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  1. I’ve taken up fishing and really enjoy it. I should have started years ago as I find it very relaxing.
  2. I started watching the recent X-Files series and it prompted me to drag out an Indonesian language edition of an X-Files novel. It’s good fun.
  3. Wakanda wasn’t hidden, only the developed part was hidden away. Fake countries on earth that are recognised by the UN, news reports, government agencies etc are unbelievably annoying in movies. I’d rather Wakanda be completely hidden, or even on another planet. I thought the movie was quite boring and, when compared to many other superhero movies, is below average. If people are specifically looking for black actors as superheroes then the Luke Cage TV series is much better (but not really family friendly).
  4. I had a shaved head and red laces in boots for most of my 20s. Living in Australia though that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of the red laces thing. In fact, I still occasionally wear black shoes with red laces at work as I simply like the combination.
  5. Dear god that is stupid. I have a Lonsdale jacket that I’m always wearing out and about.
  6. There are lots of beasties in regional Australia but it doesn’t keep me away. The water is clean and cool.
  7. 30 degrees Celsius and sunny here in Canberra. I might go swimming in a local river later today. Not really relevant to this thread but I just wanted to let you know. :-)
  8. It’s rare to find an Australian who can read an Indonesian language novel. Quite a few can say the basics on a Balinese street though. Indonesian has the benefits of being an easy and forgiving language for beginners which makes many think they speak it well or that the language is easy. However if you give them the Indonesian media equivalent of The Times they don’t understand a word. The reality is that while it is easy to start it is hard to finish. A number of foreign governments lists it as harder to learn than languages like French and Spanish. It is a fun language. Very different grammar to English and has a lack of tenses. The verbs don’t change.
  9. A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories translated into Indonesian. I've never read any in the original language and am really enjoying it. They are just good solid stories. Prior to this I read Fathers and Sons (English translation) by Ivan Turgenev. I really enjoyed the social context within which the tale unfolded.
  10. A lot more old photos of military guys playing rugby league at this link including portraits of unknown british and commonwealth soldiers in rugby league kit in Japan and elsewhere. yep rugby league in the British military. I thought it was banned. I guess these matches were unofficial. They were also possibly Australians on both teams in those days https://www.awm.gov.au/search?q=Rugby league a sample...
  11. Rugby league match between a British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) team of Australian soldiers and crew members of HMS Shropshire. japan 1946 https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/C1144123?search
  12. Thanks. I know a Polish family in Australia who have become NRL fans to the point of buying season tickets etc. I might point them in the direction of your site.
  13. The other day in Java I had a meal of freshly killed (killed right in front of me) cobra followed by a big dish of fruit bat - wings and body. A few days before that I gorged on a juicy dish of satay horse. The cobra especially was delicious...as was the chaser of cobra blood and Chinese whisky mixed together. Monkey was also on the menu but they had run out.
  14. Oh dear. Yet another NRL feeder comp. Maybe NRL clubs could offer support if a SL club wants to be one of their bevy of feeder clubs
  15. Interesting Major League Soccer TV rating in the NY Times .. I thought it was more popular.. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/26/sports/nbc-gets-far-more-than-it-expected-from-cup.html?_r=0
  16. my local butcher has "emu salami". Tastes ok. Try Camel. I had a great camel pie in the outback.... yum. Although back to your part of the world ... a good dish of sheep brains always hits the spot
  17. very crude photo .... but meant a lot to me.. a real sense of achievement to make the summit from sea leavel.. mt rinjani i took this one over 20 years ago as a child when swimming around the beach just after dark with the camera.. not the best focus or light but have always liked it
  18. thanks... I'd love a new camera... but such is life. My brother is a keen underwater photographer and told me earlier today that for the first time someone has offered him some cash for one of his photos but he doesn't know how much t charge.... and a cafe near his work wants to dsiplay his shots.. . ... my mum's partner has also just won first prize in some photography competition ... all photos entered had to be taken on a pre-determined day... I should ask them for tips as they are a resource i never use.
  19. from the footy a few years back... using a cheap digital camera..
  20. ONe says 700k per season the other 450k per season.
  21. Part of the article says: "Moran swayed King to join the emerging Warrington after several phone conversations and a deal that will rank him in the top five money-earners in the game"
  22. So says page 47 of today's Sunday Telegraph in Sydney. Apparently it was signed on friday night.
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