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  1. Take your pick of these by Jonathan Davies, going back to 1993....and doesn't include his incredible try v Australia at Wembley. The video also starts appropriate to Rugby League Club video promotionals with the worst type of soundtrack!
  2. For the love of Rugby League! Just cut the super league loop fixtures and start to build an international program!
  3. The RFL (or Super League) need a serious strategy for development of players in general. In the short to medium term - any expansion clubs... London (yes, still count them) Catalans Toulouse Toronto Ottawa West Wales North Wales Crusaders Newcastle Thunder Should all have salary cap exemption for 'home grown' players in their 1st team squads - i.e. they play 1st team whether in SL or below. English Super League Clubs - Salary cap percentage exemption at maybe 50% for arguments sake for home grown 'from the town' players (instead of marquee cap exemption) then surely they can do both! I'd also give the incentive to SL clubs to recruit Welsh, Irish, Scottish, French players on a reduced salary cap benefit to bolster the international game.
  4. and the general overseeing of French rugby league
  5. I remember questioning a previous England kit with St George cross on the chest (a few years back) the team came back to me saying the 'players' had chosen the design! Please RL, stop churning out sports direct looking kits!
  6. Keep the design 'simple' and brand recognisable. I'd be happy with two red vee's - thats not traditionally Saints, who 'usually' have one. I'd also be happy with hoops - regular, or irregular. Also - a plain 'white' shirt, and if needs be some red piping. No blue. Its not our colour, don't care about football. Its the 'badge' the brand, that matters. The RFL, lost a clanger in disbanding GB completely over a decade ago. The Aussies, NZ and such can't distinguish between what GB is and England anyway (in the main) just take the Lions badge and done.
  7. Just when we have home born players from all of GB & Northern Ireland. The last time this was, was in the 90's with the Union converts.
  8. I don't think we should 'disband' GB for ever, but certainly shelve it. Besides. I don't see why we don't just schedule GB Lions for abroad tours as in Rugby Union. Makes sense to me..... once we have bonified Welsh, Scottish and Irish players to choose from. As for now, I'd be happy to use the Lions brand for England. Ive always said, our England kits often look like cheap sports direct tops with the St George cross, and sometimes daft patterns all over the jersey. I'd be happy for England to have a double red - vee.
  9. Makes complete sense to bring Briers into the attack coaching role. I hope this is true. It certainly looks a lot different from the Wigan and Saints game. I was a bored fan last season - this has re-ignited my excitement for the season ahead.
  10. Jim, you are clearly blinded by the love for your club. 'a friendly love tap by Flower....' Please do re-watch this without the bias spectacles.... In terms of Les Boyd, yes, a wholly different era and still should have been unacceptable. I could comment on Kelvin Skerrett, Neil Cowie et al in the 90's...that's not the thread. If we are going to call out Folau for his views on LGBTQ.....Surely we need to examine MUCH MORE harmful issues - like drug abuse, players 'glassing' each other - yes mate it happened in the Wigan team.... drink driving which kills people (im having to repeat myself - again). Yes, offence culture is real - its influenced by the media and an uprising of minority groups, and then the poplusus demands where their support of the offence lies. If you're remembering times of Les Boyd, and forgive me, id expect you to be a mere 'out of context' with this - and neither did i live in this context - but my son, who is 20, manages to give me a level, but factual explanation. Allow me to come back to the context of this actual discussion between you and I. Wigan have decided that its an offence for Israel Folau to be playing, and therefore declared their match v Catalans a 'LGBTQ' match. Honestly, is that confrontational or dealing with the matter?Also, why are they not dealing with more life threatening issues such as drug abuse, deperession, violoence. And forgive me, I don't remember the Wigan club declaring a game day for male suicide - akaTerry Newton.
  11. Hi Jim. Not interacted with you before. Hello. I have many Wigan RL friends. This wasn't a swipe at Wigan fans. Yet, a comment on a reckless administration calling what it a confrontational match day....like it or not, it is confrontational, and riding off the back of offence culture. Thuggery Thursday - You are referring to Chris Hill, no doubt. I make no excuses for his poor tackle and aggressive play.... However, do I need to mention Ben Flower in the Grand Final? Actual intention in the spotlight. I won't exhaust the list. Is he still in the sport? My point was - no matter what the club, what a ridiculous, dangerous, and actually, very 'exclusive' not inclusive event which victimises a single person. Horrendous. Undignified. Embarrassing.
  12. I wonder if the Wigan Club will now hold special match day inclusive events for 'anti drug' taking and its dangers, which ruins lives, and in other cases, ends them very sadly. Perhaps they could target particular players guilty of the offence from visiting teams and make a public example out of them?
  13. Should be a great game! My heart wants the wire to win, but Saints may prove to be too clinical for us in their finishing.
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