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  1. Class signing he impressed me in August…
  2. It’s his mum who’s a Batley fan… his grandad was a massive one too! I can’t see her visiting on match days
  3. I think the war chest should go back to the original “backing Batley”campaign which was in place for a few seasons same structure but the name should stand out… but the draw should be in place for off season
  4. Be like the 2014 away shirt I guess
  5. Before the ground was developed it was 12 foot drop
  6. Even the RFL statement says that
  7. Maybe because they broke the 11am protocol waste of time playing the bash - it’s not even on tv only 2 games picked
  8. It’s a remake of the 1991-95 matchwinner shirt for me
  9. Not any more we’ve stopped making them… all about the M&S cookies now
  10. Get in… first I’ve heard about a rise
  11. Why? What’s changed
  12. It was on put on here in April/early may he played for Bradford reserves he left the club
  13. It was on here months ago… I’m sure Batley Bob put it on…
  14. Ineson left to Bradford… it’s common knowledge
  15. City could be decent, ground nothing around it
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