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  1. Disappointing, without a doubt, but lots of positive things happening with the Catalan Dragons in the rest of the article. Hopefully will just be a blip and a 14 team SL with Toulouse will be attractive to broadcasters from 2021
  2. It helps with a key figurehead like Meninga pushing the honour of representing your country. Although he’s got a vested interest, it comes across as genuine and must infiltrate the players somewhat
  3. Great to see a new facility being built for them and a women’s team planned for the following year
  4. How proud are you to represent your Maltese heritage and do you think they have a realistic chance of ever making a World Cup?
  5. Are you worried that Derek Beaumont may not pay you if you don’t perform?
  6. Is it true that Derek offered you a free sun deck as a signing on inducement?
  7. How have you coped with the cultural adaptation with moving from Wigan to Leigh?
  8. I agree, it would help moving to 14 teams too
  9. Alex Tyrer Graham is generally quite knowledgeable so it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some truth to this. I can certainly see the appeal from Amazon and perhaps they’ll be interested in certain content, Toronto’s matches perhaps. I can’t see them bidding for it all, nor should we probably look to put it all with them but they offer an interesting alternative that might be worth exploring
  10. Not that I’m aware of. I’d imagine he’d be playing reserve grade footy with the hope of getting a chance again in NRL
  11. Wasn’t it planned for SL to increase the marquee allowance to 3 or was I dreaming that?
  12. And breathe, count to 10 and have a little lie down. I have a fairly neutral view of NRL, they do some things well and others less well. Now back to your confused state of mind. Can you provide the following for clarity: • amount of money Sky pay in NZ for tv rights • amount of money that Fox and 9 pay extra for having a NZ team in the comp • Value of any sponsorship deals directly or indirectly due to having a NZ team in the comp Much obliged. DD
  13. It is Union when they stand on the wing for most the game, wondering if they will get their hands on the ball
  14. Vunivalu is joining the dark side and Queensland Reds from the end of the 2020 NRL season. So he won’t play for Fiji in the World Cup in 21. Surprised and sorry to see him go. It sounds like he’s gone for the money which is odd when I thought Union was in a financial hole in Australia. I’m sure he’ll be easily replaced by Melbourne but still would rather he stayed in the game
  15. So State of Origin isn’t top level RL then? He may not be international quality but he’s a good rep player
  16. I’m not the one confused..........my point was quite clear and my view is unequivocal from this
  17. Could be.........Williame has been linked with a return to NRL
  18. Ward is often injured and Cuthbertson is on his last legs. Lunt is no longer at Leeds. Chris Hill is the same age as Prior. Joe Wardle is not a prop. Prior played State of Origin last year, he’s hardly a has been
  19. I hope he didn’t have the same Maths teacher
  20. I slightly disagree...............there is no need to mention rugby league on such a programme. However, the fact they mention sport, and specifically the other code, is more of an agenda. Not surprising at all for Portillo or Beeb
  21. Quite. They should steer well clear of Todd Carney though!
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