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  1. We can win this!!!! let’s get behind the boys and cheer them on after a great season!!
  2. I thought we were gonna get smashed when we started the way we did but we defended brilliantly and took our chances in the first half… Campbell top player I thought Ward and Lillycrop changed the momentum for us both class and playing with a smile on their faces manning & Walshaw must of made 80 tackles each 100% everytime bring on Bradford let’s stand together and make some noise like we did yesterday I’m sure the lads appreciate it!!!
  3. Miller is linked to the bulls but I’d take Brad Knowles he plays tough and hard
  4. Retirement incoming great servant for us in the 4 years he was with us… always first on the team sheet shame he was allowed to leave when he did
  5. York have a few players who’s last game it is this weekend
  6. Lillycrop didn’t train all week due to work so wasn’t selected
  7. 2022 for him glad we have kept him heard Widnes were sniffing around https://twitter.com/batleyrlfc/status/1436304526668095495?s=21
  8. Seems like everyone doesn’t like Greenwood anymore he had a good start last year and hasn’t been hard done by with covid etc players not wanting it
  9. I was joking btw… I think my families first game was 1951… they’ll be upstairs from 1pm & on the field at half time
  10. Really? One of the decent coaches I’ve known at Batley with Karl in 2011 - better than a certain former coach before & after JK and his crew…
  11. Poor afternoon blown 3rd place unless results go our way now… We were dragged into a arm wrestle with too many errors and penalties and the drop out from kick off was the changing point
  12. Try the Official Batley RLFC heritage group on Facebook if used by yourself
  13. Didn’t know crowds won the games.. if they did Batley would be nowhere near the top 6 good job really
  14. Shame you missed the derby at your place we played some wonderful stuff in the 2nd half
  15. I’m sure your chairman will be around to watch 2 decent teams again this weekend at the mount
  16. We shall see if they travel well… I expect a tough game up to the 65 minute mark…
  17. 30 years ago today Batley beat Whitehaven 22-12 in the open game of the season a certain Glen Tomlinson & Jeff Grayshon made their debuts with David Ward as coach very strange we face the same team this weekend…
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