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  1. Of course there's room for optimism in West Hull! A quick glance across the river should lift your spirits.
  2. Your chemist will be able to provide a cream for your itch. I think Salford will win in a close contest.
  3. I like your new avatar, John. It definitely gets my approval.
  4. I've just remebered this, too. If you are driving in France on the Routes Nationales, give cyclists plenty of room when you overtake them. A minimum of 1 metre is expected. This might have changed but, 40 years ago, my then girlfriend gave me an earful for not doing so.
  5. I used to drink in a pub called "The First In, Last Out" in Whitby. Dead chuffed for Salford.
  6. You're so vain, you probably think this thread is about you, don't you? Don't you? Sorry Phil. I couldn't resist. (Also note that I've forgotten how to link songs to the board)
  7. Follow the advice of Pen-Y-Bont and Robin. Use the road signs, they are generally very good. A bit of preparation will help. I've never used viamichelin, but I have used the AA Route Planner. It is great for the outline of the journey (town to town), but it can be difficult to use in a strange town as it gives too much detail imo. Have fun.
  8. Too many imponderables to predict. Mainly the rule changes vis-a-vis the two packs, but also how the lay-off has affected the players fitness and timing of runs, etc. I just hope it's a good game and everyone enjoys it.
  9. Last year's was better, but I am biased! PS. I haven't even watched this year's. I told you I was biased.
  10. My computer knowledge is limited, but couldn't you just add an external hard drive? You say you have one for backups, but surely that would give you tons of extra space for minimal cost? If speed is the problem, I think you probably need a new processor, ie a new laptop.
  11. I'll have a quiet word with Kyriakos and make sure you aren't blocked.
  12. It's nice to see that, in these times of change, some things can be relied on to stay constant, your love for the 'Targers' being one of them. Hope you are keeping well, OF. Take care.
  13. Jack Nicklaus, I believe. It is a truism. You can't eliminate luck completely, but you can shift the odds slightly in your favour by working hard and practising.
  14. That's a gracious viewpoint. I think the role of luck is underplayed in sport. I know it evens out over a season, but a single game often swings on a lucky break. When City beat Liverpool, the first chance felĺ to Salah and his shot bounced out off the post. If it had gone in off the post, the game would have been totally different. City may still have won, but not so easily. Good managers can pick players and tactics that shift the odds slightly in their favour, but they can't eliminate luck altogether. I think it was Bill Shankly who said, "I'd rather have a lucky team than a good one." In any single game, luck can play a huge part. Sorry. Forgot to add "Well done, Saints!"
  15. I think you are jumping the gun with the "City favourites" claim. If the UEFA ban is upheld, even a club as wealthy as City could struggle to attract the quality players they need. If the ban is overturned, then I think you could be correct.
  16. So, Mrs Lincoln, did you enjoy the play? Or, to bring that old joke up to date, I know you didn't enjoy the game, but did you enjoy the guard of honour? I think next season is going to be interesting.
  17. Blimey! It's not long since they beat City in an FA Cup final. What the hell has gone so wrong?
  18. My thoughts are with you, gazza. Condolences and best wishes.
  19. That's awful news. I'm not surprised you "zoned out". I don't know how I would handle such a diagnosis. I hope the scientists can develop a cure or, at least a treatment for you. Good luck.
  20. Only just caught up with this. Very sad to hear about Loungr Room Lizard. Only knew him on here, but he struck me as a bloke I'd like to chew the fat with over a beer and I cannot pay a higher compliment than that.
  21. My own favourite is the Barton swing aqueduct. I believe it is the only one of its kind in the world and it worked perfectly, first time. They couldn't test it before demolishing the original aqueduct and, once the original (built by Brindley) was gone, there was no going back.
  22. There is. The Standedge Tunnel is actually 3 (or possibly 4, I can't remember exactly) separate tunnels. The first, and lowest, is the canal tunnel which still operates. Then there is the current railway tunnel. Finally, there is one (or 2?) disused railway tunnel(s). I believe they are officially closed, but some intrepid urban explorer types have been in and videoed their exploration. If you want the full gen, check out the YouTube channel of Martin Zero. There is a full episode on the Standedge Tunnel. It is very informative.
  23. I'm not looking back in anger. I'm looking back at your sarcastic comments about a "guard of honour in Manchester" and wondering what the hell brought them on. IIRC, it was you who almost pleaded for me to praise LFC last year, which I did. I don't remember gloating about our domestic grand slam last year, so I don't understand your attitude. You may not mean it, but you come across as rather ungracious. Enjoy your victory.
  24. Oh dear. You do crave the adulation of the whole world, don't you? Nobody took anything away from Liverpool there. They simply pointed out that City have lost their edge. Not replacing Kompany has cost us defensively, but we also lost key players in Leroy Sane (all season) and Aymeric Laporte (months out). To give some perspective, two seasons ago, City raised the bar beyond everyone's reach. Last season, Liverpool worked hard to match us and came up just short with the rest trailing badly. This season, Liverpool have maintained their momentum and are probably better than last season, but City have certainly taken a step back for the reasons above. As for the future, I don't rate City as favourites for the Champions League. I think Real could well dump us out at the Etihad (no Aguerro) and City have a long history of tripping over their own feet. Next season I expect Liverpool to win the title, though not by such a margin, and I expect City to struggle as the UEFA ban means we won't be able to sign the talent we need to replace an ageing squad. Anyway, forgive me for not kissing the feet of Liverpool FC, but "Well done, Jurgen." Now perhaps you'd like to reconsider your sarcastic comments about the "guard of honour in Manchester"? I doubt it will be as bad as the welcome you lot gave our team bus.
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