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  1. idiot. Why are Fev too small? what is actually Super about SL? Prior to it’s inception Wakefield, Salford, Hull, Wigan had their own grounds and facilities. Now they are teams in name only. Huddersfield have been like that for years, Hull and Huddersfield have both merged with other teams, Bradford have imploded several times, Widnes have collapsed, London have wondered all around the South play in an amateur rented set up. Toronto lol. I watched a video of little Fev in lockdown giving Halifax a beating at Post Office Road, Halifax, not (Wigan, Saints or Widnes) in 1989 in The first division. there was 6500 there. Every home game we played in the old first division the ground was full. Same for Halifax and Oldham etc all the so callled non super clubs. How has SL grown the sport. it hasn’t, it’s ruined it. It’s time to turn the game back to semi professional, sustainable format for many clubs and rebuild from the ground up. It is never going to compete with RU as the elite in this country will never let it happen, just like SL ‘elite’ will not let Fev in.
  2. might just cheer Ruby up.
  3. you really think if PR remains and we finish to they would let us in. Not a chance Robin, we are a stench that the RFL does not want at the top table. Today has proved that.
  4. Thanks RFL my 12 year old daughter is once again in tears as I try to explain why the 25 years of prejudice we have experienced from our own sport.
  5. Ah but you support a club that doesn’t have a ground, hasn’t won any competitions and hasn't finished higher than 6th in the Championship. you would say that. The game has changed because of the damage done by Covid, its in danger of folding and the SL has 6 teams already that are effectively just a name. The game needs a club that is stable and can provide income external to Sky monies and has collateral behind it.
  6. How many of the clubs that have applied own their grounds and can provide an income stream outside of Rugby?
  7. Isn’t this exactly the wrong time for fans to be speculating on the finances of the club on a public forum considering we are applying for SL?
  8. It’s time for Featherstone Roosters
  9. What great entertainment watching Brian McDermott begging for his job live on TV. Big raps to Sky for allowing this guy ftom a crappy northern town to humiliate himself in front of the RL world.
  10. Premier sports had an Australian commentating during the last world cup and was brilliant. These clowns on Sky make the sport look as plausible as the wrestling.
  11. totally agree make me cringe every time they pipe up
  12. not if we reverted to being an amateur club.
  13. remember running on the pitch at after the game and shaking Foxys hand, a bit embarrssing as he was my boss at the copper works in charge of us appretices. Great memories Robin.
  14. work with mark at Drax, Says he got a pack of John Smiths for that match, and peter Fox said to him Dunt lerit go to yer hed. lol
  15. Totally agree. I do think the defensive lapses were down to not enough game time in the last month, we looked very tired in the last 25 minutes in defence. playing one competative game in a month can never help.
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