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  1. I'd love to travel from Australia to France for this!! I've never been to France and would love to have a drink with french rugby league fans and watch matches around the country.
  2. Lots of rugby league is played in Oceania.
  3. If rugby league continues to take off in the pacific we’ll dominate a region of the world. The population may be small compared to elsewhere but the optics of dominating a region of the world is very appealing. We’d also then dominate and control a major hotspot for world collision sport playing talent. I also say this without trying to seem condescending, but it’s also a great thing to have all these smaller countries feel connected by a common sport that builds relationships, good will and community focus.
  4. It’s been great. My kids think I’m the best dad ever because I managed to get an Xbox series X for them. Those things are hard to find in Australia. Also went for a swim in the lake.
  5. Whitehead is the Raiders captain in 2022.
  6. I forgot to add to my previous post that if you want to go to an advanced level, you’ll also know about Jervis Bay Territory. Australia has three mainland territories, not two. Have that as a trivia question and nearly every Australian will get it wrong. It’s a legally separate Territory but is managed by the federal government, NSW and the ACT. A few hundred people live there. It’s surrounded by NSW and most Australians aren’t aware of it. It’s not included in maps in classrooms, not in drop down lists for addresses etc. It’s not mentioned at all in our education system. It has a school, police, National Park, a few villages and a shop. I’ve been there a few times and it’s beautiful. It’s also firmly within rugby league country.
  7. On behalf of other ACT residents I’d like to thank you for being a foreigner who actually knows we exist.
  8. It says he wants an international window over October and November.
  9. With V’landys and Abdo having already streamlined and reduced head office and other administrative costs, this will build some serious coin for the sport.
  10. Across all deals it’s more than $2 billion before the deals end in 2027 https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/channel-9-signs-575m-broadcast-deal-to-retain-nrl-freetoair-rights/news-story/24c399abd0e93828ad3023cfa7c43d49?amp
  11. Was that the one when Thurston was physically moving some players into position?
  12. It’s behind a paywall but you can read the headline plus a few sentences of the article. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/whats-the-buzz-scg-adds-kerry-packer-to-media-hall-of-honour/news-story/7bc9a4b5c1bfe016151bb60230b6705b?amp&nk=e53de0d40b602c122c335e9cc39e18d7-1639724513
  13. I’ve run the touch line before for junior games. The teams look for volunteers from the parents so I’ve helped out. In one game with the littlest of kids the shy fat kid who struggled all game dropped the ball a fraction before he grounded it for a try. It fell from his grip as his body was going down, the ball hit the ground and he then fell on it. I told the ref it was good. It was a very obvious error so the ref knew I was lying (he gave me a wink and a smirk) and the small crowd knew I was lying but the ref awarded the try anyway and the crowd roared with approval. The boy was swamped by his teammates, his parents were ecstatic and the crowd for both teams was happy. I never did this with the older kids but it was great to do with that boy on that day.
  14. Who TF do they think they are putting out their negative views on a ref decision from a club account? Reffing is a combination of art and science played out by a person who always endeavours to do their best and if people can’t handle that, they should choose another sport.
  15. When News Corp Australia finally launches their wagering company, FOX Bet, they’ll be wanting content like this.
  16. Fortunately the way back machine has archived it many times… for example: https://web.archive.org/web/20200225023520/https://www.eraofthebiff.com/
  17. Excellent! Is this genuine new TV content above and beyond the Sky games?
  18. The US thing seems to be serious. V’landys’ other hat is as the chief executive and a board member of Racing New South Wales. He does this and the NRL. He knows gambling. Storm chairman and part owner, Matt Tripp, has made a fortune as an online gambling entrepreneur and will no doubt be providing advice too. https://www.yogonet.com/international/news/2021/10/13/59708-australian-rugby-league-moves-to-capitalize-on-us-sports-betting
  19. Some female 9s action. It’s extremely obvious they are new to the sport but we all start at the beginning!
  20. I’d like to see the shock of the current SL bosses working with V’landys.
  21. Stop muddying the waters and just stick to the female state of origin players in Queensland. TV ratings that peak at around a million people, valuable media coverage in the lead up in mainstream print, TV and online media. The women get some great coverage and better remuneration is only reasonable. It’s also a kickstarter for professionalism in the female game. They have to give enough to cover the players that have to sacrifice work to participate. A half measure would mean they’ll still potentially face dire financial consequences by choosing to participate. There’s also the investment in the future that the equal payment brings. It sends a high profile and very public signal to females and their allies that the sport thinks about them and sees a future with them. With this in mind the return on investment should hopefully be fantastic.
  22. I look forward to buying a new RL jersey to add to my collection.
  23. It’s like Parksider 2.0 has entered the thread.
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