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  1. I'd never heard of 1895 Sports before but that London Skolars home jersey is very nice. The away one is good too. Nasdaq is some sponsor to have on board too!:
  2. Do they really practice much tackling, as in type of big collisions we are talking about? To the best of my knowledge at professional level they don't to reduce injury as much as anything. It's all about technique, controlling the tackle, grappling and slowing down the tackled player getting up. Professional players aren't doing all these big hits all the time in training.
  3. Joel Tomkins has decided to retire now instead of joining Leigh: Ex-England dual-code international Joel Tomkins has ended his playing career and will no longer join Leigh Centurions for the 2022 season. The 34-year-old leaves the game having helped Catalans Dragons to their maiden Super League Grand Final appearance. Tomkins won every honour with Wigan and also played for Catalans and Hull KR as well as having a stint in union with Saracens, when he won England caps. "I thank Leigh for their understanding of my situation," Tomkins said. "Professional rugby has been a priority in my life for the last 17 years and now, at 34, it feels right to retire. "It has been a great way to earn a living and I have some great memories and have made some great friends at the few different clubs I have represented over the years. "I wish them every success for the future. I wanted to do the right thing by the club, and they respect that." Joel Tomkins: Former England back-rower retires and will not join Leigh Centurions - BBC Sport
  4. You didn't specify a scenario to make it different. You can't talk about the financial success of many clubs and just decide ignore the ones that struggled.
  5. You asked a question and yes furlough does explain it. Super league clubs lost vast amounts of money. The clubs that did better in the lower reaches did so because of furlough as it covered most of their costs and many supporters and sponsors still financially supported their club through things like season tickets despite not getting games.
  6. Many head clashes are a result of tacklers going low and accidentally clashing heads with their own teammates. What you say will exacerbate this. Other concussions also arise purely accidentally through getting bumped off, head contact with knees, hips and other bones. What you say will again make this worse. It also does nothing for concussions that arise with head contact to the ground and whiplash type concussions. I think anyone that has played the game knows that banning tackles above the waste would achieve nothing. Its a very lazy solution that completely ignores how many concussions are caused.
  7. And that would solve absolutely nothing. If anything it would make things worse.
  8. Would the museum not be a good fit for the proposed RFL centre at the Etihad? Along with the RFL headquarters, training base and community hub it could make it a real centre for the game. It's also in a major city with very good transport links.
  9. I replied to someone who did just as you replied to me. Maybe you should read posts before jumping in with two feet.
  10. Lam certainly isn't the man to do that.
  11. The key difference is that Football is a huge worldwide sport and is widely played in Australia. It just doesn't have the elite level that other countries do. There is however that widespread Football fan and player base for such a channel that isn't reflected in the size and popularity of the domestic league. There is also stacks of possible content. RL in the UK is quite different, such a channel is largely preaching to the converted and those that already play and watch RL. There aren't loads of floating RL players and fans just waiting to watch it.
  12. Untested does not mean they aren't good enough. The likes of Navarette and Springer have played 60 odd games each at Super League level. Its an odd view that you have that if they are untested they automatically aren't good enough but if they have played in SL they are flops and/or past their best and still aren't good enough. Similarly if they sign French players they aren't good enough but if they sign foreign ones they aren't developing French players. Damned if they do, damned if they don't springs to mind.
  13. Its not nonsense. Its a fact. I know 2020 was shortened, hence I said recent seasons too. Toulouse finished above Leigh in 2018, 2019 and 2020, every season since 2017 when Leigh were in Super League. That's regularly in my book. Yes it may have been close but they still did. I do think teams sometimes change for changes sake and don't necessarily sign players that are better than the ones they let go.
  14. Terrible news. I remember he played at Wigan for a couple of years too. RIP.
  15. He's quite correct in his point though. This is a thread about the survey and he has stuck to the thread and discussed the survey. Unlike you who seems more intent on moaning about others and attacking other posters.
  16. You must have one of those rare washing machines that doesn't shrink clothes.
  17. This is a Toulouse squad that was unbeaten last year and has consistently finished above Leigh in the Championship in recent years, including the year prior to Leigh going into SL. They are going into SL with a much stronger squad than what Leigh had in their last year of the Championship. Yes Leigh may have made signings but they didn't add any real quality and had players like Ben Flower watching from the sidelines. I also think that a mistake teams often make is ditching all the players that got them into SL in the first place and signing a load of players from the relegated club. They shatter the team spirit and cohesion that made them successful. Often the clubs that do best are the ones that retain a strong core of their existing squad, as London did when they won 10 games.
  18. Done. Its a very wide ranging survey and I would encourage people to make their opinions heard.
  19. I don't like many retro kits as they look cheap and only pass a small resemblance to the original. These look spot on.
  20. A new one to add to your list: 9. A politician Folau considers a higher purpose ... in politics (smh.com.au) Israel Folau’s mammoth legal fight against Rugby Australia for terminating his contract over his social media post which said homosexuals and other “sinners” would go to hell, appears to have given the 6ft 4 rugby union player a taste for the political.
  21. All stadiums have bills and upkeep costs, even new ones. I'm not really sure what your point here is. Saints said Knowsley Road was costing between £500,000 to £750,000 so that's good enough for me. Anyhow I fail to see your general point regardless of this. A new stand reduces maintenance cost and increases income significantly, especially if you add corporate facilities that are few and far between at many older grounds. Other improvements can reduce maintenance costs further elsewhere. Just because a new stadium suits Saints it doesn't mean its the way forward for all clubs, particularly those that cant afford one or don't have a benevolent local council.
  22. Saints said they were losing between £500,000 to £750,000, still substantial but no where near that high. One stand was an example, it could be two. It could be incremental improvements. You prioritise for the best returns.
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