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  1. Nottinghamshire was being reported; haven’t seen anything about Northamptonshire. Of course the news channels will lead with big crowds congregating for social reasons. Nobody has done it (legally) for months. It’s a big news event. Even more so since the government have made it a big story that the current is moving forwards out of the pandemic. It’s a pretty critical event; a big risk... time will tell if it was the right decision or not. Plenty of trouble in my village (sleepy part of Rutland). Local ex-servicemen’s club opened yesterday (about 3 x veterans/currently serving live here!). People fighting in the street in the evening; urinating in people’s gardens etc etc. It’ll be a minority; replicated in other locations too no doubt (but not reported like my village) and just an example of why we can’t be trusted with booze.
  2. Just bought a house near Stamford. It is very nice but can be a bit pretentious...
  3. Who does Mourinho fit with now? Maybe a lower half team desperate for a point to avoid relegation...
  4. I guess is the ban is upheld, it depends on if you can keep the likes of Sterling, De Bruyne et al. If overturned, the size of the squad and depth quality would make you favourites IMO.
  5. I am not fussed about that result; Liverpool (especially Robertson) looked like a pub team who’d been on the lash for a week... City will spend big this summer to reclaim the title. Chelsea and United will strength again. I don’t either Liverpool or City will run away with the title like we’ve done this year. City favourites again as they’ll have the biggest and best squad.
  6. Aren’t they already in quarantine as they seem to have gone missing on the pitch...
  7. Infections increasing in many places at the moment with little pockets appearing in nations were the virus was under control. Can’t help but feel this is a very dangerous time and mistakes made by governments could see the virus explode again...
  8. Ufffff... had forgotten about PT!! Chatham. Stanley (NE). Corby.
  9. Championes, championes, championes Liverpool... Allez allez allez allez allez allez allez allez!!!!! Very pleased! ?
  10. Alston, Corbridge, Brampton, Keswick, Harrogate, Matlock, Middleton-in-Teesdale, Barnard Castle(!)
  11. 2pts... that’s right. Just 2 more pts and Liverpool are Champions!!!!
  12. Gloucester, Camberley, Dover, Halifax, Widnes, Darlington, Wigan... oh yeah, St Helens as well... ... too many to mention to be honest.
  13. Look at the numbers being discussed here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/22/coronavirus-global-report-new-covid-19-cases-surge-south-korea-israel?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1592833060 Ours are massive in comparison.
  14. Flexibility is a principle of war SL... ? ... country of origin dependent in my opinion.
  15. Went for WZ on the tackle and the Sharks try... ... has Tedesco woken up yet?
  16. Only clocked yesterday that Taia was retiring so pretty quick and shrewd business from the club.
  17. Saw that about India... Pakistan growing quickly too. Brazil going through the roof... the worldwide death toll is going to rise very quickly once deaths start to rise in India.
  18. Ufff... shoot out at dawn... ? It’ll be good to see the stats at the end of the season; both players have quality games. Very good news for both England and Lebanon going forward.
  19. I am sure there are some like that; but some who are not as well. I’ve seen photos of reports of thousands of people wearing masks, organisers handing out hand gel as well as rubber gloves as well as some people wearing no protective equipment as well. Can’t help but feel you’ve made a massive assumption...
  20. Sorry - let me clarify. I was referring to your point about personal hygiene directives. Are you talking just about the protests or generally? If the latter, it’s a bold statement.
  21. Any evidence to support that statement?
  22. Toss up between Canberra and NZ Warriors. Have a fondness for Brisbane too...
  23. Teams would have to learn and adapt very quickly then...
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