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  1. According to Wakefield FC they asked to play at Belle Vue last year but were refused as we didn’t want additional wear and tear of pitch. This may be the reasoning of the proposed new 4g pitch but think it’s more for club training and community use. Up the Trin
  2. Supposedly all in place as detailed in the press release end of November. Up the Trin
  3. This is the first one by the club others were from developers. First one to go in for full detailed planning permission. Hope this happens will be good for the club and community. Up the Trin
  4. Good to see the support from Rugby League fans for the redevelopment of Belle Vue. The Rugby League Family Up the Trin
  5. Barely sneaked promotion? We won the league and the grand final, as for avoiding relegation that's the excitement that this new league structure is all about isn't it.
  6. The Wakefield Community Stadium would still go ahead SL or not . If we did get relegated the new system allows the chance to get straight back up doesn't it? so I would have though the removal of licensing would be a good argument against the no SL no community rumour. Im starting to warm to this new option as I hear the other option wasn't that good for the whole game + for clubs like us cas, Bradford it could increase investment as they know we won't be out of the top flight for at least 3 years due to licensing.
  7. Bramley and Hunslet are still in Leeds where as cas is not in Wakefield. Regarding Leeds United you are right a lot of people from Wakefield watch LUFC it only takes me 15mins to get to Elland Road it's Wakefields nearest pro football team but if Wakefield had a pro football team (I wish we would) I would have always watched them. If a merged RL team was forced on me replacing the team me and my family has watched for generations not even playing in my City, would I watch them? would I hell. Let's have P&R over a full season without moving the goal posts so we all know where we are and let clubs naturally find there level.TRINITY FOREVER
  8. Wakefield shouldn't represent the so called district we should have nothing to do with the district we should be back to Wakefield City Council . As for investment Wakefield needed it after the City centre being neglected for years compared to Leeds Huddersfield Barnsley. Anyway of to get the Wakefield Express tomorrow, surprised we don't have to share our local paper like some small towns out on a limb.Trinity Forever Love our club love our City
  9. is that right ? They should move the cathedral, the ridings,Trinity walk, the cathedral park , unit 41 etc to ponte then instead of been stuck out on a limb in the wilderness. Joking aside the 2-3 miles around Wakefield Central which includes all the estates and villages traditionally classed as Wakefield is a large populated area which is getting more populated all the time. What people outside the WMDC need to understand is Wakefield, cas and Pontefract are 3 separate areas and people of Wakefield have no affiliation to cas or ponte and that's replicated from the residents of cas and ponte, WDMC is a made up region . TRINITY FOREVER
  10. Or does it mean instead of blooding the youngsters due to injuries giving them valuable SL experience which is now reaping the rewards of blooding them youngsters, clubs will panic buy with fear of finishing in the bottom 4 after 11 games
  11. If option 3 was in would Warrington & Hull played each other I though Hull started the season badly so they'd have been in the second division wouldn't they
  12. There's going to be a statue of Trinity legend Neil Fox at the new community stadium at newmarket, he's also been given freedom of the City.
  13. The Wakefield Community Stadium Trust have invited all sports clubs in the area to use the new facilities at Newmarket. Trinity will be anchor tennents and hopefully planning will go through in september and funding is already in place for the development. If we're not sorted by 2012 and still play at Belle Vue I don't think there would be many Trinity fans that would complain if we were refused a licence.
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