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  1. I can guarantee town and barrows budget off the rfl was a good few thousand more than havens . It all went in last seasons average crowds and social media followers where on twitter and Facebook town and barrow have a lot more followers than haven . Sounds bizarre but that's how it works now
  2. With the loanees we're getting and the players out long time I can't see us winning many if any games so it's gonna be tough
  3. Yeah but probably losing every game because of thormans poor recruitment. And I'm blowing no bubbles at haven I think we'll go down with youse . Then next season west cumbria will be well up the shi77er
  4. Heard same crack one of towns better players is my mates apprentice and he says it's not all roses with Mr thorman
  5. Would make sense for haven to release Riley and town to release singleton then both can crack on at their new clubs
  6. Don't think he's been training at all with haven apparently he as a court case coming up or he's had one so possibly needs to sort his fitness out but a big lump and good player when he plays
  7. It's a fine line you get relegated players will probably want to say for winning pay in league 1 as you'd win a lot and lose few if contracts are still boosted by winning pay . Apparently haven hadn't budgeted to win so many games last season
  8. Loads of aussies playing in France could be 2 with Welsh heritage
  9. Both teams are 5 or 6 players from being really good to me the best 17 out of both teams would be the best semi pro team in the league only leigh and fev would be better
  10. Well I've just seen a video on WhatsApp of haven fans giving the middle fingers to town fans and getting sprayed with lager so bit of ###### for tat I reckon
  11. Fair play obviously I wasn't there tonight but you know it happens on popular side and the townies normally take the high ground in the kells end . But if you say it happened I can't argue against you
  12. To be fair you aren't far away from your first win just never offered much second half today
  13. To be fair marra I watched the game on me mobile in golf club and i don't know where you stand at In derwent park but the haven fans are always peppered with drink near the bar on the popular side even at 14.00 kick off times both teams have clowns that way
  14. 50/50 whether i go at a christening with me missus now about 50 haven fans at it some are going some aren't all pished up aswell
  15. Crack I heard at wrk off a town fan was that he's left . Although he was hoping it was all a load of bull
  16. One of the loan lads is to replace the hoover we had from huddersfield the other to replace Doyle who's the latest long term injury
  17. donald


    Apparently harvie hill is the one we wanted he was keen to come but Wigan weren't keen on releasing him
  18. donald


    Marcus walker fullback/ Centre from Hull fc
  19. donald


    Jack Bibby from wigan
  20. donald


    Louis joufrett would be nice
  21. More into birra moretti now not sure if I'll be at the game gotta family christening on that day at the golf club . Agree with you 7pm on a bank holiday weekend isn't an ideal time at all for such a big game it's bad enough when we kick off at 3 can be a bit toxic at best of times.
  22. No choice 3 of our 4 hookers are out long term 2 probably for the season
  23. donald


    Should possibly use the coin we made on sat to sign Holgate from the brow gonna be short on 9,s now with newts also out
  24. donald


    I'll find out for youse about walker my la marra from wrk plays for Seaton now
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