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  1. a lot of the leeds squad go in morrisons at kirkstall after training
  2. its your day, but it reminds me of bramley's bbc floodlit trophy win in 1973 ,bramley's only trophy after 94 years . of course the "gallant youth's"are embedded in RL history and heritage . great stuff BATLEY
  3. well played "the gallant youth's" listening on radio leeds my heart was in my mouth
  4. 8 minutes to go and i was annoyed at being disturbed and getting my view blocked by so called fans leaving early. Dont know about my heart but my hand was shaking when i picked up my first pint 10 minutes after the game
  5. and dont you think he is a bit scruffy too ,he's had them jeans on for 4 years
  6. Bramley v Leeds were'nt a bad derby either ,it used to fill the old Barley Mow ground over 9000 . I remember as a kid convoys of no77 buses coming up through the broadlea estate on their way "up bramley"bringing leeds fans from town. and please no jokes about the broadlea estate it was ok 50 years ago.
  7. next thing the dreaded merger suggestion will rear its ugly head
  8. ok dally,but when you described the hull v hull kr crowd at wembley being largest derby crowd , that was the rl cup final played in london the wembley occasion when all the rl family congregate. the elland road championship final at elland road hunslet v leeds 1938 was played within the city by two very partisan rival clubs from the same city and 90% of the demand for tickets which forced the game to be switched from belle vue came from the city 54000 largest derby crowd
  9. hunslet -leeds in the 50s they used to get 20k for the pre season lazenby cup match.
  10. honorary southstander ,i will wave from the north stand
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