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  1. Not great when former York players who attend the game are herded around trying to find them a seat. Needs sorting..
  2. Butterworth suspected collarbone injury. Jack Logan concussion. Pauli Pauli 'a strain but hopefully not too serious.' After Cas' super fast start and any team would have struggled to have handled those runs of Evalds, I thought we did well. Middles were generally strong. Both Jubby and Kriss worked hard as did Jordy T. Ogden looked really promising. Kirmo had a cracker, real workhorse and looks a bit fitter than last season and Matty Marsh is an SL player playing in the Championship ( but don't tell anyone ). Liam had a challenging day, didn't he. Had to tackle a Cas player without the ball, which wouldn't have been the case had the officials pulled the outrageous forward pass to Dan Smith and then had to go to the bin again for a little swinger after a Cas player threw a bigger swinger first. Glad it was a friendly cos the officiating was really poor. Great try by Marshy, got the nod from Jamie Ellis and was good enough to chase the ball down. PP didn't spend long enough on the field but there werea few Cas lads who thought they had tried to tackle a runaway truck. He must have swatted Sutcliffe a good ten metres!
  3. 3 strong lineups. Radders reckons he's got two thirteens!
  4. Fordy's post match always on BBC Radio York Sport twitter account after games.
  5. No radio tonight. Coverage starts with Fev game and every game thereafter. Best you will get tonight is Knights Twitter feed. On stadium announcing so, providing you live close enough, I'll shout up. Not sure you'll hear me in Dewsbury though, Coolie!
  6. At least two more to come too!
  7. Doncaster, great stadium, easy access, no atmosphere. Give me any of the Cumbrian clubs anytime...
  8. Sheffield didnt want to play it, John, is what I heard.
  9. YCK Ladies v Leeds Rhinos Ladies, this Sunday at St Helens, kick off provisionally 3.30pm for a place in the Grand Final. Double Header with St Helens Ladies v Cas Ladies in other game, think kick off is 1.15pm
  10. Spoke to his dad yesterday. Said the offer made to Sam was 'too good to turn down'. Never gave anything less than 100 per cent in a Knights shirt in two stints. Best Wishes to Sam. Top bloke.
  11. In fairness Broughy reffed the game far better than Jack Smith.
  12. Yes, John, 'Enforced absence'. In truth I bottled it as I heard he was short of a winger!
  13. Ey, dont you lads be having a go at 'The Entertainer'. Be a sad day when George calls time on his career.
  14. Benny did a fantastic job in a Knights shirt. Best wishes to him.
  15. You should sit where I am and try to work out what the hell the flying arms in all directions mean!
  16. Bet Jubby wouldn't agree...
  17. Yes, I think the situation out of lockdown meant fans gave the ticketing organisation some leeway but no club can afford to have fans walking away from 'the turnstile'. Somebody, somewhere, needs to get it sorted quick.
  18. Ha. I almost said that on air - uncanny resemblance!
  19. Not a bennies. Totally mystified. In all honesty the guy set behind me, shouting, refereed the game better than Mikaluskas. Thought there was a hint of a forward pass between Brogan and Meadows as they scored it too. Sadly referee is from the Kendall school of 'if there isn't a decision to make, let's invent one'. Having said all that Swinton probably deserved a try at that point for their efforts but that doesn't make an iffy decision any better.
  20. Some great stuff at times today. Loved the 'blast them out of the water' opening. Has anyone else noticed that as soon as Mikey Lewis gets the ball the crowd volume ramps up - fabulous. Worried when he limped off but Fordy reckoned precautionary - tight groin. Fingers crossed Rovers dont get the sheeps crook out again! Ronan had a great game and great to see Spearsie back to his best. Absolutely loved watching Hall running the ball - looks to have so much potential and Johnson is one of those lads you just wouldn't want to play against, strong and feisty and the way he bulldozed over Nash to set Marshy up was an image not to forget easily. Thought generally we looked pretty solid today. Yep, have to agree about Hansen. Lions just ran out of gas after that early defensive stint. I like Ronan Michael (40) too, had another decent game against us and I could watch Paddy Jones (16) all day, a reet handful. Need to make that confidence boost count next week.
  21. My wonderful summariser was more in line than me, said the first wasn't, the second was.
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