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  1. Just bought a ticket for Glyndebourne. The Tour rather than the Festival so formal wear is optional.
  2. Football League has apparently rejected the proposal for a 'League Three' and for strategic loan partnerships. However the thing currently called the Johnstone's Paint Trophy may be reconfigured to admit Premier League B teams. And thus England will win the 2022 World Cup.
  3. The line to Hastings isn't electrified and nobody could say that time has passed ... oh.
  4. Rugby union clubs do not spend money on jaffa cakes. They spend it on salted dark chocolate, citrus-infused pastries that are washed down with dessert wine and the tears of peasants.
  5. Looking forward to a power struggle between FC United of Manchester and Salford City soon.
  6. They've got houses to buy up though. Some of the Class of 92 own Salford City.
  7. And also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUyK_J_W4BI
  8. Again though - not many clubs have definitely gone. Even our friends Manchester still exist even if they have to freefall for a bit to find their new, broke level.
  9. Indeed. There are clubs going to the wall for less than an average Premier League player makes in a week. I'd put pretty decent money on my new local team Hastings United being in trouble soon. They have a 'going all out for promotion' strategy next season that is based on throwing money around they admit they don't actually have yet.
  10. Answering myself: the Rye United that ceased to exist in March seem likely to return in some form as they are managing to hold an AGM later this month.
  11. Most clubs at any given point are doing okay though and the majority - though by no means all - reappear in some form as a phoenix club lower down the pyramid. The issues that soccer faces overall are, unsurprisingly, exactly the same ones that face rugby league and get blamed on the RFL: lower participation and difficulty nurturing the grassroots.
  12. This probably applies in the NWCL as well: why do lower level non league matches in the winter start at 3pm? Why not start at 1pm and not have the hassle of paying for floodlighting? One less expense to worry about.
  13. There are lots of clubs in their position. A lot of non league clubs used to have grounds near the middle of town then find that either they get asset-stripped or the council suddenly remembers that that covenant can be revoked - or they just get greedy and sell it to Tesco. And then find that their new ground isn't ready or never quite gets built or doesn't really have the same draw as the old one. And now they have no way of making any money beyond charging 60 people £10 a go to watch Step 8 football.
  14. Yes. This makes it very different from (proven) cycling, athletics, cricket, snooker, tennis ...
  15. Because there are children in the house I am basically listening to 'Let it Go'. So here's a version in 25 languages:
  16. I think the problem for futsal in this country will be similar to that faced by soccer. Just like B teams don't suddenly make us Spain so futsal teams don't suddenly make us skillful. You can have exactly the same issue about poor coaching, mad parents and only playing to win on a futsal court as on a football field. Also, I know the FA are meant to be in charge but I've noted locally at least one association and several leagues that are fustal but nothing to do with the local FA.
  17. We've already done this. But it's always nice to reprise the classics. 11 a side handball disappeared for very different reasons at a very different time.
  18. You won't be surprised to learn that quite a lot of people are against it. Including Richard Scudamore. In an amazing coincidence some emails discrediting Richard Scudamore have just been released to the press.
  19. The things you find out looking for memory confirmation: Birmingham radio station BRMB has married two sets of couples, and both of these contests have sparked a national interest. In 1999, the first couple were matched by a panel of relationship counsellors and astrologers, including astrologer Russell Grant. The groom was 28 year-old Greg Cordell, a sales manager, and his chosen bride was Carla Germaine, a 23 year-old former model. Also to make it to the last 4 girls was her long term school friend Joanna Scragg. The couple married, on air nationally and online, however they soon split after the wedding. Carla later met and married Jeremy Kyle,[1] who at the time was one of the radio station's DJs. They now have their own family together.
  20. FA proposes a League Three - made up initially of B teams of Premier League sides - to sit between League Two and the Conference. Apparently B teams in league systems is the sole reason why Spain are so good.
  21. There were many voices about Assad's opponents presented in the western media. It's one of the reason why the government couldn't just march us into war this time.
  22. How brave of the state controlled Russian media to point this out.
  23. You need to go away and take a long, hard look at yourself.
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