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  1. Neil Fox and Don Fox in a brilliant Wakefield side. Up the Trin
  2. The only reason Newcold is there is due to the Wakefield Community Stadium complex.
  3. I really hope you’re right Fevtom, not heard anything since we got the ground back. As someone said on here they were doing test drilling behind the East Stand last week. Up the Trin
  4. Can’t see it being the 19m stadium we were promised by the developer. I reckon 7-8 capacity fit for purpose meeting SL standards. The old super bowl site is included in purchase so don’t know what the plans will be.
  5. It been rumoured for a while but this is very good news we couldn’t wait for the promised Newmarket community stadium forever.
  6. Yes just built an extension to it too. The new planning app on Newmarket is for other warehouses but a totally different than what originally got passed. No community stadium on the new plans though, which was the only reason the green belt land was granted planning permission in the first place. I don’t know how they’re allowed to get away with it. Up the WMDC
  7. Good news on the Wakefield Community Stadium very soon according to radio interview by our wonderful council leader a couple of weeks ago. A few rumours all saying the same off a deal being done to finally redevelop Belle Vue, but nothing official has been announced as yet. Planning decision on Newmarket development due mid Jan so it might coincide with that, who knows. Won’t hold my breath but live in hope. Up the Trin
  8. The people making millions and people allowing them to make millions without fulfilling their obligations to build or contribute to the community stadium, which because of the promised community stadium is the only reason they’re able to make millions need throwing in that big building at the bottom of that picture. Up the Trin
  9. Ideal location can’t get better access than City Centre. Up the Trin
  10. We’ re not moving out of Wakefield we’re moving closer to City Centre, according to Sir Rodney Walker and council back in July. Balne Lane fields. Up the Trin
  11. Council inept or corrupt in letting a company with close working relationship to the council make millions from land that only got planning due to community stadium. Up the Trin
  12. Is this from when Yorkshire Cricket wanted to move to Wakefield but Caddick wouldn’t let them?
  13. There's plenty of interest in soccer in Wakefield just like anywhere. Wakefields the biggest City in England without a pro football team and heard somewhere the FA wanta club in Wakefield. If done right and linked up with the Wakefield Football academy it would be good, it would be also good for the Wakefield Community Stadium. Up the Trin
  14. It's a shame Wakefield FC went under if they'd have kept going support would have increased. In a LUFC fan but fallen out with football in the last few years and enjoy lower pyramid football more nowadays. There's talk of a football team in the new community stadium which I hear positive moves may be happening to make the stadium happen at Belle Vue. Regarding crowds if we'd won the league and reached the GF last year I wouldn't worry about our crowds the support is there and the new stadium will help, when it hopefully gets built for 2020. Up the Trin
  15. There's supposedly a decisive meeting this week on the City of Wakefield Community Stadium. Hope a deal that works will be agreed. Up the Trin
  16. Barely sneaked promotion? We won the league and the grand final, as for avoiding relegation that's the excitement that this new league structure is all about isn't it.
  17. The Wakefield Community Stadium would still go ahead SL or not . If we did get relegated the new system allows the chance to get straight back up doesn't it? so I would have though the removal of licensing would be a good argument against the no SL no community rumour. Im starting to warm to this new option as I hear the other option wasn't that good for the whole game + for clubs like us cas, Bradford it could increase investment as they know we won't be out of the top flight for at least 3 years due to licensing.
  18. Bramley and Hunslet are still in Leeds where as cas is not in Wakefield. Regarding Leeds United you are right a lot of people from Wakefield watch LUFC it only takes me 15mins to get to Elland Road it's Wakefields nearest pro football team but if Wakefield had a pro football team (I wish we would) I would have always watched them. If a merged RL team was forced on me replacing the team me and my family has watched for generations not even playing in my City, would I watch them? would I hell. Let's have P&R over a full season without moving the goal posts so we all know where we are and let clubs naturally find there level.TRINITY FOREVER
  19. Wakefield shouldn't represent the so called district we should have nothing to do with the district we should be back to Wakefield City Council . As for investment Wakefield needed it after the City centre being neglected for years compared to Leeds Huddersfield Barnsley. Anyway of to get the Wakefield Express tomorrow, surprised we don't have to share our local paper like some small towns out on a limb.Trinity Forever Love our club love our City
  20. is that right ? They should move the cathedral, the ridings,Trinity walk, the cathedral park , unit 41 etc to ponte then instead of been stuck out on a limb in the wilderness. Joking aside the 2-3 miles around Wakefield Central which includes all the estates and villages traditionally classed as Wakefield is a large populated area which is getting more populated all the time. What people outside the WMDC need to understand is Wakefield, cas and Pontefract are 3 separate areas and people of Wakefield have no affiliation to cas or ponte and that's replicated from the residents of cas and ponte, WDMC is a made up region . TRINITY FOREVER
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