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  1. As per some other comments I thought it was a great atmosphere and the game being so close as we entered the last quarter added to the intensity of "watching" - that is couldn't take eyes off any of the action. The organises deserve a big pat on the back for how they build up the excitement and atmosphere towards kick off. Considering fewer people in the stadium than normal it was in my opinion one of the best atmosphere for noise prior to kick off. Having the music booming out and with the cascade building with the flames and such, which normally I think naff but this time was really good all added to it. Plus even the singer was good and added to the event. All the provided flags being waved at each end again added to the spectacle. Hats off for making it a good event leading up to kick off. Not having a band in my opinion helped as didn't have to naff non exciting sporting moment music. Although I know some like it but given this year I'd give it a permanent miss. As to the game...
  2. Leeds are planning a statue of Sinfield and Burrows, just mentioned in case not aware: The statue, which would sit in the corner of the stadium looking down on the pitch, would feature Sinfield embracing Burrow at the end of the fundraising match played against Bradford Bulls in January 2020 just weeks after the latter had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease
  3. I guess copying his fellow Hull FC players with regards flop...
  4. when you say work on our kicking game what do you mean. I assume its not about the skill of the person kicking as that's a basic skill for a player as in say the half back doing the kicking. If you want a good field kicking half back then its about recruiting a good skilled half back or scrum half, etc. That is if those players are poor at filed kicking then they are a poor half back. I mean nobody would recruit a full back if he can't catch a high ball.
  5. As a matter of interest how much does the like of Wigan or any other top SL club spend on the coaching and backroom related coaching staff. Plus how does that compare with the salary cap for players.
  6. Mind you chancing that arm doesn't always translate to entertainment... or maybe entertainment because of so many errors enables the opposition to look good scoring tries from easy possession or the poor play of the other team. I like what Hull KR have did this season in getting to play offs and beating wire but some of the earlier games they chanced too much and showed poor quality play - wasn't great entertainment unless we want error strewn games. The first half of the Hull KR v Wire play off was awful skill levels but I guess entertaining as both teams gifted opportunities.
  7. its often about mental tiredness... physically their may not be much difference but when constantly under pressure and the intensity of Saints game that mental fatigue come's to the fore and impacts. As simple as that...
  8. Maybe... who pays for the regional academies as at the moment individual clubs have an incentive. What happens if you remove the incentive, but to get the money surcharge the clubs... do you surcharge the bigger clubs more in which case its one way to punish those more successful clubs for the greater good as you would say.
  9. yep, true of Scottish football. Then again English premiership was a league dominated by Utd originally, a top 3 going to a top 4, now a top 6. With all the other clubs benefiting from the monies that those top clubs attracted from media coverage and huge TV deals. Those TV deals were on the back of the top teams not the rest. Now all those lower clubs have squads full of internationals and thus enhancing the overall level of the premier league. Spanish football dominated by two clubs may be a counter argument to the premier league but nowadays even their you have top 3 now and other clubs. Germany is dominated by few or at least one club but its heathy league with participation and fanbases. Opposite to Scottish soccer. The point being we can pull out alternative examples. Basically it boils down to one's ethos for SL. For one example: Believe in the top clubs being able to compete though no salary cap with bringing in or keeping future stars or minimising salary club to try and force equal competition across the league - with a lower level of players as the bigger stars are attracted away from even those clubs that can otherwise afford to attract better. e.g. Could introduce salary cap in Scottish soccer to force the top two to spend at the level of the lowest clubs. Not sure that would help Scottish football
  10. 5 english champions in that decade of the 70's.... Liverpool x5 times Derby x2 times - So 7 out of 10 years only two teams. Maybe not as good an example. Similar in 80's decade... Liverpool 6 or 7 times winners depending if you include 89/90. As likely hood it would be dominated by Liverpool. In fact if we widen it to European cup/champions then only 4 teams won it in the 1970 decade... Ajax, Bayern, Liverpool each x3 times plus Notts Forest
  11. If Prior plays next season like this season then he will be playing well. OK a bad game yesterday in comparison but he has been playing well most of the season. It was a game too far for Leeds, they could not cope with Saints intensity and eventually the tiredness of a disrupted season caught up with them. Personally I think a fully fit Leeds pack is better than most. Another year under the belt for the youngsters and their be fine. Leeds biggest problem has been their creativity or attacking prowess with no fit half backs. Even Lui because of his injury is unable to participate fully in a game, needing to find rest out on the wing. Leeming is not a half back ever but has managed to do well in most of games but different kettle of fish playing a team like Saints.
  12. maybe but lets not forget that 7 different clubs have won the League/shield in the last 9 years. That always seems to be forgotten.
  13. well now I've read your comment I will support the other team... not Catalan... I dislike anyone telling me what I should do... or that I'm a tool for not thinking the same as you...
  14. Mind you Carney in particular seem to delight in constantly reminding of the poor skill level of both teams, same as the Wigan v Leeds. He seems to have a real downer on RL at the moment or is he part of the Sky negotiating team for the next RL/Sky deal.
  15. Chuckle and your right... I first noticed it with an Huddersfield dummy half a couple of seasons ago... every single PTB he waved his arms in objection to some foul play... every single one. Actually Leeds and Saints are my two favourite teams for one reason or another... and yes both are very guilty.
  16. Yep too much integrity gone out the window... to add to your comment - dummy half's throwing their hands in the air at every PTB are one of the pains for me
  17. Not sure why fake injury on a penalty so much, a set restart yep... I guess if and when we do away with set restarts and back to scrums and penalty their would be less need for players to manufacture a reason to get their breath back or to reset the line...
  18. many say the wigan v Leeds game was poor but I attended and the time went really quick watching it - unlike a boring game which drags. Plus I've seen Leeds play similar when they had their all conquering GF machine, yet didn't get so heavily criticised for the dour play. I'm sure wigan fans may think how poor the game was but that may be because they lost. Whereas Leeds enjoyed the game but then again winning changes one's emotions I guess. Safe to say it probably wasn't one for neutrals. I can watch a Liverpool v Everton game and its can be really poor football game but the 50,000 at the game and the many many fans with a vested interest watching on TV won't be bothered as whatever the standard it will have kept them interested and wanting to attend next time.
  19. The game management in the 2nd half was outstanding... that period with the short kicks forcing Warrington to drop out from between the post seemed constant. It really wore Warrington down, stopped them having possession and brought their frustration to fever pitch...
  20. Its good to see a different club will be in the GF. As we seem to get obsessive about the so called same clubs and what that means for the competition in SL lets not forget that in the last 9 years we have had 7 different clubs top the league = all be it of secondary importance it should say something postive about healthy competition.
  21. Yep, great for Hull KR even had my missus and I out of our sitting room seats. On your other point about the game being entertaining, their is a catch 22 here. It was entertaining because both teams made so many unforced basic errors - Warring both halves, KR first half). They in the main were unforced, meaning poor skill levels although of course mental pressure is a factor, Never-the-less it was poor skill. So from the commentary from SKY it would seem more poor skill and they will be happy because it increases the entertainment. Obviously for "neutral" fans wanting Hull KR to win it will have influenced our view of the game as we got what we wanted - Warrington errors followed KR from early in the game but at least KR stopped and played good controlled footy and much more cautious than their normal play..
  22. mmm I guess if SL had a Youtube type channel with the clubs sharing their output you may then get a reasonably extra revenue. From their build it up. Of course have to negotiate good digital rights with Sky too add to the content. When I go on Youtube I will always watch a clip or two of RL past and present, I guess RL doesn't collective or bother to find a way to monetise. I know their is a SL web site but I never ever visit it.
  23. any idea about the worth of other type of adverts you get on seeing Sky video clips... every clip has an advert. Something I think our game doesn't consider enough... would be better if clubs had their web site videos on You tube and take some of the advertising revenue.
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