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  1. If you're being gouged on the ground, are you expected to just take it now? I'm sorry, but you're going to try everything to get them off you and react. Absolute bonkers that the instigater got off lighter.
  2. What defending did they have to do? I don't think Hull put together an attacking play all game.
  3. Won't lie, after our end to last season, and it can be strongly argued that we have a weaker starting lineup than last season, I really can't see this going our way. It won't be 40-0, but it will be a convincing loss IMO. Rovers by 2 scores.
  4. I'm more comfortable with this renaming than I am the MOS Award being named after Prescott. Prescott was a legend, and a 'man of steel' in a different context. But in the context of being the player of the season (which the trophy is about), he was never even a contender let alone a winner. Burrow on the other hand, absolutely connected to this trophy. No one more fitting. I don't think anyone will argue he deserves it; just the timing of the announcement. Personally, the timing isn't a big issue. There are pros and cons. I get the sentiment about finishing up the HS Trophy properly and having an event to launch the new RB Trophy. Great points. I also get the sentiment about having Rob be around to see that it's named after him.
  5. 42. Bardyel Wells What do we know about this guy then? Obviously a distant cousin of mine of some sort.
  6. How many French players would be picked from the Toulouse side? I imagine a fair chunk, which would ruin their chances of competing against Featherstone. Typical rugby league. One step forward, 2 steps back.
  7. Is he smiling because of the plug on his @$$?! Hope they name him Radders the Radiator!
  8. If Saints finish with more than 44 points, they'll take that too. They're 5 points short of a 39 average.
  9. Can't we just have blue and pink for the men's and women's like the good old days?...
  10. We need TV games to sell the live events. "As good as it is on TV, there's nothing like seeing it live." I think some are looking at this as a "watch it on TV instead" instead of a "now you've seen it on here, it's even better if you see it over there." It's up to us as a game to make those live events an even better experience than that of sitting at home.
  11. More TV means more exposure. More exposure means greater chance of purchase. That purchase might not be a match ticket, it may be something else (merch, TV contract, sponsorship, etc).
  12. Just a thought on this. Will this service be available in French? And could French subscriptions play a role in SL expansion into France?
  13. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-streaming-platform-launch-28452142 Not seen this mentioned yet. This looks pretty big!
  14. In fairness, if it wasn't for the incoming spreadsheets, Leigh wouldn't have had the big rebrand that ultimately helped build momentum for reaching their potential. There was a lot of boom or bust behind achieving that spreadsheet score.
  15. Really not sure the point of this post. What's the relevance of football on this thread?
  16. The guy was very passionate about the game and often tried to think outside the box. However, sometimes there was a reason it was outside the box and he just couldn't get it to translate into practicality! Try tracker: good idea, poorly executed. Momentum meter side sounded better in his head. And the random stats could have done with being more consistently relevant! Good luck to what he does in the future.
  17. If the sponsor was the other blue colour rather than that orange, it would look far better. Both good designs though. Doesn't need to be anything over the top to look good.
  18. I could really do with "PENALTY AREA" written on a football pitch because I'm not sure where it is. Not too mention the semi circles: what are they for? Why is there a "box"? And what's that big circle in the middle for?
  19. It would be nice if the pitches were decorated. But as most clubs share a pitch with a football team, it's not possible. It's been acknowledged it's not the biggest issue, and it's also been acknowledged that there's a reason it can't be done... so why are people still talking about it? As for 40-20s, every line has a number at the touchline denoting the metres it is; the 40m line has an additional red line on it, and IIRC the 10 and 30 are dashed lines compared to the solid lines of the 20, 50, tryline and touchlines. It's really not that difficult, and if it is that difficult you probably would struggle understanding the concept of a 40-20 anyway!
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