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  1. Same here. There are plenty of studies that extol the benefits of exercise on mental health.
  2. I've done it very occasionally when I've been up early anyway. I do find it generally difficult to get up early to train as I generally get up at 6 as it is to miss the traffic. In the Winter months it also seems much more difficult!
  3. You should check if any have free 1 week or 2 week trials. Many do especially at the start of a new year.
  4. I started again yesterday after my Christmas and New year binge, dread to think how much weight I've put on. Weights yesterday and cardio today (30 mins exercise bike plus 30 mins cross trainer). The difficulty starts tomorrow and keeping it going Monday to Friday when back at work.
  5. I've seen this myself in Belfast and it really is quite amazing seeing thousands of Starlings act in unison. The video probably doesn't quite do it justice but its a joy to see: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-northern-ireland-46845811/starling-murmuration-swirls-over-belfast-s-albert-bridge
  6. In my experience the fancier and more complicated appliances get just means that more can go wrong. Most new features I see are simply gimmicks that manufacturers use as a selling point but which really add little useful functionality to the appliance in question.
  7. Yeah it's ridiculous and such a flawed concept anyway, particularly if there is no Australia game.
  8. Yeah, that is partly what is crossing my mind. Where I work at the moment there are lots of contractors who get considerably more than we do. Some of them have been here years too! The trouble is, and this is partly why I want to leave, I have great knowledge in many areas, due to this working in a variety of areas but the areas I am strongest server/datacentre/various migration and upgrade projects etc don't particularly have a great deal of jobs, at least near me anyway. What there are though, and this seems to be where the big contractor money is in my area, are tons of developer jobs but although I can do this I know my skills aren't strong enough in that area. A lot of jobs these days are BA/PM/Agile roles too but I'd prefer more technical roles. I have some BA and PM experience but it's not really for me.
  9. Yeah that's probably why I've stayed 15 years! I think as I am getting older I want a change before its too late. I work in I.T and what I am doing at the moment really isn't what I want to be doing and hasn't been for a long time. It is hard to leave a comfortable, secure job though but it just bores me at the moment.
  10. Think I've got the new year blues and I'm seriously thinking of moving on elsewhere. I've been with my current employer for 15 years and need a change and new challenge. I just feel like I've been going through the motions for far too long.
  11. Going to work yesterday I was reminded of a real bug bear of mine. I hate it when people speed up when you try to overtake them whether that is on a motorway, dual carriageway, overtaking lane or country road. For instance I can be stuck behind someone doing 40 mph in a 60 mph zone and then we get to an overtaking lane then they suddenly speed up to 60 mph+ to try and prevent anyone passing. It is so infuriating, never mind downright dangerous and illegal. Surely its also less stressful for them letting cars past than having a long queue behind them. And don't even get me started on tractors that never pull in...
  12. I can see why that would be the case and can certainly see the benefits. I suspect though in this day and age many organisations shy away from informal interviews like that so they can't be accused of asking possibly illegal or discriminatory interview questions or indeed accusations of bias.
  13. Well these days the number of pickets on a picket line is strictly limited by law and has been tightened at various points since the 80s. The Code of Practice on picketing says usually there should be no more than 6 people outside an entrance to a workplace for instance or people will be arrested.
  14. Yeah because people choose to lose a days pay for no other reason than just to have a day off and inconvenience you. People are entitled to strike and are entitled to do it at a time when it is going to have most impact.
  15. Mayweather certainly knows how to make money anyway.
  16. The incompetence of our governing bodies really beggars belief.
  17. Well the recommended practice according to the highway code is merging in turn and studies show that this reduces crashes and congestion.
  18. Drivers that don't merge as they should is a real bug bear of mine. It is quite funny how otherwise rational people can turn into selfish, possessive maniacs when behind a steering wheel.
  19. I said on the first day and pages ago on here that none of this added up.
  20. That had crossed my mind too. It really beggers belief that they can be so unprepared for something like this. The technology certainly exists to do much more, even tonights news showed the technology that exists overseas to jam drones but the laws here haven't kept pace to allow it.
  21. Yeah looks like a helicopter to me too.
  22. I'm not saying I should see the drone so you've got the wrong end of the stick, completely. I am saying I find it bizarre that somewhere there has never been any footage. We have seen all sorts of incidents over the years, whether attacks on parliament, Paris, Strasbourg, Lee Rugby etc and within minutes there has been stuff on TV and all over the internet. Yet this has been going on for nearly one day but nothing. Also it's hardly a novel thing, people have warned and speculated about Drone attacks for years. It's bleeding obvious the potential for such attacks. The fact that we seem so inadequately prepared is a major cause for concern.
  23. The thing that I find really odd is that this has been going on for a long time yet we haven't seen a single image of a drone yet. The sheer amount of people there as well as news crews etc and not a single image seems extremely strange to me and something doesn't quite add up.
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