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  1. In addition to being frisked, we parked in the ground car park which was close to stadium... had a thorough security check of the car... mirror underneath and had to open the boot so they could check contents... At the grand final even had sniffer dogs smelling around the car for explosives... Nice to know they are serious...
  2. Yep, It is surprising how much signage their can be and not be noticed. Those companies that routinely put event signage up don't much of the time really work to get the signage really noticed and taken account of. I think the organisers pay out money to some promotional signage companies assuming those companies work hard to design and effective displays. To me you notice if its something your already into, if not it just goes over one's head so to speak. So no point really unless backed up my other interesting activity.
  3. Yep, I found the whole day at Old Trafford really good. I thought the atmosphere was great and the singers at half time ready for Sinfield coming on was excellent, they were good at end of game too. The stadium attendance whatever the numbers looked impressive with all tiers looking full, of course could see a few not used but it looked what one would expect of a full stadium - yes I know it was 67000. Having the wheelchair, womens and mens world cup winners all on the pitch together was also a highlight. From what I could see the wheelchair winners got really good and of course deserved recognition that I am sure they appreciated. To add to my enjoyment I was able to chat to some members of the last GB world cup winners. I think the RLWC got the final day right.
  4. Thought I said maybe.... in respect to the general debate as to why it wasn't attended to the levels we would have liked. Although I have not bothered looking back to check as not worth the effort as the debate is all subjective with us having subjectivity differences that won't change. Nevertheless thanks for your input and discussion to my comment. We have
  5. Yes the skill, teamwork and passion is great. I agree should focus on the brutality as the per the first question to mom interview. I thought that question ignored the skills displayed.
  6. Personally I'd think it was more the state of the pitch at Saints... at least Leeds replaced the grass so it would be in good condition for the world cup.
  7. As I always have said, why the decision not to take 2points early on. That has to be an indication of their frame of mind or over confidence or being over stimulated to believe they would score tries as easier as previous games. Whatever their thought process it was flawed in not taking the 2points early on and I would guess in any other important semi or final in a competition they would always take 2points early on when the oppositions fresh as a daisy full of energy. To me its an indication of were the team leaders heads where. Of course as chances were missed and Samoa went and kept going ahead frustration creeps in as the expected wasn.t happening.
  8. no one has said that, just sensible to know reality and hence the starting point, then how to address the interest or whatever issue's or instead we can always pretend and hence come up with simplistic idea's or reasons. Not exactly good marketing in its full spectrum as distinct from just thinking its about promotional activities only - I can also read more in others comments then what was written.
  9. Yep, I agree and have been thinking of saying similar. I was reluctant to say on here so thanks for saying.
  10. At the premium prices charged the level of attendance showed the ceiling. 2013 at much lower prices showed the ceiling at the prices charged. I don't think in the last 10 years their is evidence we have grown - with regard to mens game. So currently we know roughly the ceiling at low and premium prices. That is until we further grow spectator interest.
  11. Yes it is good and a success. Key is how many of that will translate to either attending games or watching club games in future or taking part in the sport. As for the sport to benefit we need to translate it to the club game or participation. I can easily see it benefitting the women's, pdrl and wheel chair. Not sure about our current main revenue earner, namely SL.
  12. You may be right, but I did say with lower or give away prices or massive discount vouchers we may have increased crowds. Although my main point stands with regard to numbers of people interested currently. That is until we increase interest in the sport their is a ceiling that is not huge.
  13. Let's not forget that insuffient people are interested no matter if all the things said on here are done. Maybe a few more maybe if we have very low prices, but not many more.
  14. I wouldn't use Rugby in the "brand name" but not for the reason you give. The good thing about the RU womens team name is it doesn't have rugby at all, its simply Red Roses. Of course those that follow and take an interest know its rugby union but it isn't so closely associated and they can evolve their game without the association of the brutality sometimes associated with Rugby, all be in the past. Its a stand alone brand. Netball England team also use Roses.... Vitality Roses, although here the sponsor name can change but it will be ,,,,, Roses.
  15. Not sure what you mean... if regards Dom Youngs drop ball it led to a attacking position that led to a try
  16. Maybe but the passing from the halves was slow, in fact quite often a lob giving the defence extra time to adjust.
  17. Yes, although well beaten they competed. Key difference was the physicality... Having said that I don't think the final will be as close as the last Aus/NZ. Just thinking the Aussies will be too strong.
  18. That comment of being proud was my words. On her should be paid is about bringing in revenue and being added to by SL and RFL... When I watched the Aussies women I was surprised how super atheletic they looked...
  19. Jodie hit it correctly... gave their all , effort great but performance not good enough. They should be proud...
  20. England struggling... been poor this half. Although it's a bit like the 5th form playing the first years with the difference in size of some...Guess where game management with field kicking needed, as nz do make errors.
  21. Too easy for NZ now. England have dropped off now, maybe too tired now given the physical differences.
  22. Hall gets away with slowly getting off the tackled player player...she did it against the Aussies too...the ref seems to give her more time
  23. Yes but her weakness is she turns like a slow tanker, her agility is poor. Good to have her in the team as we need her strength.
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