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  1. Is that jersey sales alone? And I’d assume it’s a combined figure across the numerous jerseys they’ve realeased, not just one. if it’s 20,000 of the home jersey, for instance, I think that would be pretty good for a RL club. Even if it is combined, record sales are record sales.
  2. There’s probably quite a simple reason why so many brands come and go, and I think it’s just down to the lack of real opportunity in RL. Many brands go into partnerships with clubs/sports thinking they can do things so much better than the previous partner/supplier, but with RL I think the lack of commercial opportunity to grow is what leads to so much chop and change. Reality is there’s not as much money to be made in RL in the UK as in other sports. I’d be surprised if there is ever any genuine competition in bidding for club contracts. I’ve said this before, and still believe there is however a great opportunity for a sports brand to take ownership of the game (as an apparel partner/supplier), they might not make them huge profits but would give them great visibility. ISC have come closest. But no one else since. We see it all too regularly. Brands/suppliers come in and a season or two later are gone, which can only be down to the value of being involved. Didn't Fev sign a contract with Ellegren only last season?
  3. I heard not too long ago Hull FC we’re also going down the rebrand route, on focusing on the Airlie Bird as the main aesthetic. I wonder if that is still in the works.
  4. I bet many of us on here could tell a tale or two about angry birds from Hull..
  5. I like it. It’s strong. I’d go so far as to say it’s very good. Well done HKR. Of the SL rebrands we’ve seen so far this is by far the best.
  6. A working group to work alongside another working group.. maybe create another working group to oversee these two.
  7. Certainly sounds interesting, and a definite positive for the sport. If the money being offered was similar you'd imagine they'd go with the BBC, due to their history together, but would love to be able to get another new broadcaster interested, which could be hugely beneficial in the long term. Would hope its Channel 4 with their recent coverage of union, though could obvs be ITV. Important thing would be scheduling. Which of these potential broadcasters would be willing to give the game the kind of exposure we crave?
  8. Doesn’t look too bad actually, although they are training shirts. And from what peeks I’ve seen on Instagram, It could be pretty good for Leeds fans.
  9. No, it shows that I honestly don't have any time for them based on what i know of them. And also that I was thinking about 80's boxing and 'Frank' Warren came to mind. Simple mistake. I don't have the time or inclination to offer you my thoughts on what RL could be doing to progress the sport, but have mentioned it many times before on previous threads if you really want to know, but thankfully they don't have to be an alternative to Matchroom.
  10. I'm not sure I believe Frank Hearn's comment about boxing. They've been involved in British Basketball for the last 5 years, I'd be interested to see how much impact they've had there in that period.
  11. They have, but with limited funding, limited scope and in arguably nearly all cases the completely wrong brief. We obviously differ in our opinions of the Hearn's, but i see them as limited.
  12. I have to admit that i've never been a fan of Frank Hearn or Eddie Hearn. As has been mentioned, they are events people, of a certain level. They are currently involved to some degree in team sports in the UK, such as Basketball and Netball, but solely as events. Having no interest in either of those sports I honestly couldn't tell you much about the events they organise. But a good marker for any impact they've made would be to compare the difference between what those sports had achieved pre and post involvement with Matchroom. You could argue that selling Basketball to the neutral sports fan is easier than RL would be, due to the global awareness it enjoys. All the things listed about what they might bring to the sport I think can be achieved through working with just as capable, if not more capable, organisations and agencies. Without all the ego. The way they operate quite simply would never work in RL. I don't think we don't need a circus to be successful. Just some decent people with the right skillset and a progressive and strategic approach. Just my humble opinion of course!
  13. I’m not sure what McGuire did at Wigan previously counts for much now. He’s had a horrible time as coach of Wests. I’d suggest he maybe needs a bit of time away from the game. After reading the recent Wigan fans forum write up I can’t honestly see them going for anyone other than the Wane/Peet combo.
  14. They really should just stick the sale price on it now.
  15. Not really. Media types that live near London maybe.
  16. In a similar vein the BBC news at 10 sports bulletin featured Intl Football, Intl Cricket, Tennis, Womens Football, F1 and golf, but no mention of RL.. which is nothing new, and not at all surprising. Though all the above, aside from womens football, were International events. Which should also tell us something.
  17. Well that was a bloody depressing read. I certainly don’t warm to either IL or KR. Maybe it’s just me but they seem quite deflective. I don’t hold out much hope for a decent coach coming on board to excite us fans.
  18. Decent Signing Sironen. Look forward to him being Interviewed by Barrie Mac on SKY! Seem to recall a lighthearted video on youtube of Curtis talking about his dad's confrontation with Baz.
  19. Well with Shaun Wane (presumably) as Director of Rugby (or whatever name you want to give it), you'd have to assume it will be a young coach. I've seen a few Wigan fans on social media calling for O'Loughlin to be given the job! Didn't Andy Farrell apply when Wane left and Edwards got the job? I wonder if he'll be interested again. Sure a few names from down under will get thrown around. Thinking of coaches with a link to UK (and there actually quite a few).. Stephen Kearney? Michael Monaghan? A return to SL coaching for David Furner maybe?
  20. It’s not so much skill set. It’s more mindset. I think It’s more to do with motivation. The NRL is the bigger competition, with far greater exposure. As we all know It’s a big deal in Australian sport. Players have to be at their best week in week out (well, traditionally anyway, maybe less so over the last few years) and I think Bateman plays better in that pressured environment. It brings out the best in the type of aggressive confrontational player he is. He was strong in his first spell at Wigan as that was arguably the best environment he’d been in till going to the NRL. Maybe second time round the gap between where he was and where he is now is more noticeable and the motivation isn’t as strong. Also, If his missus is pushing to return to Australia and he has the obvious pull of being here with his daughter, maybe having a potential decision like that to make is also playing a part in his performance. Who knows, but I just don’t think things are as black and white as “he’s just average” just because he’s not been in the best of form since returning to SL.
  21. Sometimes things just aren't as black and white as some would like them to be. I would actually like Bateman to go back to the NRL, I think he is better suited to the NRL than to SL. Though with his reasons for coming back being seeing his Daughter, you'd imagine his personal circumstances would have to change for it to happen.
  22. One of Shaun Wanes greatest abilities was getting the best out of his players. He made very average players look good.
  23. The start of half term week also. Pobably bad for travel costs, but good for convincing the missus we should all head to the south of France for a week
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