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  1. That was a bit of an exageration but in genral barring Donald it seems to a general feeling from haven fans after last season. Either side could have won today and yes it will be tough for both this season. Time to move on.
  2. Your worldbeater SL team are in the bin and the ike southward trophy is at Derwent Park.Just keep saying to yourself tommorow is another day. UTT
  3. Oh there's some sour grapes being eaten on mirehouse tonight.
  4. But you said "haven would have too much for us". Your words not mine. Keep the excuses coming mate you making today even better
  5. Come on them marra what's the main excuse as I thought "you'd have too much for us"
  6. I think havenfan13 is great he covered all outcomes pre-match
  7. You'll have "far too much" and "derbies a leveller". You’ve covered all areas to gloat or as an excuse for a loss or a close game .
  8. Hmm yeah OK. A tough season for us ahead we are all all under no doubt. If you think last season was normal then fair enough. I hope you've made up with havens super fan now and are you are now allowed on the kells end
  9. Davo 5 Last seasons championship was unique due to the pandemic and Oldham and Swinton being well below what was required. It will be different this season.
  10. I think a number of teams that finished below haven in the championship last season will be much stronger this season. I think you may be a bit suprised by the difference this season to last season IMO.
  11. Yes it will be tough dave but the club has a budget to work to as we all know. Maybe the jewel in the crown is CT.
  12. Yeah the young cumbrians with potential are a better strategy that pricey Imports long term. Its all about sustainability.
  13. Fair enough mate time will tell. You seem to have drifted away from your initial comment of having "far too much" but let's just enjoy a good derby.
  14. Assistant and Head coach positions are very different. Do you not recall the "charlton out" threads on your forum last season. Yeah i agree it's a big step up and it's gonna be a tough season but I think you are maybe underestimating how the championship was affected back end of last season. Haven struggled first half of the season so I wouldn't be counting your chickens just yet mate.
  15. Ah well everyone has an opinion. So it's your first run out of the season. JG's first game at the helm? Your away from home. Players come in and some have left.so some of your players haven't played competitive rugby together yet. Most likely not yet at full strength but you'll have "far too much" You been on the sauce?
  16. Its time to put them in their place. Roll on Sunday.
  17. Got away with it in C1 to an extent. Won't get away with it in the championship. Fingers crossed theres still something in the pipeline regarding props.
  18. To make ground down the middle of the park to give the halves a platform to work off.
  19. Hopefully there will still be some announcements to address key areas but its also neccessary to be mindful that its a hard working group who will have been working to a budget at the club. Everyone wants the best for the club so a little frustration is understandable.
  20. Still Need a couple of props and a half if we are to compete with the likes of barrow and their signings.
  21. I thought tommorow night was gonna be the one where I couldn't sleep for the excitement. Looks like its tonight reading these messages. What's going down
  22. Our friend from up the road said we were petering on the edge of "distinction" lol
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