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  1. Not sure how to read between the lines here @Oliver Clothesoff
  2. its a great idea in theory. I'd love to see in RL, this happen. However, club championships needs to be competed by the 'best' teams - not just by prestigious name. As previously mentioned...the club game SL needs reducing of its loop fixtures to achieve this. I personally wont be attending my clubs loop fixtures.
  3. Great news this is set up and confirmed! It should be a 'priority' on the RL calendar IMO. Saints have been the stand out team this year. I do hope they bring a good game to the Roosters. For the players and players only, I hope they do it. For the club and McManus, I can't hope the same.
  4. This is the one game I won't be cheering you on @Kayakman !! Also, the fixture list for Warrington's fixture v you guys....my son is back from living in Montreal before this! Gutted. So, Ill likely look to see when you guys play Wigan or Saints, and hopefully tie it in with visiting my son in Montreal, and cheer on the Wolfpack instead!
  5. This quote from Elstone. As a club entering SL, doing so much more than we have EVER done to be promoting the game, and NOT receiving a central distribution from the TV money pot, I find dishonouring. However - I truly hope Wolfpack do get the most incredible TV deal, which outshines that which SL negotiates for all their efforts and actually, sacrifice and investment. And they get to keep the TV deal they create for themselves. It hopefully will make the small-mindedness of all our M62 clubs sit up and take notice. The world is changing. Stop being parochial. Thank you Toronto Wolfpack for re-igniting my own personal interest in RL
  6. Im on a Rugby League forum where i'd suppose the vast majority are RL fans. However, im not trying to market 'me' to a new audience. That's the problem I see.
  7. you guys who like this. it's horrendous! How does that logo 'identify' who league is, and how to access it?
  8. Im glad the RFL have responded in 'any way' McManus's response to the defeat at the Challenge Cup Final was beyond embarrassment with his continued response, and hugely ingenuine recognition of Warrington being the deserved winners on the day. I would have had the same response, regardless of my own club interest. Ive lost massive respect for Saints as a club, as a result.
  9. Ahhh most likely correct Oxford! I submit to the assumed facts.
  10. Fair play. Perhaps a quite accurate call actually. I know he stated 'after' he accepted the job at Wigan, he wasn't suitable.
  11. Not much disagreement with you Oxford. But, as is the poor administration of the game, the reason these talented offspring are playing Union, is because of this very reason. I see it as very valid.
  12. I'd in some way agree, Oxford. However, to go back to the route problem....our games vision and administration is the main reason why he has been lost to the game, like many other League legends recently. No pathway, no vision. The only other option - coach in RU. I don't blame Shaun Edwards for continuing his career in RU. I do have a small problem with him stating he would be the next Wigan Warriors coach, then reneging. But, he is human, and is looking after his life and his story (which one of us doesn't do that?) Look at the international RU players - Owen Farrell, George Ford etc.... from RL legend offspring. We have to look at 'ourselves' as to why.
  13. Disagree with this bud. It was iconic once. But sadly, 20+ years ago.
  14. Shaun Edwards reneged on going to Wigan to coach. He is lost to the game im afraid.
  15. That trophy would be even embarrassing in an amateur context! And that in itself is disrespectful to the amateur game.
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