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  1. From the perspective of someone who plays the game and puts a lot of time into trying to improve, and who still isn’t much good, the BDO is a good reminder that actually darts is a very difficult game to play well. We talk about an average in the 80s as being poor, yet most people would be happy to hit in the 80s on a regular basis just throwing for treble 20s.
  2. My best friend and bandmate was found dead by his wife early yesterday morning, he’d taken his own life. There had been problems at home, and his health wasn’t great, but no-one thought he was feeling this bad. He could be stubborn, arrogant and condescending, and he was always, always late, but he was also kind and generous and immensely talented. I loved him dearly, and I miss him already.
  3. They’re even doing it now whilst an amazing game is taking place. I get it if it’s a poor game, but during this game?!
  4. Other than Gerwyn Price going out a couple of hours after I stuck a few quid on him getting to the final, I’ve enjoyed the tournament, it’s been a pretty unpredictable ride . I’m not sure it’s done my confidence at the oche much good, mind, hearing ‘180’ ‘180’ ‘180’ when you’re hitting 26s. Still, not as bad as it was for my mate John who kept throwing for the wrong scores whilst John Henderson was playing due to the commentators saying ‘John needs so and so score’ and him going for that instead of what he should’ve been going for. I do wish the crowd would remember they’ve paid good money to watch the games though, rather than spending half the time not even looking at the stage. Have a few drinks and a good time, but at least pay some attention to the game..
  5. They were playing fully recognised and capped internationals, but the teams they were playing definitely weren’t full strength.
  6. I don’t expect those games to get a big profile, but England v Wales/Scotland/Ireland is a different proposition. No add-ons or caveats, just an international match between the best one nation has and the best another chooses to put out. Wales v England, with a date agreed a year or two in advance, has a better chance of drawing a crowd than anything WRL have to offer right now..
  7. I’m a neutral, and I’m looking forward to going along, as are the other four neutrals that want to come too, one of whom has never been to a game of rugby league in his life, despite 50+ years of involvement in union. My wife hasn’t been to a game since the Crusaders dropped out of Super League, despite offers to go to other games over the years, but she was keen for this one as soon as I mentioned it, saying it was just the right amount of rugby for her - she always says she can’t see the point in driving an hour and a half just to go to a game as neutrals, and that the Magic Weekend is a bit too much rugby, but two games, which should be good ones, in an afternoon and home by a sensible hour is about right.
  8. Why can’t England play the other home nations and put out an ‘appropriate’ strength side to keep the games competitive and provide more opportunities for player development? This happens in other sports without issue, and at the end of the day, if the sport is trying to gain converts outside the heartlands, are they going to know who England’s best players are? It’s pretty similar to what has brought Italy on across the code divide - when they joined the Six Nations, they were getting beaten by the second string sides in a 20k ground they couldn’t sell out. Now, they’re still losing mostly, but against the full strength teams and in a much bigger ground.
  9. Looking forward to this so much. Father is driving, which is excellent news, let's hope the bar is well stocked! Got a first-timer coming along with us, who has decided to give the game ago despite his advancing years, so here's hoping for a close game.. in the second match! Knowing first-hand how much hard work Jamie Thomas and his team have done, I'm hoping this will be the first step in vindicating their hard work. Something special and genuine and real is building here in North Wales, and without the likes of Jamie and Clive Griffiths, all we would have is memories of Super League, rather than long-term aspirations.
  10. Well, I know in Mid Wales, we've gone from no clubs to one club. Which can only be a good thing, in my books. We're looking at how to develop the game in the schools, and the like, and we're aware it won't happen overnight, but I think we could end up with quite a lot of enthusiasm for the game in a few years, despite the fact that a lot of rugby players here are also farmers, and therefore work more in the summer..
  11. PLAY?? The lad is a magician! Exhibit A - Crusaders v Salford, big Salford lad smashes it up the middle, hands off Sammut, who then takes the ball from his other hand and runs off...
  12. Well done to the boys. Standing in the ground during the 'final minute' of the Cas game, which seemed to last about 10 years, was one of the most nerve-wracking times of my life!!! After Sammut's try, myself and the missus agreed to name our first-born Jarrod. I suspect she thinks that only applies if it's a boy...
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