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  1. Until there's co-operation between the NRL and The Rfl/Superleague on a 'whole game' approach, this will be a continuous merry-go-round for UK fixtures being as they are. No space for meaningful internationals, growth for the sport, new audiences. Short sighted, self interested. You cannot continually expect players to play at the highest level at the end of a domestic competition each year, and get a quality product each time. Space, mid-season, for a mid-season break in SL and NRL, should be made. Revenues from matches, percentages awarded to clubs who produce international players for the teams to make up shortfalls of loop fixtures being binned. Grow the game and revenue. Are the RFL thick?! Look at sport the world over Rimmer, I hope you read these threads. Domestic sport flourishes through International competition being the flagship!
  2. Its just bordering on the ridiculous now. Warrington defended like heroes at Wembley. They won the game through sheer determination. Huge lack of class there from McManus, and the continuing whinge brigade of 'a portion' of Saints fans. There were a number of decisions that 'didn't' happen and weren't penalised in favour of Warrington, but I don't see any of the Saints staff bringing up them. Be graceful in defeat, chaps. You're embarrassing yourselves now.
  3. it's appauling that they held this match 'after' the big event. I don't know the why's and wherefore's - however, it needed to be the curtain raiser to the challenge cup. They could still manage the schools match to happen earlier.
  4. 1. Sam Tomkins 2. Tommy Makinson 3. Matt King 4. Kallum Watkins 5. Ryan Hall 6. Lee Briers 7. Kevin Sinfield 8. James Graham 9. James Roby 10. Jamie Peacock 11. John Bateman 12. Bennie Westwood 13. Sean O Loughlin There's my pick. Some make it in by a scrape in terms of just the beginning of the decade like Matt King. Others in there when 'on true form.' Didn't enjoy displacing Sinfield to no.7 - but as an organiser and thinker couldn't leave him out, with a maverick like Briers at no. 6 to compliment the halves.
  5. Im a Wire. But, I can't see beyond 20 points margin Saints win. I think it will be close for the first 60 or so minutes. Then Saints will nail the game away after that.
  6. As a Wire fan, can't see us coming close in this encounter. Any excuse I will list - week before Wembley, rested players, lack of form, lack of focus on this game, etc. Wigan by more than 20 points.
  7. I couldn't agree more with @TheDaddy Richard Lewis sorted the game out at a time of huge crisis and no confidence, aligned all the para-organisations, and the biggest struggle, BARLA at the time, to unify the game. Introduced England as the national team. (GB has a place in international sport for me, but not in place of England). Wood actually did a lot of good - as highlighted by Man of Kent, and was a good expansionist, and Internationalist. I have no idea what happened behind closed doors to force Wood out. The SL chairmen, plus Rimmer perhaps wanting the top job? Now Elstone running SL, and the Championship clubs threatening to break away too. Expansion having little to less encouragement, no 'tangable' international competition, more make shift (in the northern hemisphere). I was chatting to my brother watching the semi finals today...I enjoyed the wire v hull game, as my team won...but we are both genuinly bored with the same old same old. Bored of watching Wire V (choose neighbouring team x 4/5 times a year). We both want to get excited about an international calendar and watch England V whoever! RL DESPERATELY needs different interests outside the Super League, Challenge Cup. I honestly look at Rugby Union with envious eyes. You can shoot me down for my next comments, however you wish. Ive been a long time RL supporter, but im now so disengaged with the game as a regular due to the very poor vision, and management from the RFL, that I just don't see how it will ever change. My money is precious, and I do now pick and choose when and where I go, as opposed to being a regular season ticket holder. The world is bigger than the M62 corridor my friends. For me, Rimmer should be ousted as soon as possible, and replaced with a visionary leader (as per Lewis, back then) to re-unify our fractured sport. Push through and cast vision for international presence, and re-ignite connection with existing and potential supporters.
  8. Felt bad for Westerman dropping that ball, for Philbin to score. Bad pass from Kelly. I liked Westerman at Warrington, he's a talented player. I didn't have us down (Warrington) for a win today. Happy we did. My head tells me Sint Elins will be at their best for Wembley, and we won't quite have it in the ammunition to win.
  9. The Exiles was a good concept at the time. As per usual, the RFL never saw it through. I think there's room for the Exiles in future international exhibition competition as the RFU do with the Barbarians.
  10. Please.No one EVER bring back 'The War of The Roses' - to top flight Rugby League. It is:- 1. Parochial 2. We are not the same demographic like Australia (it will never be a State of Origin equivalent). 3. If you're in favour of this, then you may as well confine our sport to the Room 101 'it's just a northern sport' category. Even I don't relate to the county thing. Im 37, and was neither born in Lancashire, or Yorkshire. Yet I'm a northerner.
  11. Thanks for this link Copa. It's a big dream, but lets hope, and lets hope with big ambition and due diligence that will be a success!
  12. I understand the disappointment of 'home' fans, but hopefully it's a strategic decision by the NRL to take the game (as did the RFL 'originally' with magic weekend) to plant the seed for new teams in non RL territory. Sadly (from my point of view) Magic weekend has lost its purpose, in this respect.
  13. That's a good comment scotchy, I think (not an educated answer) the only way Wales RU survives truly is through the International element feeding back into the regional teams. Without that, they'd be in trouble.
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