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  1. https://wiganwarriors.com/news/2019-09-11-warriors-agree-partnership-with-kingfisher Big brand. Great work. Doesn't mention a presence on playing strip, but nonetheless, still a great pick up by Wigan.
  2. If Matthew Elliott could be consistently hired to a number of head coaches roles in the NRL Shaun Wane certainly can.
  3. Can't see how either can be considered a flop. Both have or are coming back, or have been hampered by Injury, and in Watkins case a loss of form and confidence due to the injury. If both are still in the NRL at the end of next year then a judgement can be made on their success or lack of it. But not now.
  4. Have seen this video posted a few times on Instagram also, from a few US based posters. One being a former NFL (i think) player turned Instagram influencer. Tafua came up with a couple of other bell ringers in this game also.
  5. Looks like Knowles and Coote have forgotten who there Junior club was. Add in Burgess x 2, Bateman, Hodgson, Whithead, Widdop and Graham, having cut that squad by 12 and you'd like to think it would be pretty decent, albeit with Coote and Austin as the non-English, but British, players
  6. The two missed tackles that led to Newcastle tries were really bad. He just didn't look interested enough. I've said all along, he needs a good NRL pre-season and a re-focus. Hopefully Holbrook can get the best out of him next year. The titans left edge looked even worse than the right edge where Watkins operates.
  7. First cup final I've missed for a long time. Looking forward to an afternoon on the sofa watching though. Think we'll see a closer game than many predict. Charbly 1st try scorer and Lomax to win Lance Todd.
  8. Just the intention of it i thought was pretty low. A dirty shot from Roberts.
  9. Co-sign on the original post. The Roberts incident a send off IMO. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/08/23/roberts-sin-binned-for-brain-explosion/ The Jayden Su'a incident less so. The tackle was a clumsy one on a falling player, so i don't think it was as intentional as the Roberts incident.
  10. Yeah its very much swings and roundabouts. The NFL Combine is a good indication of actual speed, for instance, over a certain distance. NFL players have to wear padding and helmets, and unless its a length of the field touchdown from a kick return i would have thought they're rarely running in a straight line for long enough periods to reach top speed. In RL you're, usually, carrying a ball, and have run plenty of metres and made tackles previously. So, swings and roundabouts. A genuine RL combine style event would be a great way to measure and compare.
  11. Just as a comparison Usain Bolts peak speed over 100m was 27mph. Over 200m his average (NOT top speed) was 23mph. According to a quick google search. would be interesting to compare some stats with some of the games genuinely fast players.
  12. Would also love to know at what point he clocked that fastest speed. At the start, when you'd imagine he'd be the most energised or the end of his chase, when desperation kicks in.
  13. Personally i don't feel any event has to be a competition as such. It is what it is. Players would go through these types of physical tests in pre-season regardless. Such a showcase would open that up on a larger scale, and presented right would be great additional content for use on TV and online. All players and coaches in one place would provide numerous opportunity for interviews and discussion around the coming season and goals etc etc. Watching new players and seeing how they stack up. Comparing against previous season's, reviewing players progress. I think it would be great. Any player winning the sprint tests would no doubt be dubbed the fastest in RL, the winner of any strength tests the strongest, it would be bound to breed a bit of competition among the players.
  14. Interesting article on the SL website. https://www.superleague.co.uk/article/992/the-rugby-league-combine The article is about Daryl Clarks efforts in chasing down Craig Hall in a game against HKR this season, where Clark hit a top speed of 35kph when tracking back to make a tackle on a runaway Hall. Faster apparently than any speed recorded in the Premier league or NFL last season. It further mentions other aspects of recorded physical achievements of certain players, and asks the question about whether an NFL combine style event/showcase could work for SL and it's players. The NFL combine has always interested me, and have always thought something similar would be great for RL, certainly as a pre-season event. And additional content is something we genuinely need. I think it would certainly raise some talking points on whose fastest/fittest/strongest etc and a great way to start previewing the season.
  15. Great player. Such a thing must be pretty scary. Hope he has a fast and full recovery.
  16. I see Wigan have announced Hummel as they're new kit supplier for 2020. First alluded to on these forums (probably in this thread) some months back.
  17. I'm 65 mins in to watching the re-run and I concur with a previous post that stated the ref had a decent enough game. IMO (thus far) he hasn't missed too much and been pretty equal in terms of penalties with both teams. Dragons started hard and heavy, but Warrington are no slouches and met fire with fire. 65mins in and it's a good tough game. Ill wait and see what unfolds in the last 15.
  18. So you had no concerns then and have none now? good for you.
  19. I guess the worry now for saints fans is twofold. Bringing on board a new coach who can keep the good work Holbrook has started and continue to move forward, and the fear that any Saints players who have an interest in having a crack in the NRL now may want to do that sooner if Holbrook is coaching at a club looking for additional players. The obvious candidates, who have been linked (some tenuously) with the NRL previously, would be Makinson, Walmsley and Thompson (Sorry Saints fans.. had to bring it up!)
  20. It's quite funny all the comments around handling, considering The amount of handling errors that occur in SL. Personally, I'm already really looking forward to seeing big George match up against big Alex in the Wigan/saints derbies.
  21. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/holbrook-beats-walters-to-be-new-titans-coach-20190729-p52bxd.html Not official yet, but looks all tied up. Best of luck to him. Always comes across as a real decent bloke, and his impact on Saints is pretty clear to see.
  22. Sadly has to be a question mark on Manfredi long term. Though I sincerely hope he fully recovers from all his injury problems. When fully fit Manfredi and Burgess should be first choice. i see French being much more effective from Fullback, which maybe casts a doubt on Hardakers long term future. Lam will have to make some serious decisions on his outside backs. think French is a decent signing though.
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