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  1. Yes And look how that ended. I meant a joint club in "west" cumbria. One club pulling off two towns close together for support and sponsorship.
  2. I was meaning Town and haven. Barrow too far away with poor road links. Just a personal opinion but can't see west cumbrian clubs doing anything in the championship other than a survival battle especially with cuts to central funding. Yes you need ambition but you also need to be realistic.
  3. Credit to haven and barrow for staying up but they will inevitably drop to L1. Only way we will see anything decent under the current format is a joint club.
  4. Anyone see what yesterday's attendance was?
  5. I personally think the cuts to central funding has changed RL in West Cumbria for ever. L1 and a brief flirt with the championship is the best we can hope for. Only one way forward if we want a long term championship participation.
  6. Frustrating! You can't wait until the 70th minute to start throwing the ball around and having a go. Donny dominated field possession all of the match. our errors and discipline in our own half (where most of the game was) handed them their opportunities on a plate.
  7. Donald you say "bit of breathing space" but elsewhere it's being described as "significant investment". Can you confirm or give us an idea of which one it is. That Seems a bit contradictory.
  8. Disappointing but lets remember it's about rebuilding. Well done to the travelling fans
  9. 24-0 now. I'm a bit suprised by Barrows start to the season. I didn't think they'd be as strong as last season but expected them to be above a relegation scrap. Early days I suppose. Our barrow friend Johnny Ringo doesn't seem to come on here now.
  10. Exactly. Its a rebuilding phase. Disappointing yes but let's keep it real. Don't want to be going anywhere near the championship until they're ready for it. We all know what happened last season.
  11. Is the KO confirmed as 3pm?
  12. Yeah London away would have been disappointing draw for us. Yeah fans up the road apparently wanting charlton back in the hotseat.
  13. Enjoyed the match today. Some good individual performances.
  14. I take it you've won a match. don't get too used to it. I bet you won't be back on here next week
  15. Yeah mate I think 2 from that 3 too.
  16. You're definitely in a relegation battle but Thats a bit premature. You should stick by your club. I think there's 3 clubs that are gonna struggle in that league this season.
  17. Well after last season its Great to get this one off to a winning start and on the road too. Well done Town!
  18. It's good to see the seasons getting underway. A winning start would be good but yeah it's gonna take a a few games to see who are the stand out teams. Big shout out to any fans who make the long treck south.
  19. Multi use stadiums are the way forward.
  20. It is a joint stadium. You never give up do you.
  21. It's done now time to move on. Some good news though. macdonalds in whitehaven made a good bit of money on sunday as the wigan players mums took them for a happy meal to celebrate their win.
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