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  1. ... and invested seriously in youth development.
  2. Not sure what this list is about. If it's places you've watched RL at, I've done many of JohnM's list, but not all. I've also watched games at the following: The Athletic Grounds, Rochdale (the first game of RL I ever watched); Clarence Street & Huntington Stadium, York; Craven Park (old & new), Hull; Wembley (old & new); McCain Stadium, Scarborough; the Boulevard, Hull; Boothferry Park, Hull; the Recre, Whitehaven; McLaren Field, Bramley and others I've forgotten. Good memories, all of them.
  3. I certainly wasn't expecting that. I was so sure we'd get tonked that I had written the game off and even forgot it was the early kick-off. I'm obviously chuffed, but I am also puzzled as to how and why Hull imploded so spectacularly at the end. I am intrigued by the mindsets of the fans. Salford fans never really expect much, so are happy with the occasional success. Personally, I was disappointed we lost the two finals, but I was delighted we got there, so the disappointment wasn't crushing. Hull, on the other hand, seem to offer eternal promise, but deliver only occasional success. Do days like today hurt Hull fans more than a defeat by Leigh hurts me? (I can't really speak for other Salford fans) I suppose my question is, "Is it better to find the odd diamond in a sea of slurry than the odd t**d in a sea of best bitter"? Sorry, edit to add "commiserations to my HFC friends".
  4. I tried to work out the winning margin on my calculator (yes, I am that old!), but it just came up with "E". Anyone know what that means? Cats by so many, the scoreboard operator will get rsi.
  5. I'm sorry! I seem to have driven this thread off topic. I didn't mean to do so. I just wanted to offer congatulations to Leigh, express my dismay at Salford and state an opinion on the unfairness of the present set-up. There must be dozens of ways to arrange our game, none of which will be perfect, but few of which will be as unfair as this one. The rfl should select the best for the game as a whole, not just super league. However, that discussion belongs elsewhere. Well done, Leigh! Pull your bloody socks up, Salford! And good luck to the rfl, you will need it!
  6. I didn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth. The rfl should find another solution.
  7. Where to begin? Firstly, a big "Well done!" to Leigh. As someone else said, I hate to see a team go winless through an entire season, so I'm happy for you even if your win was at our expense. As for Salford, I am lost for words. Almost. I can't get to England to watch them, so I have to rely on what others say, and it's not good. I don't want to ctiticise the players as I don't believe that players don't try. They might not be good enough, they might be suffering physical weakness following an illness, but to say they don't try is wrong even if it looks like it. What I can criticise, whatever the cause of a poor performance, is the lack of discipline. It's killing us week after week and it's down to the coaching staff to stamp it out. After the last two seasons, this one is dispiriting to say the least. Roll on next year! Oh, and anyone who thinks there should be any relegation after this shambles of a season is barking mad.
  8. That is sad. I met him back in about 1975 when he gave the after-dinner speech at Langwith College on the occasion of the University of York's 10th anniversary. A charming man and an entertaining speaker. RIP, Austin.
  9. BBC showing Salford 18 - 12 Huddersfield. FT. Well done, Salford!
  10. The cemetary/crematorium is further along the road than the hospital. I wonder if, on the way to the crem, anyone has ever asked the undertaker to pop into A&E for one last attempt at resuscitating their dear (nearly) departed?
  11. Plastic surgery. They used real plastic.
  12. What a load of wimps you lot are! Mind you, we have just had air-con fitted in the second bedroom.
  13. I don't think the view was a deal-breaker for Bleep.
  14. Good luck, MD. I don't envy you.
  15. We don't need to ship it over. It comes by the plane-load. The only problem is that smell of coconut on its skin. Once it's on the grill, though, you barely notice it.
  16. I share your pain, mate. Except the weather. At least here it is a beautiful day ... ... again!
  17. Good luck with the tests and treatment (or should I say 'ointment'?). Take care, mate.
  18. Always look on the bright side, eh John? That was my first thought, too. Salford should win this game, but the confidence of the last two seasons has seemingly evaporated, so I'm back to 'not sure' mode. Hoping the team clicks and we win by about 15 points.
  19. "The moving finger writes and, having writ, Moves on; nor all thy piety nor wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a line, Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it." And, "Oh thou who man of baser earth didst make And who, with Eden didst devise the snake, For all the sins wherewith the face of man is blackened, Man's forgiveness give; and take." Both verses from Fitzgerald's rendering of The Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam.
  20. I wonder if Gerald Sinstadt will be doing the commentary?
  21. I don't often post on the football thread, but I shall make an exception now. Many of you know that I am a long time fan of Manchester City (though nowadays I much prefer TGG), and I am heartily sick of all the media speculation about a 'quadruple'. STFU! All any of this does is set us up for a fall. If and when City do win the quadruple, then you can fill your papers and pundit shows with any amount of reporting. Rant over.
  22. I used to understand everything, but I was older then and I'm younger than that now, so I don't understand anything. With apologies to Bob Dylan (I think the lyrics of 'My Back Pages").
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