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  1. Fashion... I don’t care at all. During the colder parts of the year I’ve been wearing the same jumper to work regularly for around 20 years. It will be there when I retire too.
  2. I used to understand, but now I know more, I understand very little.
  3. I get the impression Abdo and V’landys are going to do some revolutionary things for the NRL.
  4. There’s also a country next door with 25 million people with companies that love the exposure an NRL team can bring. So they don’t have to rely purely on local money. The Warriors are regularly on Australian TV and their highlights are shown on prime time television news broadcasts here in Australia. Their jerseys, complete with sponsorships, are in photographs in the largest selling newspapers and online media too. Radio programs also talk about them. They probably get more exposure in Australia than any other sporting team from NZ. The All Blacks get sporadic peaks but the Warriors are there during preseason and during the season.
  5. Union 7s is so popular Fiji produced a $7 note. No, I'm not kidding.
  6. We’ve lost a few magazines here in Australia but we’re fortunate to have very extensive coverage across all forms of mainstream media.
  7. When i was a child milk was sold in plastic bags in my part of Australia.
  8. I forgot to add to my previous post... To get an insight into Australian life go to the Facebook pages called: Dorsal - Central NSW Shark Reports Dorsal Shark Reports - Australia ACT Snake Sightings
  9. Most suburban beaches have shark alarms. If you hear it go off, head to shore. And yes, jellyfish (this one in particular https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_man_o'_war ) can close a beach when 1000s turn up. Sometimes only a few turn up and you take your chances. I’ve been stung a few times and it hurts. It especially hurts when the stinger wraps around your leg and torso and gets tangled up.
  10. The big ones are generally Huntsman spiders and they like to live in houses. I have a few in my house at the moment. They tend to stay on the walls waiting for prey. I leave them alone as they are free insect control. Huntsman are famous for hiding behind the sun visor in cars. When you flip it down they fall on you while driving down the freeway.. The other day my partner drove home with one right next to her leg. She’s English and wasn’t raised with spiders so she wasn’t too happy about it.
  11. I wouldn’t say bigger, but there are areas like the eastern suburbs where you can find quite a few Sydney Swans fans.
  12. Millions of people live with venomous and dangerous animals in Australia without too many hassles. No crocodiles for a very long time in Brisbane. I have the second most venomous land snake (eastern brown snake) on earth in my suburb in Canberra. Follow a few rules that are drilled into us from childhood and you’re ok. Have a look on the “ACT Snake Sightings” Facebook page for some Canberra snake sightings..
  13. Go for it! SE Queensland is better than Sydney though because it’s easier to get around and warm pub weather is year round. In Sydney you can also get stuck in a workplace full of north shore union fans or eastern suburbs AFL fans, in Brisbane it seems to be RL love spread across the whole place. However in Sydney, if you had the time and money, you can watch multiple live NRL matches every weekend. but I digress..
  14. When I visited England the FA Cup final was on. I was shocked by the low level of media coverage it was receiving. I was too used to the disproportionate coverage sport can get here in Australia.
  15. With 140,000 Australian born people in the UK, all those backpackers that spent a year on the east coast of Australia and a rugby league awareness in parts of northern England I suspect 1:1000 people could name 3 NRL teams. The numbers would still be a very very tiny proportion of people though.
  16. Some answers regarding the stars can be found here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Honduras
  17. This looks like fun https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/02/02/qrl-launches-commentator-development-program/
  18. The plan to train female primary school teachers to be rugby league coaches is interesting.
  19. Not taking advantage of my child’s sneezing fit during a rugby league game on the XBOX to score a winning try. I’m not ruthless enough.
  20. We have a 24/7 rugby league channel in Australia. You have more than enough product with that if it’s pumped up a bit with magazine style shows.
  21. Jesus.... what do the Irish do with them?!
  22. They do drink XXXX in QLD. That almost counteracts the attraction of a Covid free state .... almost.
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