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  1. Haha. Padge, I don't count my own team in big game experience After all, its always our year.
  2. Sint Elins will have too much big game experience to let this slip. However, Catalans can do then upset if they are fully on their game - and they'll need to be!
  3. Main question..... Does anyone know if this is available to watch in the UK? I've looked but can't see any obvious indication you can. Predictions?
  4. It was a proper buzz to watch the Hull derbies back then - and the Paul Cooke twist in the tale! Mad. Looked like sell out crowds at both FC and KR home games. I too hope this would be the case for French RL with both Catalans and Toulouse in SL
  5. Hugely well deserved Hull KR. Tony Smith showing he's the Sensai of coaching. Players were on form, they had a game plan and executed it. Gutted Wire fan here, but no complaints. Deserved winners!
  6. This tickled me...."Ancient divisions do not concern Edwards, who added, “I’m a rugby man, I love both codes" Hmmm....do you remember the interview you did at the end of the Bath v Wigan game Shaun? All those years back? Watch from right at the end 19.34....... Fair play to the guy though, opinions change, and he's made a good career out of Union.
  7. When will RL wake up and realise Lancs v Yorks is hugely parochial and dead? Even as a Warrington lad, I have zero affinity to support Lancashire. Est v West - who identifies with that in England?! No one. Couldn't agree more @Toby Chopra The Home Nations is the way to go. Yearly championship between the Home Nations and France. I don't care if the home nations use heritage players for the time being so long as The RFL / Euro / International Federation comes up with a strategy to build these nations playing credibility. And big fat NO to England Knights being the included team for England. Genuine, top tier level comp. Use heritage players and build from there, yearly! Then , use this comp as selection for Great Britain Selection for overseas tours..... oh wait, Union already had this sorted. Sad to say, we are so far behind our friends in Union.
  8. Allowing London in at Ealing Trailfinders was a big no for me. They were never going to build from that place. As for Wakefield, they need to present a serious plan as to their credibility to SL for me, and this stadium thats been muted for so so long. Castleford, on the other hand, attract a fanbase worthy of SL, regardless of their stadium. And contribute to great performance in SL. They are deserved SL status for me and a great rugby team. However, they do need a plan to modernise their stadium - an actual one that will happen!
  9. couldn't agree more. There needs to be vision from clubs to attract more fans. retracting to a smaller stadium suggests they need to take a step down to the championship or otherwise. I really feel for Salford. I like them. But fans are not showing up. I don't buy he whole 'AJ bell' is not in the right location. Fans travel wherever when they want to see their team play. Thats not the root problem. To be fair to Salford, especially under Ian Watson, they had been punching way above. I don't know what the disconnect is with attracting fans.
  10. Apologies on the catch up. What did Lenagan and Radlinski say they offered Williams to go back to Wigan? And what's the reasoning why he didn't?
  11. Great to read and hear....well Done Wales Rugby League - and great link up for Salford to create that pathway. Im continually bewildered as to why The RFL or even the rest of Super League clubs don't invest and have a development / scouting system in South Wales given the history of successful converts from Union into League. Of course, the ideal scenario would be to have Crusaders (North Wales) and Raiders (West Wales) and another in the South fully pro in the championship/ Super League. Sadly so many mismanaged projects gone by over how ever many years on clubs in Wales. I for one, hope this proves really fruitful. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/rugby-league/57414278
  12. 100% i wish they'd stop with the flag thing - the worst one was the Wales Shirt back in 2000
  13. it basically is. Just off centre. Another flag international shirt of Northern RL brilliance
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