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  1. I was practicing on my unicycle yesterday (read: falling off continuously) and a man rode by on a unicycle. He was out walking the dog while riding. We gave each other a friendly wave and off he went. I’ve lived here for quite a while now and I’ve never seen him before.
  2. ? my oldest son actually wanted to leave the Xbox and take footage for his social media accounts but for probably the first time ever I told him to stay indoors and keep playing games.
  3. The young kids at the nearby after school care facility thought it was hilarious.
  4. It was day 1 yesterday and I must have fallen off at least 100 times. Nothing major though. There were a few all body falls but most were stumbles and not painful. My body is currently in pain though and I was sweating like a pig while practising. It’s hard work. I went three revolutions on 3 occasions. All other attempts were either half or one revolution.
  5. I tried to get a quote for a bathroom renovation and the guy said he’s booked solid until April!
  6. I’ve just ordered a unicycle. dear god.... what have I gone and done!?
  7. I did 10k in 44 minutes a few years ago but really bad plantar fasciitis put an end to my running. I still really miss it and wonder if I should sign up to my local park run but I’m worried the pain will return.
  8. I’m not sure but I’m seriously considering it. It just looks really hard with a lot of falls between starting and competence. My partner said something (all in good humour) along the lines of “ha ha! You already have a ukulele and now you want a unicycle. Where is this heading?”
  9. My son’s friend rides a unicycle to school and has been teaching my son how to ride it before school starts. This has been going on for a few months. I recently bought my son a unicycle and he now charges around the neighbourhood and elsewhere looking like a circus act. He is begging me to buy another unicycle because he really wants to go unicycling with me. The task looks impossible but my son REALLY wants to do this with me. I’ve sent off an email to a major online unicycle store requesting suggestions for a model suitable for a guy my height and weight.... I’m still not sure though. It’s really testing my commitment to being a great parent! This is a scenario I never anticipated..
  10. Great thread. My mate killed himself in high school and a few days later other kids were throwing small nooses at his sister for a laugh. It was truly appalling and hopefully these things no longer occur. I was off work for a few years due to PTSD resulting from experiences with Indonesian military, police and intelligence services. It was absolutely debilitating. I was living in poverty and had no idea where to find help. One day I called a nearby university’s psychology outreach section in absolute desperation and they offered me free treatment if I agreed to be part of a study. I agreed and I had to participate in all sorts of treatments that were successful enough to get be back into work and I also finished my degree. It still impacts on my life in frustrating ways but I’ve found a nice steady comfortable job that pays well. When I change roles I always consider the team and team culture before I move. Good people, rather than more $, is the key issue for me. I just try to keep a dependable, steady life and stay in control of my own destiny as much as I can. If you’re ever at rock bottom all you have to do is ask for help at the right places and people will help. They’ll help in a way that is dignified, respectful and private. A couple of years ago on Xmas day I failed trying to save a drowning person’s life and that hit hard as it was a young person in the prime of their life. It still hurts but skills I learnt from my previous experiences have helped me a lot. While I was walking away from the body ( the police had arrived and were with the body) a woman walked up to me and said something along the lines of “you did everything you could possibly do”... I’m so glad she was there and said that.
  11. I’ve just been thinking I’ve had a good year so far. I have taken up kayaking, fishing and disc golf. All three keep me in the outdoors. I love taking photos while out on the 6.64 square kilometre lake in the centre of Canberra. It’s really beautiful out there and I have been paddling all through winter also. The disc golf has surprised me. It’s just like ball golf but with a small frisbee that is thrown into a basket. There are drivers, putters etc. The discs all have different flying qualities and you pick and choose a specific disc to match each specific throw.
  12. I loved it. It was good escapist trash. Even the laws of physics are incapable of defeating The Rock.
  13. I asked my friend about the whiskey he gave me that I enjoyed. He has a few and didn’t know which one I had. So for Father’s Day last weekend I asked my partner for either a bottle of whiskey or a bottle of spiced rum..... she bought me a bottle of Spicebox spiced whiskey instead as she thought it’d cover both of my gift suggestions. ? It’s nice for what it is but didn’t quite scratch my itch. To scratch that itch I bought some Bowmore small batch single malt whiskey. I have not tried it yet.
  14. I’ve just started In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. It must me the longest novel I’ve ever attempted. The previous big effort was Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and that was absolutely brilliant. This Proust novel is around 4-5 times longer. Sometimes I just want to be totally consumed by a novel and I’m hoping to do that with this publication. Wish me luck!
  15. I’ve only ever had whiskey twice in my life. The second time was a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it and might have to give it another try
  16. It’s wonderful. I sit there surrounded by nature, book in hand, some soft jazz or classical music playing and just chill out. Also, being a keen environmentalist, I get to catch and kill large European carp and Redfin perch (aka European/English perch) that are pest fish in our waterways.
  17. Sepuluh Anak Negro by Agatha Christie. It’s the Indonesian language version. The original English title is now considered very offensive. I’ve never read Agatha Christie before and am really enjoying it.
  18. I’ve taken up fishing and really enjoy it. I should have started years ago as I find it very relaxing.
  19. I started watching the recent X-Files series and it prompted me to drag out an Indonesian language edition of an X-Files novel. It’s good fun.
  20. Wakanda wasn’t hidden, only the developed part was hidden away. Fake countries on earth that are recognised by the UN, news reports, government agencies etc are unbelievably annoying in movies. I’d rather Wakanda be completely hidden, or even on another planet. I thought the movie was quite boring and, when compared to many other superhero movies, is below average. If people are specifically looking for black actors as superheroes then the Luke Cage TV series is much better (but not really family friendly).
  21. I had a shaved head and red laces in boots for most of my 20s. Living in Australia though that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the red laces thing. In fact, I still occasionally wear black shoes with red laces at work as I simply like the combination.
  22. Dear god that is stupid. I have a Lonsdale jacket that I’m always wearing out and about.
  23. There are lots of beasties in regional Australia but it doesn’t keep me away. The water is clean and cool.
  24. 30 degrees Celsius and sunny here in Canberra. I might go swimming in a local river later today. Not really relevant to this thread but I just wanted to let you know. :-)
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