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  1. Warrington stopped selling when 4k was reached ( the limit) so all season ticket holders have tickets for each game, part season ticket passes are on sale now.
  2. Hope he takes his homesickness pills with him they struggle not living in wigans rarefied air.
  3. No 1961 but I know what i grew up in, outside toilets, coal fires, b+w tv, plenty of quarries and land fill tips.
  4. Advertised on sky that Fridays match is on sky and YouTube.
  5. Few surprises in wire team, Thewlis at fullback, no lineham or Austin, four forwards on the bench.
  6. Could be on his way to Warrington?, they were after him a few years ago.
  7. Only when they grassed over the slag heaps and former rail tracks. If you don't count school and sporting clubs most areas we reclaimed land, marsh playing fields on a former tip with methane coming through years later, in Westleigh slag heaps were eventually grassed over and football pitches put on them. Leigh was boxed in from all angles with smaller towns then wigan, warrington just on the other side of Hindley and Culcheth.
  8. Maybe Inglis with lineham returns on the wing. Or he may bring Austin back, Ratchford at fb, Inglis centre, Mamo wing. I hope he give Akualo another chance.
  9. Were in leigh could you put a golf club, my youth saw slag heaps, burning rucks, methane gas from marsh playing fields, and thats not out of place then, and back to when the golf club opened leigh was a small town surrounded by lots of others, Atherton, Tyldesley, Hindley, Lowton, Golborne, Culcheth, Astley, all seperate towns.
  10. Lots of decisions for price, fullback, centre, wing and stand off also bench prop. I do think Inglis will only get better.
  11. Glad to see schoey backed against Warrington we have done better when he backs the opposition.
  12. Look I am not anti leigh, I was born and grew up there and my relatives still live in leigh, but Warrington (as a town not rugby) is big and expanding, the new areas are not cheap but in the posher areas Stockton Heath, Appleton, Daresbury were talking millions for some properties. Just to put a perspective on living on the other side of the ship canal a bungalow at £220 plus on one side and would be £350/£400 on the other a mere 800 metres apart. Culcheth I give you but isn't that in Warrington
  13. There was one player who played SOO while over here, alfie langer.
  14. You are way off comparing Pennington to Stockton Heath or Daresbury, if you average out prices there is a massive difference.
  15. So we should cease passing opinions on RL subjects and just agree with our learned colleagues. If only society was based on morals like that, thank god they aren't.
  16. I think you have put some perspective into your comment. Look at some of the bans issued for other offences upto and including 8 games, non would come close to the level of public perspective in looking at how a sport handles offences that reach across sporting boundaries.
  17. I think we need to get off our understanding that sporting bodies are serious about racism, top football bodies Fifa, uefa the FA have all postured about fighting racism yet again and again issue punitive action against countries, clubs and players that act that way. Yet we seem to think the RFL will be any different. He got the punishment they think is the minimum they can get away with.
  18. Harry I live in Warrington but come from leigh and still have lots of family in leigh, it still regarded as good cheap houses (especially the older areas and terraced in the centre) that are perfect for buying to rent, good returns on smaller outlays.
  19. But from what base, all I know is people in Warrington who want to buy cheap houses to rent they head to leigh.
  20. It will be interesting to see wigans reaction if found guilty, if is contract is up at the end of season they may cancel the contract.
  21. Certainly a modern great jim, as with all claims of all time great it sometimes gets clouded by being a top player now.
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