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  1. They need to tap into the 'spirit' that Tonga have produced.
  2. Ive thought it for years, and said it. Whether others think its a good idea is for debate. I'm a big advocate of salary cap 'exemptions' if a team recruits an Irish, Welsh, Scottish home born player, and that player is in the first team SL squad (having come through the system). Likewise with the French. I'd give dispensation to any French born player to encourage the first team to flourish with that talent.
  3. Apologies, not gone through the entire thread. Huge positives: Great presentation by sky. Crowd noise works well. AMAZING comeback by Leeds. Good skilled game, and passionate. Difficult to tell what the game changes contributed via the highlights I watched. Minor negatives: A few questionable forward passes by Leeds, and not sure the grounding by one of the leeds tries, looks very questionable. However, shame for Shudds to let go of such a well earned lead. For Leeds - great character of a comeback. Well done both sides. What a game (from highlights perspective)
  4. Honestly. If RFL fail again in expansion teams, and vision (i appreciate its a hard time right now) I am done with RL regularly
  5. This is horrendous news. Rugby League (The RFL / Super League) CONTINUOUSLY fail in new ventures with big futures. Crusaders Gateshead - but pleased Newcastle are doing a great job in the aftermath. Even London Crusaders/Broncos Paris St Germain and now ... Toronto, with so so much promise. Yes, it's very strange times. But the 'value' to Toronto WP from our game is non existent. How does this speak to future investors?? Unbelievable. Im almost ready to give up on RL. The vision of the game is dire. I love Warrington. But, do I want to watch Wire V M62
  6. You develop them first through the academy system
  7. Ive suggested something similar before, with added incentive - what if they were salary cap exempt to give clubs the motivation? But they must play a minimum amount of top flight games at the club, whether from the bench or from the offf.
  8. Cricket just doesn't take my interest. Fair play to them though.
  9. Top professional County games should 'never' be a thing again. Ever. If you want RL to look even more parochial than go ahead and bring it back! It does not nor never will compare to Origin in Oz. Im from Warrington, which apparently is as Lancashire town, but my postal address says Cheshire. I have no affinity with Lancashire, or want to support a team called Lancashire. RL should concentrate on a European Championship with at least Wales and France, and give it flippin time to grow, and a real place in the calendar each year. I don't even mind for the first years for the Welsh
  10. I enjoyed these challenges and the Middlesex 7's invitationals to Wigan and Bradford back then. Older now, I do suspect whether this was all part of a 'very clever' plan by The RFU to showcase Rugby League talent and cast vision for the future of the RFU full time full pro era. They have so many of League's greatest from back then in coaching. Not to mention some of the players who made it crossing codes. It's more the coaches for me. Union attack looks more league like than it ever did back then. Plus defence coaches who have strengthened this aka Shaun Edwards. Don
  11. To truly refresh the game, and set it on a new course, we NEED a new administrator like Lewis (He did a phenomenal job) after this period. With all due respect to Ralph Rimmer...the only language I ever hear from interviews is about 'due diligence' its right to do that, but its the only rhetorical speak I hear from our games leader(s) at the RFL. We need a truly gifted outside of our sport leader to push us into the next season. Not a dyed in the wool rugby league person. Just my opinion.
  12. Take your pick of these by Jonathan Davies, going back to 1993....and doesn't include his incredible try v Australia at Wembley. The video also starts appropriate to Rugby League Club video promotionals with the worst type of soundtrack!
  13. For the love of Rugby League! Just cut the super league loop fixtures and start to build an international program!
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