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  1. Luckily they won’t be throwing money at him like we will
  2. Word is dessie as passed away at only 63 so sad, was brilliant for town great memories
  3. Gutted we won’t see ell racing down the wing again, but time for the next young buck to stand tall, thanks for everything marra good luck in your retirement
  4. Welcome back marra, thought you were never coming back
  5. I think it’s fair to say you won’t be disappointed then
  6. Left London grass wasn’t as green as expected,wants to come yam
  7. Here’s to a good game,can’t look forward to the match always fear the worst hope for the best,only applies to derby matches utt
  8. I think if there’s any money left there will be one old face back??
  9. Where are the young lads from in the squad, anybody know?
  10. He could be a little intense at times , but yea hope he’s in good shape and just retired from the blog
  11. Is that the one where he pretty much crawled from about thirty metres out lol
  12. I’ve also heard about the three Aussies but didn’t know weather to believe it,maybe there’s something in it after all ??
  13. I’m sure everybody connected with the club are working there butts off to get it right,weather they get it right is another matter, but I’m sure it won’t be for the lack of trying.we just need to hold on tight and hope to hell we can survive the season utt
  14. A merry Christmas to all town fans everywhere to Chris and the directors and the players as well as the volunteers,best wishes to barrow and haven fans and all the rugby league family,let’s hope it’s a year that really puts the game in Cumbria on the map. Utt
  15. Hopefully exciting times ahead utt
  16. Some exciting young lads just hope given a chance they can hold there own in what’ is a pretty ruthless league, welcome to town marra
  17. I wonder if we will get our centre tonight and the other two next week for Christmas
  18. I’m with you on that one marra, forced to play players weather you want to or not, let’s hopefully stick to loans
  19. Fitzy 2 yrs alex clegg evan simons curtis teare 2yrs joe brown rhys clarke matty henson 2yrs jake lightowler buffer john hutchins oscar thomas malik Steele david weetman 2yrs
  20. Your supposed to let the club announce it
  21. That video that the club posted on Twitter had a few players faces obscured, just saying like
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