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  1. There were 12,000 at the other semi final. So bang on the numbers we're getting now.
  2. This is what is really bugging me now. What evidence we have - from RL to a tiny degree, other sports to a greater one - is that there is both an overlap audience and a new one for women's sport. All we are doing is what we do all the time: try with meat raffle tactics to get the existing audience to turn up.
  3. I'm just nicking this comment on a recent Guardian article on non league football because it echoes a point I've made and seen made elsewhere: attendances across the board are up, sometimes by absolutely staggering amounts. "Another encouraging thing this season was a general increase in attendances, our average at Enfield Town was up 62% and we weren't alone in the Isthmian Prem with 14/22 clubs reporting increases, Worthing and Lewes having doubled their crowds. Having a quick look on Non League Matters it seems this was replicated across the country and leagues with South Shields, for example, increasing their average by nearly 500%! Could be that people started watching their local teams while elite football was behind closed doors, a growing disillusionment with money ruling at the top, or people reassessing their finances and priorities post Covid, but it's a welcome change and I hope it continues. We smashed our record with 1,948 at our play off semi and apart from the atmosphere and occasion benefitting, the income from that one game is probably equivalent to a decent run in the FA competitions and will definitely help us move forward in the summer and next season." Can't see any drop in league attendances either TBH. Bradford City got their highest ever Division 4 attendance yesterday for example.
  4. Not a disaster. Not brilliant. Sounded good on TV and I suspect only saddos like us are clogging up the internet talking about crowds when the prime TV match was so good. Anyway, for reference - it's the second lowest out of the previous 6 non Covid semi final aggregates: 2019: 24,364 (D/H) 2018: 26,086 (D/H) 2017: 25,322 (aggregate of 2 games) 2016: 20,846 (agg.) 2015: 24,156 (agg.)
  5. Yes - it sounds really good - it just causes occasional visual wincing. The product on the field is delivering in front on terrestrial though and, ultimately, that's what we need.
  6. The women, when interviewed, always seem to more naturally get in the lines about RL as a community with the women's game alongside PDRL etc.
  7. Packing them in for the first match of the triple header ...
  8. You can be happy with fewer fans turning up for a cup semi final than a league game if you want
  9. The ground would be a third empty and we’d be having much the same conversation as now.
  10. If Hull KR are taking 6k+ then that's under their league average attendance. It may be okay relative to the other teams but it's ... not actually good as it shows zero increase for a big game.
  11. Guardian Interview with Courtney Winfield-Hill https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/may/06/courtney-winfield-hill-rugby-league-england-leeds-st-helens
  12. That seems sub optimal - presumably it all needs to be done before the union clubs take over the pitches again in a few months?
  13. The argument is that double headers/triple headers were sold as the solution to already falling attendances and that, by having double (triple) headers, there would be more of an event feel, and thus more than just the regular attendees at games would be drawn to attend. Assuming that that remains the reasoning then all the things around stadium location, time in seat, in/out passes, pricing, entertainment become relevant which is why they've been discussed. Which is why I think we have to accept that there is zero likelihood of enough neutrals turning up to make any notable difference to the attendance so it comes back to whether separate matches or one big bargain bucket for broadcasters is 'better'.
  14. Australia has a massive gambling problem. We all know this.
  15. Had he realised he'd missed the kick off and was trying to get there to see the end?
  16. That's disappointing. Once broke off from a very boring conference in Sheffield to go on a cultural visit to the brewery. Things were a bit blurry on the way back.
  17. I think I read on Twitter that the RFL are now expecting 23,000 on the day.
  18. Yes - wasn't having a go at the poster in question but more sharing my absolute frustration about how the women's game isn't even a curtain raiser in most attendees' minds.
  19. Ben Stokes hit 34 off a single over and is currently 146* off 81.
  20. I've linked to this several times as it's an example of the sort of thing that (rightly) trends well on the socials. You don't need to do it for every game but you could easily imagine an equivalent around a last minute score/waiting for the video ref/an agonising conversion etc. https://www.icc-cricket.com/video/2551807 EDIT: Wrong video above. Bear with, I'll find the right one. EDIT EDIT: Here we are:
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