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  1. Disappointingly, I didn’t win the Euromillions jackpot the other week when it was a £180m; I was going to buy the Broncos and turn them into the best club in the country. Maybe next time…
  2. Which is baffling… as there wasn’t a Saints player within 10m of the incident. We got lucky with that decision.
  3. As a Saints fan, I am slightly bemused by your logic. You can’t separate the initial contact from the rest of the challenge; they are the same tackle. He hit him in the head during the tackle. It was illegal. Hence why he was binned. It should have been a penalty try as Yaha would have scored if Makinson hadn’t tackled him illegally.
  4. I said it on here during the game, and having just watched the BBC highlights, I haven’t changed my mind. Definitely a penalty try.
  5. <Whisper mode> Outside of the obvious Salford and Wakefield, I’d be looking over my shoulder if I was a Cas fan with Radford in charge. <Whisper mode>
  6. Tale of two halves so far… Fev playing very well now. Championship rounds…
  7. Featherstone will need to invest in some players with a bit less weight around the midriff if they win here tonight.
  8. They invested in experienced, quality players… Casty, Garbutt, Peyroux… even Paulo. Add in Gigot.
  9. Great game this. No matter the result, these two teams have been great. Brutal and entertaining.
  10. I thought it was a penalty try too. (Before the ‘neutrals’ on this board have an aneurysm).
  11. Saints; simply can’t see past the Woolf juggernaut claiming another title. Catalans will have to be superb to beat us.
  12. 1. Tomkins 2. Makinson 3. Whare 4. Percival 5. Grace 6. Lomax 7. Maloney 8. Walmsley 9. Roby 10. Bousquet 11. McMeeken 12. Mautauti 13. Knowles
  13. BBC running a ‘Pick Your Combined Grand Final XIII’ on the Sport homepage currently: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/58793548
  14. Thanks - wasn’t particularly directed at your club; more of a general point. But good to know about Featherstone.
  15. I agree. However, a full time playing squad isn’t the only professional element as club should have to be in SL. I don’t have a clue about the off field set up at Featherstone. But it’s need to a professionalised set up as well, just as any other club in the division should be as well. The sport needs to drive up standards across the board.
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