 mins due to a couple of bad mistakes. That blue strip looks really good.
  15. I've read all the posts on here and can understand the frustrations that make you post them. Most probably things will get worse before they improve. We need to stand firm and support the RFL. This World Cup was well planned so you can't fault them on that. Having said that ,I haven't watched the NRL for a couple of months now and have no intentions of doing so.
  16. The situation will be the same (maybe apart from Covid) next year, with the Aussies not wanting to disrupt their preseason. Could be quite a stressful year so don't get your hopes up.
  17. You will need more than fingers crossed for it to take place next year
  18. If the decision is to cancel, that's the worst outcome. It will be no different next year and maybe the sponsors all ready on board will give it a miss and rightly so.
  19. This Cup has to take place. there is too much at stake. If it doesn't, you won't see France going down the same road only to find themselves in the same position on whether the Aussies will take part. If it takes place without Aussie NZ and is a success(which I am sure it will be}then no problems with France. they will follow. What brasses me off I thought the Kiwis had more about them than knuckling under to the Aussies
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