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  1. Leeds will win by 10+. The important thing about Saturday is that we'll be in Three John Scotts from about noon. Come and join us.
  2. Leeds. Always go Yorkshire over Lancashire anyday and before you ask East Hull is an honourary annexe of Lancashire.
  3. [cynicalmode] There is no hope in Hell that we will beat Leeds next week. Then there will be no hope in Hell that KR will lose against us in the play-offs. This is Hull FC we're talking about. We're ###### and we know we are. Time you all had a reality check! [/cynicalmode]
  4. The problem with #challengecupfinal is that it's long and when you only have 140 characters with which to make your point it is a bit silly to waste 18 of them on a hash tag. A shorter one would have been better, i.e. #ccfinal. Just for info, #rlscores is also used when people post updates from games.
  5. Dawson is off to Cardiff with Old Frightful and Roy Boy and will be sharing a room with a Rovers fan. I'd like to think I'll also get to share bodily fluids with Hanners, but I can't see that dream coming true.
  6. You two have clearly never been in the Grimsby end at Caravan Park. Give me Leeds and Wakey over the Dobbins' hell-hole-without-a-view any day.
  7. Crusaders will beat us, but not by much. That's as optimistic as I dare to be!
  8. Dave Hadfield at The Independent. Is Julie Stott still at The Sun?
  9. Has to be the YORKSHIRE team for me, every time*. *Unless it's Rovers. They are honorary Lancastrians in my book.
  10. Sorry I'm late. Other results have gone in our favour... yadda yadda yadda... That was FC's last win of the season though.
  11. The Pies will make mincemeat out of us. Wigan by 20+. More importantly, anyone know if the delectable Hanners will be in attendance...?
  12. We have been consistent; consistently s**t. Consistently in the top six thanks to results of other games going our way. Consistently poorly coached. Consistently playing for a maximum of thirty minutes every game. Consistently poor to watch. If KR lose this by less than 18 they should be ashamed of themselves.
  13. I stand by my comment. Hull managed to hang on scoring a try against the run of play, but Bradford still looked like scoring if the Hull-biased Radio Blunderside commentary was anything to go by.
  14. 22-22. Hull FC can only play half an hour every game before once again crumbling into nothingness.
  15. Perhaps on entry into grounds we should wire everyone up to a central machine that automatically elecrocutes anyone using foul language. The last thing I knew we had laws of free-speech in this country. There is swearing at every game and the minute you get rid of it atmospheres will evaporate. Try as you might it will never happen in sport. Rugby games are not held in libraries and I reserve the right to chant banterous, stupid, good-humoured songs at opposition fans and players, with special provision to disparage KR fans/players/board members. There are specific laws agains homophobic hatred and it would seem that Cas fans sailed very close to the wind in regards to GT. Until there are specific laws against hair colour hatred I cannot see the RFL having a case against such chants as those from Leeds fans last night.
  16. "Ah, that's good gear. I actually believe that I'm a coach of Super League standard..."
  17. That's very realistic for you, Mr. Optimism! Bulls by 14+ for me.
  18. It's also the standard shortening of the female Bulgarian name Miroslava. Glad you're back safe.
  19. In just over an hour I'm off to Manchester to see PJ Harvey..... Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  20. Who were you? They are awesome live. If you think they're good on record, you'll love them live. They just have an extra special energy. I didn't want the gig to end.
  21. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were awesome. The only bad thing about the night was Old Frightful sending me a text that cemented my worries about Hull FC even further.
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