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  1. Lifted from League Unlimited forum. “NRLW (Foxsports and Nine) Average 168,000 AFLW (Foxsports and 7Mate) Average 70,000 Broadcast: Offsiders 13 March 2022)”
  2. QLD female state of origin players will also be paid up to $15,000 each this year. I think to get the max amount they’ll have to get through the players’ camp, make the final 19 and then play the match. It’s not all or nothing either, players will get some of the payment at each stage. So it’s entirely possible that some female RL players may just make enough to survive on RL payments alone this year if they play for the QLD origin team, get a marquee player payment in the NRLW plus sponsorships. It’s not much money, but it’s all heading in the right direction.
  3. It gets better https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100910568 The news comes as the NRL moves to introduce a $350,000 salary cap to the NRLW competition, while the minimum pay for players will increase by 25 per cent. Clubs will also be able to employ two marquee players on a full-time basis outside of the cap, with private health insurance among other newly introduced benefits to bring the women's competition in line with the men's.
  4. The NRLW salary cap will be $350,000 this year. The minimum wage will be $10,000.
  5. Record subscription TV ratings for Round 1 https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2022/03/14/round-one-nrl-action-smashes-ratings-records-for-foxtel-and-kayo/
  6. During my first trip to England I heard “innit” used in unexpected places in a sentence and I was totally confused.
  7. 1. Ornery. It was used where I lived in rural US, for example “he’s as ornery as a moose”. Nobody, and I mean nobody, uses the word “ornery” in Australia so I started using it here. 2. Writing “gaol” instead of “jail”.
  8. It was brilliant to finally be back in the stadium watching live footy..
  9. If you include streaming, the NSW and QLD RL usually also stream a high level match on two each weekend.
  10. How normal is this? When I visited the uk from Australia years back and was looking for travel options to get to Cardiff to watch the super league I decided it was easier to travel with fans of a SL club. At the end of the trip they asked for money for the driver. I’d never heard of such a thing before in my life.
  11. The NRL put an incomplete list together of rugby league in movies. https://www.nrl.com/news/2020/04/11/rugby-league-movies-on-the-big-screen-the-starting-13/ It doesn’t however include the John Hopoate finger in the backside reference that was in The Last Shot which stars Alec Baldwin and Matthew Broderick.
  12. £18.70 for the cheapest adult match day ticket for the Canberra Raiders.
  13. Ricky Stuart often watches the Canberra Raiders from the sideline.
  14. Apparently it’s northwards of $25 million for the 3 years.
  15. Reffing is an art not a science and if a fan can’t deal with that then maybe RL is not for them. If a ref tries their best then that’s fine with me.
  16. Subscribe to NSW Rugby league Facebook page or webpage and BarTV sports rugby league on Facebook (or their webpage https://www.bartvsports.com.au/ ) and you’ll start to see more games appear as the seasons begin. The QRL webpage also has a “watch” tab if I remember correctly. Now you’ll never run out of things to watch.
  17. I hear rugby league referred to as just “rugby” every now and then in Canberra. There are people from all over the country here and at work some will talk about the Raiders “rugby team”. I’ve even heard a radio announcer use just “rugby” and an MC for a major community festival talk about the “rugby green machine” while on stage. My oldest son also says he goes to “the rugby” at times…. he’s been a Raiders season ticket holder for over 15 years. It’s the influence of his friends who are descendants of those from south of the Barassi line. (for the non-Australians : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barassi_Line )
  18. One of the most famous endings to a disc golf tournament in recent history.
  19. Towards the end of a close match I’ll always say to my kids a variation of “it’s roughly one minute for a set of six” and tell them how we have to hold on or step it up. I’ve done it hundreds of times. Now they laugh and tell me the same thing as a match comes to a close.
  20. I don’t really care who wins the WC. I’ll enjoy the tournament though.
  21. If I had to choose between Australia winning the WC or the Raiders winning the NRL, I’d pick winning the NRL.
  22. How humiliating. A woman who only qualifies because she married a “born to rule”. It’s even dressed up as something positive.
  23. I'd love to travel from Australia to France for this!! I've never been to France and would love to have a drink with french rugby league fans and watch matches around the country.
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