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  1. Sadly I can't say the same..........I still usually have 1 or 2 NRL games leftover from the weekend to watch at the start of the following week
  2. In fairness, I'm in the same boat. I'm in a real dilemma. Test cricket is back, there's the NRL, how am I meant to work from home?
  3. Maybe it was because your productivity was so poor with spending so much time on here?
  4. Be interesting to see which winger keeps their place, if B Morris is back next week. Robinson clearly likes a lot of things that Hall brings to the side but can you drop a winger who's just scored 5 tries, a couple of which were superbly finished?
  5. Did you really think the pay cut piece was one of your best? I suppose I appreciate the amount of investigative effort put in. However, from a reader’s perspective, whilst mildly interesting, I didn’t get overly bothered by it. This pandemic is affecting everyone and pay cuts are inevitable. There will be a lot of back and forth negotiations as is the nature of the fluid situation. I don’t think nitpicking between individual clubs proposals is particularly helpful. There are far more prominent stories in my opinion
  6. It is a joke now isn't it? I had to laugh...........totally demolishing NQ. Hall swaps wings to his favoured left wing and 5 tries get scored by the right winger. Couldn't make it up
  7. You sure? I was of the impression Huddersfield were one as the players had said they were ready for training to restart
  8. Because he wants to play for Tonga perhaps?
  9. It's an interesting comparison, with the Leilua thuggery and what bans should be applicable. I think they both should be 4-6 week bans, with perhaps Fonua-Blake's at the top end due to the 2nd spray
  10. Has Staggs shown any interest in playing for Australia?
  11. The sport is already well known and played within the Wigan conurbation Harold, as you well know. I'm surprised I'm even having this discussion with someone of your intelligence, I thought this would be obvious. Do you really think there are swathes of kids that won't be playing the game currently in the Leigh vicinity because Leigh are not in SL? Most kids in Leigh won't even aspire to play for Leigh, regardless of their status
  12. I'm not missing the point Harry. There aren't potential players in the Leigh area who don't play the game because Leigh aren't in SL.................but if they were, they'd suddenly take up the sport, it's nonsense. Wigan has the area well catered for and the cream rises to the top
  13. The NZRL ought to get the report the RFL sent to the UK government about the positive social impact rugby league plays in disadvantaged communities and what that looks like in financial terms
  14. Well said RP, I hope a line can be drawn under it but I think sadly that won’t be the case so this will be the last time I look at this thread. The ironic thing is that if Leigh replaced Toronto in SL for arguments sake, it would do absolutely nothing for the player pool, as they’re fishing from the same pond that other NW clubs are. So the argument is pointless
  15. It’s just a team of individuals though. Turbo will likely be injured and isn’t nearly as effective at centre where he doesn’t standout. Similarly with Ponga on the wing. Holmes hasn’t hit the heights since coming back, whilst Mitchell is very erratic. I can’t see Munster and Keary gelling as a halves partnership as neither are traditional organisers. Munster has more brilliance in his game but can often go missing. I’d go for Cleary and Keary Still, I wish England had those selection issues
  16. I'm just not convinced that Lenegan will be doing to this to benefit the Warriors..............other than ensuring another tenant remains at DW to keep the costs down
  17. Can you really see them doing this though?
  18. They have higher end stuff in Wigan? Is there really demand for that? Or do they have fancier pies?
  19. But Robin Park would still remain a cost burden to the Warriors then. The only beneficiaries of Lenegan and co buying Athletic would be Athletic, unless they did an asset strip/re-alignment
  20. I'd be concerned from a Warriors perspective about a conflict of interest if Lenegan and co bought Athletic. Given the stadium needs all the revenue it can get, and with Athletic owning 85%, there's a huge incentive to maximise this. However, the Warriors have just setup a Robin Park next door for the pre/post match hospitality which generates return directly to the Warriors. Clearly these 2 aspects are competing
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