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  1. Enjoyed the game and appreciated that the final was shown live on the BBC. Acted as a great appetiser for the World Cup and I look forward to seeing some of these players in the Autumn. One thing I did not like is the Player of the Match is not honoured in the same way as in the Men's Challenge Cup Final. If we are going to have true equality, let's have the women's equivalent of the Lance Todd trophy. Hopefully from next year, the best player on the pitch will be presented with an award, that honours someone who has promoted women's sport and Rugby League, and so lifts the Clare Balding Trophy.
  2. Leeds Rhinos currently play in three Super Leagues; Super League, Women's Super League and Netball Super League
  3. Now confirmed that Harry will relinquish all roles, including his RFL one, and they will be reallocated to other Royals. I imagine his RFU role will be allocated to Zara Tindall, the RFL role will probably be given to an unenthusiastic William. The best that the RFL can hope for is probably Kate, as I get impression she would do best at working with the players in the Women's World Cup.
  4. Sir Kev, not only BSc but MA and can be called Dr. as well Tom Briscoe is another Rhino with a BSc from Leeds Beckett Ben Thaler is so proud of his degree in Business Management, it forms part of his Twitter bio Jimmy Keinhorst and Alex Walmsley Walmsley's degree is in Quantity Surveying
  5. Wonder if the company was selected as a commentary on Elstone's bonkers growth strategy of promoting skint Yorkshire clubs? Looking forward after Cas Who, to hearing that the next sponsor is Wakey Why
  6. Brazil! http://latin-heat-rugby-league.goodsie.com/brasil
  7. I am informed there is a top level coach residing in the North East who has suddenly become available and he is definitely not Gentle.
  8. As the founding, and so far sole, member of the Richard Whiting Fan Club (founded mainly, but not exclusively, on the basis that I work with a colleague who shares the same name) I am delighted that Richard has been given this richly deserved honour. Another top performance at Wembley meant he should also have been presented with a winner's medal, cruelly denied because he was surrounded by incompetents who seemed incapable of catching a breath, let alone a rugby ball. Whilst we are at it, we should strip the knighthood so arbitrarily awarded by Leeds fans to their skipper for services to mediocrity and give it to a much more deserving recipient. Arise Sir Richard sounds so much better
  9. Jonathan Liew has more background in the Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/rugbyleague/10267503/Burgess-brothers-to-make-NRL-history-with-South-Sydney-Rabbitohs-as-all-four-named-in-squad-to-face-Wests-Tigers.html I am starting to warm to Jonathan Liew, when he writes about Rugby League, he is generally fair and I think he will cover a number of the World Cup games for the Telegraph.
  10. Warrington CEO says show us the money http://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/sport/wolves/wolvesnews/10599991.Where_is_the_money__RFL_/?ref=rss
  11. As they do not have any defence worthy of the name, that should not be too difficult.
  12. The World Cup is on the radar of Minister for Sport Hugh Robertson http://www.insidethegames.biz/blogs/1015110-alan-hubbard-there-could-not-be-a-better-time-to-be-in-charge-of-british-sport Robertson says: "After the Games the question I was most asked was 'how do you follow that?' But we have just witnessed a fabulous Lions victory in Sydney, followed by Andy Murray's wonderful win at Wimbledon, defeating the Aussies in the first Test and being favourites for the Ashes series, and Chris Froome looking set to follow Bradley Wiggins as winner of the Tour de France. "Also, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we could have a British winner of the Open at Muirfield." (Which incidentally he won't attend because of the club's ban on women members. Quite right too). He adds: "Then we've still got the rugby league World Cup and the international triathlon series in which a Brownlee – or two – might do very well. When I look at the results of the Olympic sports there is certainly no sign of 2012 being a one-off."
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