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  1. First Challenge Cup Final in years to be "Sold Out" some nice PR spin for the RFL.
  2. So, it's not Wakefield's fault after all.
  3. With the split in Sky money, how much actually goes to junior clubs? I would love to see how many amateur clubs provide players to scholarship / academy players. Understanding the data at this point, Super League & the RFL could say provide £1m a year (minimum) to the top 20 clubs. For me the real investment should be done at this level. Better facilities, equipment and training for coaches will see the rewards higher up the food chain. Building facilities such as clubhouses, changing facilities - will only drive development. Surely this is already done? We talk about players who leave the game and struggle, then perhaps they could be kept in this circle by supporting the next generation of player. Their knowledge would be vital to be passed on.
  4. I think a lot of plaudits for the promise he's showing should probably really sit with his junior club, Dewsbury Moor and his coach Matt Walker.
  5. It is abundantly clear the Super League head office is in desperate need of a clear-out and restructure. Who in particular? Amazon Prime TV have made a great success of their sports coverage so far — that could work. Amazon wouldn't pay £40m for coverage - it won't work. If, however, they are offering a friendly hand with the intention of being stronger together, then that feels too good to turn down. Surely, the NRL & SL are working together to make the stronger? If not, why not? Who knows what the future of Super League looks like? But something has to change — and fast. Why the drama? The sport is crying out for consistency more than change. We've had 15 years of constant changing. This is a battle to save the sport, and there may not be many solutions better than inviting those who do it best to troubleshoot the faults in our failing system. The sport doesn't need saving - it's thriving in the Southern Hempishere. I'm quite sure the chairmen and staff are regularly troubleshooting to improve their clubs and leagues. --- Who wrote this article?
  6. You could say the same about most teams now, sadly.
  7. Expand Super League, not shrink it even further. GROWTH for crying out loud. The thought of another change, how many is that since 2008?
  8. I love the commentary mixed in with this from a different video. Stroke of genius.
  9. BetFred are unable to sponsor for a longer of period of time, as there is a government review in 2022 about gambling sponsorship in sport.
  10. Mark and Stephen, well done on a great achievement. This type of site is very hard to achieve because there's so many moving parts too it and you are relying on many individuals too. This is where it all started for our family > https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/players/Colin-Taylor/978/
  11. I dunno, Robin. He broke record the first time he was at the club (fastest to 100?), but when he came back he was surrounded by a better calibre of player and coach.
  12. Aye, especially with Sammat in the squad.,
  13. Hull KR, Wakefield, Leigh and Castleford or Salford
  14. Salford let Connor Jones re-sign back at Featherstone, they should have kept him IMO.
  15. Maybe so it appears in the print paper on Monday, however it was published today online, 22nd. I would accept the paper being slightly out of date - but web, nah.
  16. Signed yesterday Robin so why is he appearing in an article today even though they published the story yesterday? https://www.totalrl.com/junior-moors-signs-for-featherstone-rovers/
  17. Looking back at the biggest mistake in letting Toronto go, whilst wishing Castleford & Wakefield would upgrade their facilities.
  18. They had a good team in the early 80's according to my old man, who was fortunate enough to train with them. He says they used to have some really good additional training sessions in the pubs aswell.
  19. We wouldn't want 3 teams from the local area in the Championship. What would that bring to the game?
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