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  1. Thinking about it, but my love for RL is at a low point
  2. Why is it crazy? Theres a football, rugby and couple of cricket teams already here. Throw in Balloch etc where theres a few more and down to Dumbarton and then add in the Navy mob; surely theres 20 blokes who could fancy a game
  3. Has ever been any League in Helensburgh? Theres a union club here and plenty of Navy folk so could be ripe for a team!
  4. Alistair Kirkwood. He ran NFL UK for 20 years. If i was in charge, id knock on his door and give him what he wants and the time he needs. Done.
  5. What time does the Glasgow game kick off and where please? Might be able to watch...
  6. A nice physical document that needs to be handled etc. Makes loads of sense.
  7. What do you do if you dont have a printer?
  8. Maybe stop pestering them and wait till 9th?
  9. 121. Other than traipsing about with my 2 year old on me shoulders, i havent exercised properly in over a month despite a tremendous start to the Scottish summer. Ill start soon. Promise.
  10. Crikey. Was it Ratchford diving in? This is absolutely awful. In so many ways
  11. You dont just stand there though. Connor should never play for England of thats what hes about
  12. I'm booking my flights today. In for a penny.
  13. Aye. But if it were positive, theres nowt stopping you still attending. Ah well. Ill be there, negative test pending of course
  14. Isnt this a test event, too? I have a ticket, but have not been vaccinated; anyone know when more info about the testing proof is published? Ive a flight to book!
  15. 120. I have no idea how im the same as ive been having chocolate and pork scratchings for me breakfast. Another week or so off i reckon before the gym and being sensible wi food again.
  16. Aye, no dramas my side. Gingerjon drives a Hyundai, couldnt bring myself to do same
  17. I cant wait. The goal is every game now im unemployed.
  18. Not specific to this point, but this is what has annoyed me when buying. Reached out to a few 'car' folk, buy this, buy that, this is rubbish etc.. i know best etc Its a modern car, it'll be rate
  19. Gone for a c5 aircross in the end. Happy
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