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  1. https://www.bradfordbulls.co.uk/article/944/bulls-supporting-social-media-blackout “Social media can play a huge part in spreading awareness of this game we love but players and officials must feel able to use these social media platforms without facing abuse and discrimination.
  2. SUNDAY 25th JULY Batley Bulldogs v Newcastle Thunder KO 15:00 Bradford Bulls v Featherstone Rovers KO 15:00 London Broncos v Widnes Vikings KO 15:00 Sheffield Eagles v Halifax Panthers KO 12:30 at The Mobile Rocket Stadium, Wakefield Whitehaven v Oldham KO 15:00 York City Knights v Swinton Lions KO 15:00
  3. No it doesn't, Featherstone came top between 2010 and 2013 when the funding was very minimal. Anyway, all of this is very sad, the game is shrinking by greed and selfishness.
  4. Isn't this called the big feed? I've seen a lot of this in the community and I think the club should be very proud of this. Well done Wakefield.
  5. Looks like the RFL have approved that the pitch will continue to be a narrow pitch for the remainder of the season. Not sure how accurate this is for obvious reasons and no other journalist is reporting on it.
  6. Maybe they pay for the day rate? Baring in mind usual the Stephen Mullaney schoolboy match is normally played pre-cup final. If the game could fit all 3 games in, schoolboy, ladies final & mens final that would make a lovely occasion.
  7. He was one of the reason why Featherstone went on a strong run in 2019. I see him more of a bottom half of SL / top championship player.
  8. The SL clubs need to look at how they can increase revenue that is not TV based. How much is the drop on the TV deal for SL clubs (specifically SL clubs)? What will be hit hard, is the the money the RFL & teams below SL.
  9. You've got to applaud all players after that game. No wonder why it was such a high scoring game, tackling in that weather must have really taken it out of everybody. Surprised it was never split into 4 x 20's. I wouldn't be too hard on your season, I think it's been a tough season for a lot of teams. Getting back into the groove, a high amount of injuries, covid, no fans, etc.
  10. Sorry, I had looked but could only find 2015-2021 strategy. Will keep digging.
  11. Also, to what TPH has said, if you purchase a match, it actually does have an expiry date - which I think is pretty cheeky.
  12. Thought this for a long time. Value for money magic weekend wins hands down.
  13. https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/richard-agar-match-review-panel-21064105?utm_source=leeds_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=rugby_league_lve_newsletter&utm_medium=email Richard Agar has had his two penneth.
  14. Chairman have been questioning the RFL for sometime, hence why "Super League" took control. Now look what happened,
  15. Perhaps he's had enough, but now he's just made matters worse.
  16. He's every right to have an opinion, but to publish it the way he has is what I would expect from an amateur club. Not one from a so called Super League team. Cheap shots. Poor form.
  17. Not sure if this has been mentioned on the forum, yet. He raises several good points.
  18. Wouldn't surprise me if we saw Richard Agar become football manager at Leeds with Danny Ward new first team manager.
  19. Great win for you, that'll give you some confidence to really kick this season on.
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