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  1. First hit out for both sides so a bit of clunkiness in attack is to be expected,especially with new combinations having to bed in. Great to see both teams coming together after the hooter to pay their respects to Logan Holgate.
  2. Haven have named a decent looking squad that on the face of it should be too strong,but given the recent weather’s obvious effect on the pitch,if Town can keep within one score their fitness advantage could see them sneak the win. Enloy the game,at least it’s stopped raining.
  3. I really hope the weather has been better in that parallel universe you exist in.
  4. No it’s a pretty accurate statement but given you thought there was still a steelworks in Workington you obviously haven’t seen it since the switch to summer rugby.
  5. And we haven’t even got into the realm’s of a “true” supporter.
  6. Never been a fan of loop fixtures but in League 1 they are very much needed to give the clubs a suitable number of home fixtures.
  7. You do seem to have real anger issues at the meanest mention of your club,perhaps a discussion forum isn’t the place for you.
  8. Yeah according to one poster on here you have to either live or have been born in a town to support that club,something I’ve always found mystifying.
  9. Condolences to everyone at Hensingham after the devastating news yesterday.
  10. They don’t want to enter the national cup,that’s why it’s a sad shadow of its former glory.
  11. Ross Ainley signs from Kells on a 1 month trial.
  12. Nah the pitch usually dries up by June,good signing for Barrow,fast,strong & gets the set off to a good start with his strong running.
  13. You’d have to start the early rounds in November !! Given the state of the National Cup these days most clubs in regional leagues wouldn’t be interested given the possible travelling expenses involved.
  14. Not disputing there’s good people on the board,the trouble is they haven’t any money,is there investors out there waiting to come on board if Eilbeck stands down ?
  15. Might end up playing a game of water polo if this awful weather continues.
  16. Trouble is,he’s the only director who’s put any real money into the club.
  17. But surely late payment is a breach of that contract,most people knew the clubs statement was absolute bo##ocks.
  18. Wath Brow have just hosted Swinton Lions for a successful training day & opposed training session. Halfback Rooney has gone to Australia for a year,the only new additions will come from their youth system but what was a young team last year will have a years more experience which should see us competitive even with the lack of size in the pack.
  19. A bit of a shocker,can’t see many Town & Haven away shirts getting sold.
  20. Sure I read shortly after the fixture was announced that it would be a mix of academy & fringe squad players,not sure about Cas but they will probably do the same.
  21. If he does I bet he asks for a receipt.
  22. Big Nige sat on it,so they used it for the League Leaders Shield.
  23. Oh absolutely the communication does seem poor which naturally leads to frustration from fans & is reminiscent of the Pow Beck shambles,I hope for Town/Reds case it ends with a more positive result.
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