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  1. Think Miller has problems with his back, but like arnie he will be back
  2. And yet you can sit next to each other to watch snookering doors, seems a bit daft to me
  3. Got to admit they have had some really nice shirts over the years,and it’s maybe an age thing but I love the retro shirts, the ones with a connection to the past, so all that remains for me to say is (love it)
  4. I must have the crappiest internet garn it was unwatchable, just glad theirs this place to be able gauge how the game went,think I would have enjoyed it. Utt
  5. I think they must do to over the cost of streaming ??
  6. It’ll be interesting to see how we go against a pretty big forward pack now that we have lost most of our size with Dawson and fui,I guess we are going for more speed and agility with a more mobile pack(I maybe shouldn’t give our game plan away Chris will go mad ) but I’m really looking forward to the game and try not to take too much from the game,as if utt
  7. Like I said on another thread probably our most important signing, a great fit for the club and obviously the clubs a great fit for Chris, and he’s got a great vision for the club, he’s certainly an attraction for players to Workington town which is great for us fans, welldone les and the board utt
  8. Definitely give it a go, save me ratching me steps out for the river end
  9. At least we can get to watch it on our league, suppose it’s better than nowt, failing that I’ll see you all on a set of steps on the river end
  10. It’s great the resignings of our players, but I would love to see an extension for Chris as I think that’s probably the most important one we can make at the moment utt
  11. Absolutely gutted to hear of geoffs passing,used to drink with Geoff a few years ago you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer man, I would like to pass my condolences to Scott and the family, it makes you sick when you see these junkies crawling the streets and good men are taken early, sleep well big lad you will be missed
  12. Always sad when you lose a townie,especially one so young thoughts with friends and family ,rest easy big lad
  13. Josh still knows where the tryline is, he will be great bringing the ball out of defence something the bunnies have been missing for a while
  14. I think the hold up with the new tops, were until the club knew which league they were going to be in,hopefully the new shirts won’t be to far away now
  15. A happy Christmas to rl fans everywhere particularly townies, and a safe and successful new year, see you all on the other side utt
  16. Sad sad news, rest easy big man,thoughts go to family and friends
  17. Ye they are only here for this coming season ,but we know that it’s nice to have them on board all the same, we will all just have to see what the season brings
  18. Welcome jake lightowler to town,weather there’s going to be any big robust forwards is anybody’s guess,it’s maybe going to be a young fit and mobile pack,the reasoning behind losing fui and bruie, it’s looking good utt
  19. Welcome to town marra, looking forward to seeing what you can do in the blue and white utt
  20. Another brilliant signing, it’s go a be great watching all these hungry young dogs, fighting it out with the older heads it will certainly keep the pressure on,can’t wait to see them given their chance, keep them coming town
  21. When you listen to Chris and Gary,it does excite you with their professionalism we may not take the league by storm but you can’t help but look forward to the season and where the club could be heading , and we’ve some great signings to come as well utt
  22. Great impact player for you guys, sad to see him leave town but I guess Chris has other ideas with the way the game seems to be heading at the moment, good luck big dox won’t let you down
  23. Only time will tell marra
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